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Oath Keeper Testimonials



Testimonial:  I believe in the constitution and I love my country, and want to see the Constitution preserved also. I will do everything I can to help that happens.

I was turned down for the Vietnam War in the 70s, due to bad hearing. I was classified as 4F. I still tried to get in, but the doctors told me that he would pass me if I still wanted in,but, he said, when I get to Fort Dix, NJ for basic training, and more testing, they would fail me and send me back home. It sucks because I really wanted to get in. My friends got in that day. They were told to go in the next room and I watched them take the oath. I watched them get sworn in that day. It made me feel like shit. not being able to do my part, and take the oath. I will always remember that day.

I guess at 67yrs old its to late for me now. So this is why I want to serve in this way.A t least I will feel I’ve done something for my country.

New Hampshire here.



Justin Siler:

Testimonial: I’m a cadet. I plan on serving the United States Air Force after college. By now I have participated 5 years in a physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging program, and I am the highest ranking cadet in this corp. I am also the top ranking cadet in my AFJROTC and I am respected by cadets from surrounding JROTCs. I have heard the oath throughout my career as a cadet and it has helped me to establish where I stand, when I speak of serving in the armed forces. I serve to protect freedom and the American way of life. Democracy, not corporations. The government is decided by our citizens and I want to protect our people as badly as the next man.


Jon Bradley Abrahamson:

Testimonial: Semper Fi


Michael W. O’Neal:

Testimonial: Hello fellow Americans,
I’m Mike.I served in the Army for 25 years and left only because I could no longer keep up with the younger troops. The Army retired me as 100% disabled,I am anything but that!

I can’t do all I could,I can’t keep up with the 20 year old soldiers,but I can teach. I’m a Master Instructor at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Served as a team shooter and instructor on the all Army rifle team,and held the M.O.S. of a 45Z40 weapons repairman.

Held many positions from first sergeant to armament supervisor at a CEGE site in Belgium,Europe.Spent about half of my enlistment time in hot spots and Europe. I’m now 60 years old and worried about my country! If things continue as they have over the past 10 years or so,my children and grandchildren will not know America, as I and my ancestors have.I am worried!!!!! I have only been preparing to keep my wife,of 43 years, and myself alive and free. THAT IS NOT WHAT I’M ABOUT!

All of us must get together and be ready to help our countrymen and country regain our ideals. We must get our Congress and Senate AND our president back to the ways of Americans for America.I’m so tired and angry at the elected taking care of themselves and their friends at American’s cost. Where did the” America first” commitment go? GREEDY people,that’s where! I feel no lawyer or professional statesman should be allowed to hold public office, only the common man/woman should be allowed in the highest offices of country. I feel no man/woman should expect me to pay them a monthly sum of money to them when they do nothing to earn it. Healthy people can do something!!!!! I want us to stand together again,as we have done before,to protect America.No one can do it alone,but,together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE !

I’m one American, who is afraid,but ready to stand and do what is necessary for America. ARE YOU?



Testimonial: I have sworn an oath at least a half dozen times in my life and I have always taken my oath seriously. As a combat veteran, I have  always been prepared to give my life in defense of our Country, our Constitution and our way of life. I have been a proud member of Oath Keepers since 2010, and when the time comes I will fight to the death against any tyrannical government,either foreign or domestic. So help me God!!!!!!!!!



Jim Turnbull:

Testimonial: Generations of Freedom Fighters

My forefathers came to this country before the Revolutionary War; when war started, they fought with the American army. One of my forefathers was a captain and was captured by the British. He spent over one year on a British POW ship, before he was returned for a prisoner swap. He was promoted to a Brigadier and commanded an artillery company for the remainder of the war.

During the Civil War, my great-grandfather at the age of 16, lied about his age and joined the New York cavalry. He was captured at the Front Royal fiasco and spent several months in a Confederate POW camp. He escaped and rejoined his unit for the Second battle of Bull Run and fought with them for the rest of the war.

My father was a member of the great generation that defended our country in WWII. As a Sgt., he fought in North Africa and Europe.

My own humble contribution was serving in Viet Nam as a Marine Sgt.

Like many others here on OK; I am not as young in body, but am still young in spirit and I will still fight to the death to protect this great nation.

“Cowards die many times before their death, the valiant ne’re taste of death but once.”

God bless our great country.



Shorty Dawkins


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  1. I’m like ronbyson1 I tryed to join the service, all of them ,they let me take there test but would not let me join because I crushed me index finger off at work in 1977 so they would not take me it was my trigger finger,but I told them I could shoot just as good with out it,but they still wouldnot let me join,I wanted to serve my country,an it sadened me that I couldnt,I am 60 yrs.old now an have had 7 back surgerys an a pacemaker, but I still feel the need to do for my country that is a total mess right now,if I could just do something to make it better I would,I call my senitors, an congress to try an change things but they just do what they want to,I was a volunteer fireman in Arizona years ago,would that qualify me to be a member of oathkeepers?I want to do something for my country, an to try to get the coruption out of the white house, an restore our Constitution to the way it has worked for 100 of yrs.please let me know if I can join Oathkeepers,I get emails from Oathkeepers to keep up with the great work you are doing,an I thankyou for what you do for Americans, GOD BLESS YOU ALL AN STAY SAFE OUT THERE,PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I CAN JOIN WITH YOU,THANKYOU,GOD BLESS.BILL CLARK

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