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McAuliffe’s ‘Man Up’ Dismissal of Parker Threat Arrogant and Hypocritical

Andy Parker applauds Terry McAuliffe signing a citizen disarmament bill, something that can only be enforced by agents of the state with guns and a willingness to shoot someone else’s daughter or son. (Governor of Virginia/Facebook)

“Come on, Bill, you’re tougher than that,” Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe chastised Republican Sen. William M. Stanley during a radio appearance. “Man up. Come on. This is ridiculous.”

He was responding to reports Stanley had obtained a concealed carry permit and filed a police report after being threatened online by former Democrat House of Delegates candidate Andy Parker, father of the TV journalist slain on camera by a former TV newsman co-worker / gay prostitute / Obama supporter.

“Listen, if I called the police every time someone went online and said much worse than ‘I’m going to be your worst nightmare,’ I would spend 24/7 on the phone calling the police,” McAuliffe explained, unable to resist lying about something that can be easily fact-checked by those who care to try. But he was relying on the “progressive” lynch mob mentality to demand stringing up his enemies based on whatever accusations he threw out there. If nothing else, the man knows his constituents.

Because that’s not why Stanley filed a police report.  He did so because, after repeated harassment on Facebook following the announcement of an NRA endorsement, Parker threatened him:


That differs from merely wishing someone harm. It’s coming from someone with means, motive and opportunity, requisites for a crime to take place. And importantly, beatings are crimes that pose a significant lethal threat:

According to the FBI you are TWICE as likely to be beaten to death by someone using their hands or feet than you are being killed by a rifle.

This business of “manning up” and duking it out with assailants may make for good film action scenes, but real fights almost never look like the fictional ones, victims stand a good chance of being seriously injured, maimed for life or killed, and no one is under any obligation to go mano a mano simply because Terry McAuliffe wants to employ Alinsky Rule 5 ridicule to gain a political advantage. If someone comes at you and you can’t get out of it, my “Any chair in a bar fight” rule — or lack of rules — comes into play, and your opponent is asking for whatever it takes to stop him.

Besides, Parker has already gone on record saying he was thinking about buying a gun. Curiously, he cited a fear that gun owners meant him physical harm without providing any evidence of a credible threat for police to investigate.  Funny, how McAuliffe didn’t disparage that and tell him to man up…

On top of that, filing a report is a smart legal move on Stanley’s part. He has now created a police record of a threat, so if he is forced to defend himself, that ought to go far in clearing him of criminal wrongdoing and relieving him of civil liability.

For his part, Parker has since “apologized for [his] words,” illustrating how someone who would see everyone else controlled can’t — or won’t — control himself. It’s natural to be sympathetic to a human being whose life has been shattered by a permanent, soul-shredding grief most of us will never be able to imagine, but that cannot shield him from repercussions for the irrational hatred and accusations he is now directing toward gun owners. Regardless of what drives him, he doesn’t get any more of a pass than any other monopoly of violence fanatic should get. As such, he merits the same “No — your move” response we’d give to any other coercive control freak who feels like getting froggy, generally by proxy, and by putting others at risk.

Stanley actually proved to be the most considerate and humane of all the players in terms of what he wants for Parker, urging McAuliffe & Co. to stop exploiting the man’s grief and using him “as a ‘pawn’ in the push for gun control.” Instead he advises to help with healing instead of agitating.

As for McAuliffe, he packed another easily-discernible lie in his indictment of Stanley, when he talked about calling the police on the phone.  The guy doesn’t have to — he’s got 24/7 taxpayer-funded armed bodyguard protectors who even accompany him to anti-gun events in DC, where “authorities” are the “Only Ones” carrying firearms. What do you think they’d do if you threatened to assault one of them, or the “little @$$” they’re protecting?

Jeez, Terry, man up.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Good old Terry has been and always will be a coward. I had the extreme misfortune to talk with him, years ago, about gun control. His real interests, like all liberals, lie in controlling the electorate. Gun control is just a means to an end.

