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Oath Keeper Testimonials


Tim Rarick:

Testimonial: My adventure into U.S. Army in 1983 began like most of us at the time, trying to identify as young Men when employment opportunities were few. Under Commander and Chief, Ronald Reagan, we witnessed a rapid, enthusiastic expansion of Military Might during Cold War, that in many cases even brought back Men of Rank from Vietnam era. We had the extraordinary privilege of working and learning valuable skills associated with these War time Soldiers. All of my unshakable values of God, Country,and Family,came from them and burn in my Heart to this day. I do my best to live by them, and like my predecessors, hope my example can bring in the next generation of like Patriots. I am thankful I was spared the horrors of combat being in a peacetime Military, but am now witnessing a political ideology sweeping this great Nation, that resembles what I was trained to defend us from, not long ago. Let’s call it what it is, ” Communism, or it’s soft sister. Socialism”. I feel responsible for this, because like so many working Parents of Children, we took our eye off the ball, and allowed this cancerous ideology to infiltrate our local schools. I believe that together we can still reverse this trend before tragedy strikes, but in either event, we have to stand together and united, knowing the righteous actions of the few, can send the Wolves fleeing. We are the new Son’s of Liberty, and the whole World is watching, and hoping, that the flame of Liberty, doesn’t burn out on our watch. God Bless, and remember, ” SCOUTS ARE OUT!”

former, SGT. T. Rarick


Stewart C. Howe:

Testimonial: I, Stewart C. Howe, have solemnly sworn, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey Constitutional and Lawful orders in service to my fellows.

As a Liberty minded video journalist and proud conscientious American with respect and appreciation of all peoples of good faith; I have strived since awakening to our dilema post September 11, 2001 to help bolster resistance to Tyranny in every way I’ve been capable of.

Though my lack of official service may render me unable to be vetted past OK Associate status, I will continue to offer and render my service.

I have faced armed hostiles from El Salvador in 1988, through to same in Ache Province, North Sumatra in 2000.

None of it has concerned me as much as what is going down domestically as of late. God willing, this NWO Continuity of Agenda will NOT come to fruition on my watch either.

“Duty is mine. Results I leave to God” – Gen. George Washington

Thank you OK, for standing tall and being an example and inspiration for all good people.

In Liberty and appreciation,

Stewart C. Howe


J. Wilson:

Testimonial: Anyone who reads this,  I feel like those of us with the skills, training and mindset to do things that our families and neighbors are not capable of must stay ready to do so on their behalf. The very real proposition that we may be forced to protect our families and our way of life from our own government is not easy to swallow. I for one can’t imagine that, but I think about it.

After four tours in Iraq, I know that one of the worst mistakes a Soldier (Marine, Sailor, LEO etc) can make is doing something they don’t believe was right. You live with that shit the rest of your life. Most reading this know all too well what I’m talking about. Think now what you will do if ordered to do something you don’t believe is right, you will most likely be in that situation in your career, even if it’s a small thing. If you die in service, or if you live to be an old man, all that matters is that you lived and acted with honor.

“Soldiers don’t fight because they hate what’s in front of them, but because  they love what’s behind them”

Stolen quote, I would add ‘who’s beside them’.



Testimonial: The oath that I gave to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic is the backbone of my undivided love for god and country. Never will I surrender to anyone that would strip myself, my family, or my fellow American patriot, of the right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. i will not trade integrity for the false sense of government security by any means. Don’t tread on me! US army infantry 1997-2001. 101st airborne screaming eagles…

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Duty, honor, country. Death before dishonor.


Art Phillips:

Testimonial: I remember Viet Nam, at the time I didn’t need to shave more than once a week. Most of those I knew hadn’t seen their twenty-first birthday. An ancient memory of just yesterday. Many years past, then 9/11 and the Afghan war. Soon after, the Iraq war began and it all came rushing back. I had served in the Air Force and the Army but it had been a long time past when the Iraq war started. I had developed a good business transporting oil field equipment and at times worked in the tactical security field. After the Iraq war started memories of the young faces returned. Something about the memory kept nagging at me when I realized, though I was much older, I had duty to these new young faces and to my country to do what ever I could. Too old to go back in the Army, I signed on with defense contractors as a Force Protection Officer. When I arrived in Kuwait I was proud to learn I wasn’t alone. There were others my age that had the same experience as I and also felt the need to contribute. We did not want these young men and women to only see very young faces on the battle field. This is the story of how I came to be involved in the Iraq Freedom conflict. There were many my age who desperately wanted to go but their health would not allow it. I just know it was hell for them to see me go and them have to stay behind. The Viet Nam Veterans are very worthy, Loyal and patriotic brotherhood.

This brings me to the most disturbing thing that happened to me while in the mid-east. If you are expecting to hear a war story you’re wrong. It was much more disturbing than that, though I didn’t know it until I returned home from my second deployment. The second time I deployed it was to Qatar. My mission there was the protection of an Army base along with most U S assets there. When off duty I would go into the city of Doha to the mall or a movie etc. Normally I called a friend I made there who ran a taxi service. However, on occasion I would take a cab with black markings on it, meaning the operator was either Taliban or Al Qaida or loyal to them. On November the fifth of two thousand five I hired one of these taxis. I would do so just to see what I could pick up from them in conversation. On this particular ride the driver and I became involved in a discussion about politics in America. I don’t recall what caused our exchange to turn to elections, however, he informed me that the next president of the United States would be “anna sadeek Baraka Obama” as far as the “anna sadeek” I am not sure I spelled it right. I spelled it the way it sounded. If you pay particular attention to the dates you will understand why, when I returned home in 2006 because of injuries, I found it so disturbing. At the time I had never heard of “Baraka Obama”, I simply laughed it off at the time.

Art Phillips


Shorty Dawkins



  1. @ fellow Nam Vet Art Phillips: Ana Sadek is most likely a person the cab driver is referring to that the driver and other Islamist types revere. … causes one to really think. …staying vigil.


  2. I served from 81 to 84 in the 82nd ABN and share the same views he’s mentioned. While I was growing up the constitution was something that by and large most people valued, it’s principles were something held dear and cherished by most people. Yet something strange was going on, the age group roughly ten years younger seemed to be completely clueless. That is a direct result of Saul Alinski’s ‘get out of the draft free card’ – those kids were being taught by school teachers who became school teachers because of a ‘don’t shoot until you’re fired on’ disaster called the Vietnam war, and had thrown the baby out with the bathwater. I’d listened to 14 and 16 year old Honduran and El Salvador kids with tears in their eyes telling about what the Nicaraguan guerrillas did to their villages, seen Soviet SF right alongside Cubans spreadin’ their gospel and guns – and here at home, college kids sympathizing with them and they and no clue at all what was happening – the college kids actually believed the garbage they were told was the truth by their ‘educators’. When you’d tell them the truth they’d actually become hostile, completely juvenile, just like their ‘peers’ – ANYWAY – enough of my ‘pitching to the choir’ – This morning now I just saw this

    1. I was a part of Big Pine and setting up Carrot Top and Senior Knight there in Hondo. The crap that the Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega did in bringing in the Cuban and Russian “advisors” was incredulous. The attacks on the poor people in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua were hard to believe and understand at the time for me. The amazing thing for me today is realizing a guy that was down there and possibly blew our cover in now the mayor of a major US metropolis scares the hell out of me….that and Ortega still has power. Scary world, the more you know the scarier it becomes.

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