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North American Union: US/Canadian Generals Discussed Fully Integrating Their Militaries


This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

Ever since the plans for the Trans-Texas Corridor (AKA NAFTA Superhighway) were canceled by the Federal Government and the Texas State Legislature, the theories surrounding the North American Union have largely fallen out of public’s awareness. However, every now and then a story will emerge that suggests that the governments of North America are still quietly conspiring to unite Canada, Mexico, and the US into a superstate, much like the European Union.

The latest revelation of this plan comes from Canada, where it’s been revealed that Chief of the Defence, Staff Gen. Tom Lawson and the former chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, once discussed a plan to fully integrate the militaries of the US and Canada. On the surface this doesn’t sound too surprising, since these forces have been frequently deployed together overseas in recent years. And under NORAD, the Air Forces of both nations are already operating under the same command structure for the most part.

However, this plan was supposed to allow personnel from all branches of the military, including our special forces, to be deployed together in the same units under a single unified command outside of Canada. The discussion was held in October of 2013, and the documents that prove it were obtained by an Access to Information request, which is essentially the Canadian counterpart to America’s FOIA.

What’s more alarming about this military integration plan, is that General Dempsey and General Lawson seriously discussed this idea without the knowledge of the US or Canadian governments.

Daniel Proussalidis, a spokesman from the defence minister’s office, said in an email to CBC News Monday the document was not presented to the defence minister and the government has not considered its contents.

“The government has neither expressed interest in the concept of Canada-U.S. force integration nor directed exploration of it,” Proussalidis told CBC News.

A Conservative spokesman also said the party had no desire to establish a “standing integrated force.”

But the new information from the Defence Department shows the planning was deliberate and sustained, and it happened at the highest levels of both forces.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be too surprising if these governments knew of this plan, and are just covering their own asses. They know that the majority of their voters would be outraged by the idea of sacrificing their national sovereignty in such a fundamental way. Most of this outrage would probably stem from Canadians, who would rightly recognize this integration as a total takeover by the US military. I don’t think anyone has any doubts that the US military would be running show.

And ultimately, that’s probably why the plan was nixed. According to Canada’s Defence Department “Gen. Lawson indicated that Canada was not prepared to field fully integrated land forces at this time…Instead, they are developing the capability to operate together on any mission authorized by the government of Canada. Canada-U.S. co-operation is excellent; we are trying to make it better.”

Here’s what that statement really means: “Those wacky conspiracy theorists on both sides of the border would raise hell, and spark a massive public outcry if we force our militaries to deploy under the same banner. Instead, we’ll continue to quietly integrate our forces over a long period of time, so that our voters won’t be alarmed.”

Just like their clandestine plan to forge a North American Union, these governments know that their populations would freak out if they tried to place their militaries under a single command, so they’re just taking baby steps instead. They’re hoping that nobody notices the snail’s pace of this plan’s implementation, but make no mistake, it’s really happening. One day we’ll wake up in the North American Union, and wonder how it all came to this.


Brandon Smith



  1. Sounds like a logistical nightmare, though. We don’t have a lot of equipment commonality with our northern neighbors, so unless the Canuks were to re-equip with US gear and vehicles, and become familiar with them, every unit would need effectively TWO supply chains.

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