  2. Rush Limbaugh has been calling McAuliffe “The Punk” since before Slick Willie got elected. It fits now more than ever.

    Thanks for not lifting finger to support Ken Cuccinelli, Republican Party. Virginia has a punk for a governor because of you.

  3. One of the reasons the antis are so afraid of guns is that they know how THEY would use them if they had one!!!

    Which scares me too

    How about we just ban liberals from owning guns…

  4. When is Mccrook going to “man up” and get rid of his security? Or tell Hillary to stop ejecting Black Lives Matter crazies?

  5. Pfht. Typical Regressive BS. Just verbally attack people you don’t agree with instead of actually speaking a word on the issue. Good job VA voters with that that election.

    I sear these people aren’t worth the base elements their composed off.

    1. RE: Virginians. Exactly what I was thinking. I could be wrong, but I understand that the balance of political power greatly changed with the change in Northern Virginia residents that live and work around/in Washington D.C..

  6. Sadly there are no real Americans left in Virginia, otherwise McCulliff would have been on the news as a socialist casualty.

  7. So what does this really mean? All I want to say is bring it on. I am tired of waiting. I would rather see America stand up and act before we are brought to our knees and incapable of doing so by these criminal miscreants.
    How much longer before we do what Iceland did?

  8. Until we understand the meaning of “unity” and “solidarity” and then exhibit a willingness to take coordinated meaningful action, lefty human feces “just like these”, will have “Free-reign” to keep on doing just what they are doing,… and to who they are doing it to. Completely unimpeded by those that have failed to unite and have failed to take meaningful action to stop them.

    1. Yep. “Free-reign” to, uh, er, reign (rule, not conserve freedom). I thought I learned years ago that, the more intelligent and learned one is, the more tolerance for ambiguity. Freedom seems inherently diverse and messy. But the ones now who denigrate freedom oriented citizens as rubes, anachronisms, and neanderthals, you know, the ones who “should” rule, can’t stand the ambiguity of freedom. Legal gun owners seem to understand the responsibilities of gun ownership. Yet those that attack gun ownership seem to be great at promoting irresponsibility in so many spheres. Like, you know, a $19 T debt.

  9. Those treasonous Bolsheviks should be formally charged with subversion and other high crimes, removed from office, given a fair and speedy trial, and if found guilty by a jury of their peers, either hung from their scrawny necks or exiled to a country where they have not the second Ammendment to defend themselves with. Quite possibly, these criminals are the same d-bags who have a first wave of 200,000 Middle East “refugees” slated to enter the USA, and vote for their socialistic handouts, similar to what’s happening in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, England etc., where the rape figures are way, way up. (Google “refugees rape women in Sweden, Norway” for starters). Never forget Solzenitchen’s teachings on what to do when the goon squads come to confiscate your weapons. Make at least one of them sorry that they got up that morning. And put the fear of God in the rest of them. Only a d-bag would come to your house to deprive you of your rights under the color of law. Once they get your weapons, the next time they come will be for your life or to take you away to a camp. Let them know right off the bat that their mission will be a very dangerous one, and that only fools would continue.

    1. R.J.S’s reference to Solzenitchen is right on track younger people these days haven’t a clue about him thanks to the public employee machine, rather sad.

  10. Let’s reclaim the language and stop calling these people ‘liberals’ and start calling them what they are,’authoritarians’.

  11. Has any one ever said, oh Dana. My, don’t judge Virginians over the transplants in Northern Va. We are here in the battle zone to stay. We’re not running to the northwest. We have been to the state House with our fight. We have honorable men as Sen Bill Carico, who constantly fight the good fight bravely. Come down into southwest va and hang out. We are Oathkeepers, but we fought this fight before 2009. Your opinion was empty, uneducated, and very misinformed. I was offended, but I will consider the source. Expect more feedback. Your empty diatribe, short as it was, stung.

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