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Oath Keeper Testimonials


John R. Shoemaker:

Testimonial: As a young boy growing up in Ohio I dreamed of being a Police Officer and a Soldier. From the age of 6 I knew I wanted to serve and be a part of something very special, a brotherhood, a group of people who are willing to do what others only talk about. I became an Infantry Soldier in the Army honorably serving for 6 years. I then entered into my other childhood dream, a Police Officer in which I served for 27 years. I have always been a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect my country and those citizens who put their trust in me. My Oaths I swore to in the Military and Law Enforcement have no expiration date and I will be true to the Constitution I swore to uphold and citizens I swore to protect. God, Family and Country……. Keep the Faith fellow Patriots.




Testimonial: I am thankful for Shawn have introduced me to OATH KEEPERS, it is a breath of fresh air to communicate with like minded patriots! I served during the Vietnam War and am proud to keep my oath to God and Country in my heart, mind, and soul. Much gratitude to those who have served and will serve in the future to restore peace in our Great Nation. God bless our Veterans, especially those who have been neglected by their own government.


sunday punchers


Testimonial: Vietnam Vet, 63′-68′ Naval Air Combat Squadron 75. Worse today than when we came ‘home’! We applaud and support all our military and LEO’s. American integrity stands for itself and our American ways of freedom. Without you and our men and women on the line, whom serve no other GOD, American would crumble. You, the SHEEPDOGS, keep evil at bay and will overcome the many hardships unsuspecting American’s are soon to encounter.

Semper Fi and GOD Bless America


Matt Belcher:

Testimonial: I proudly served my country for a four year enlistment in the USMC,where I saw service in South America as well as south west Asia. Two bronze stars on my combat action ribbon, as well as a combat promotion to corporal. Not to mention numerous awards from commanding officers and humanitarian organizations world wide.and if called on today, I would do it all again. So to all of those who have gone before me,and those who will follow, I salute each and every one of you.

Semper fi.




Testimonial: I first took my Oath in December of 1983 at the MEPS in Syracuse NY. I shipped off to Army Basic Training at Ft Sill, OK in August of 1984. I considered it a patriotic duty and an adventure all rolled into one sense being. I still look at it as a patriotic duty and as an adventure in a sense. I am no longer filled with the naive thoughts of glory that I had in my youth, but I do understand how important it is to continue to honor the Oath I took against ALL enemies; foreign AND domestic.


Mexican Joe

Mexican Joe:

Testimonial: I entered the US Army in 1982 and left in 1990.  Those were the best and proudest days of my life.

Till now. Now I have rejoind the brotherhood that defends the same thing as it did in the 80s for me. The upside is I am an ambassador for the constitution of the United States. I get weekends and nights off, if I have not volunteered to speak or stand duty around my state.

Some of us remember standing guard with weapons and no bullets. That doesn’t happen any more. Now we are only governed by our state law. We carry and the only Ammo control is what we decide. Like in the military the flag is like a religion to us. Now it has expanded towards our understanding of the constitution.

Now many of us are older and fully understand what our fore fathers were up against. Because we see what is ahead of us. The only thing protecting us is the Constitution. So we protect it.

I was asked to speak at a Tea Party meeting about Oath Keeper. Who we are, and who we aren’t.  I explained that we are not political. That’s the Tea Parties Job. If the Tea Party is the Arm of the Constitution then the Oath Keepers are the Sword. The day comes when a hand becomes a fist and fist must become more.  For that the Oath Keepers are there as the defenders of the Constitution. The Constitution will Not Fall on Our Watch.  Some are still quiet while we are open. I have been on an operation in Hawkins Texas for 3 weeks protecting a mans land rights with my chapter. During that time the opposition has been 5% compared to the 95% who have given so much support for what we do.

We are everywhere. Some are just quiet and watching and waiting for there moment. Mine has already arrived.

Keep up the Faith.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. I served for 6 years in the MONG 35th Infantry Division, 2 years Army and 2 years Army reserves. I still obey the oath i sworn too in 1949 when i as a 17 year old boy not yet a man joined the military. I am proud of my service to my country. .I would do it again if called on, but at my age of 85 I would be somewhat limited in my ability to serve. However, i would serve with the oath keepers again in any capacity.

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