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YouGov Poll: 29% Of Americans Would Support A Military Coup


NOTE: I have written extensively in the past about the dangers of military coup and the sad reality that many in the Liberty Movement support such a development.  To be frank, some people support the concept of military coup purely because of cowardice.  It is far easier to have someone else fight your revolution against corruption for you, rather than having to do it yourself.  The problem is, if average people do not lead in the fight against tyranny then they will have no power to decide what system replaces the original.  The new system could very well end up being as criminal as the old.  Military coup is NOT outlined as an option in the Constitution; it is the common citizen and civilian that carries the responsibility for the removal of corrupt government.  If this duty is shirked out of laziness or fear, it will quickly come back to haunt us.  It is the duty of each serviceman to refuse unconstitutional orders when they are given and to fight on the side of the citizenry when necessary, not to follow some trumped up cabal of elitist military brass in a potential farce of a revolt that ends in a Junta that the people will eventually be forced to destroy anyway.  Also keep in mind that military coups have been used by the elites throughout history in order to con the masses into thinking they have “defeated” the oligarchy when in fact they have only replaced one puppet structure with another.  Military coup is a losing proposition, and only a fool would entertain it as practical…

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor


This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

As it stands today, our government is a constitutional republic in name only. Our nation is ruled by wealthy oligarchs and special interests, and there is plenty of blame to go around for this situation. No society falls to these depths without at least the implicit consent of the population, and even the most ruthless of governments can’t survive if its citizens refuse to go along with the program.

So it’s safe to say that the American people are at least partly to blame for the sick institutions that rule over them. And if that’s the case, you have to ask yourself, what might our society come to accept in the future? If our lack of resistance has contributed to the corrosion of our civil liberties and the growth of our unbounded government, then nothing is off the table. If we’re willing to put up with this, what won’t we put up with? What sort of system might our society produce in the future?

If recent polls are to be believed, then a military dictatorship is certainly a possibility. After a West Point professor entertained the possibility of a coup occurring on American soil two weeks ago, (which led to his resignation) YouGov decided to poll 1000 American voters on their opinion of the military, and whether or not they would support a military takeover. The results were fairly shocking.

In a new survey by YouGov, 29 percent of respondents said they can imagine a situation in which they would support the military taking control of the federal government – that translates into over 70 million American adults. Forty-one percent of respondents said could not imagine supporting the military taking over the country.

Republicans (43 percent) were more likely to say they can envision a scenario in which they could support a military coup than Democrats (20 percent). Perhaps that difference is related to having a Democratic president who some critics on the right see as overstepping his power.

Regardless of political ideology, one reason people might support a military coup is because they respect officers in the military far more than they do people in Congress. According to the same YouGov survey, almost three-quarters (70 percent) of respondents believe that military officers want what is best for the country, while only 29 percent think the same of members of Congress.

Lawmakers better shape up or they might be shipped out — literally.

The poll also found that 55% of the population believes that the police want what’s best for the country, while 24% thought that they were only interested in what’s best for themselves. The other categories, which included Congress, local politicians, and civil servants, went in the other direction. The majority of those polled thought that the people in these categories were self-serving.

In other words, most Americans have a lot of confidence in the armed enforcers of government, but very little confidence in the politicians and bureaucrats in our government. This is a rather dangerous trend when you think about it, but it’s not exactly a new one.

Every year gallup asks Americans about their confidence with 15 major segments of American society. The police and the military routinely top the list with overwhelming support, while no other government institution inspires confidence among the majority of voters. That includes the presidency, the Supreme Court, public schools, the justice system, and Congress. Also near the bottom, is the media, big business, and the banks.

Essentially, most Americans have completely lost faith in the system, and the powers that be. The only people they still trust, are cops and soldiers.  And a society that trusts its armed enforcers more than everyone else, including the people they vote for, is a society that is ripe for a coup.


Brandon Smith



  1. Brandon,, i tend to disagree with a military coup being entirely without value. Civilians must align with military powers in order to effectively push toward any hope in a successful irradication of tyranny. The current incumbents have resources and technologies the civilians do not. Hence, civilians are prone to fear the huge war machine that has removed military grade weapons from them intentionally. Without military involvement or weaponry then things become real dicey for the mom and pop militia real quick. Fear, disbelief, greed and ignorance is why we sit at the current coss roads in America at present. Leaders such as Washington, Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin do not grow on trees. Without strong leadership then the sheeple will simply graze the fields until the wolves drag them off to die. Look at pre WWII germany as the prime example. The tanks rolled through the farms raping everything in their path and my great grandmother hung herself in the barn because she knew what the nazis would do to her when they found her… Military and strong militia weaponry is vital in order to encourage broader civilian involvement and respect. We did it before and we can do it again. But we must do something to poke a hole in this pathetic defeatest civilian mindset. Our military will support us in the end my friends. We need them and they need us as well in order to be victorious. Just my two cents!!! Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum!

    1. Brentwood, you have it backwards. Military personnel must align themselves with a civilian movement in order to be successful, not the other way around. Civilian movements do not need a military coup in order to direct their revolution, and military weaponry would be AMPLE should any such crisis event occur. Advanced military weaponry has done nothing to achieve victory in Afghanistan. I highly suggest you read the works of H. John Poole in order to understand why that is. Asymmetric tactics and force of will win the day. Technology is meaningless. To illustrate, you may want to check out the ThermTac thermal evasion cloak I developed in tandem with Oath Keepers, it is made with common low tech materials and renders FLIR useless. Any high tech advantage can be turned into a disadvantage through ingenuity. That is how we will win.

    2. You are incorrect. Want to know why?

      The military is a huge part of the problem, quite possibly even leading it.

      Remember the top brass and all below ALL are required by Oath to defend the US Constitution and NONE of them did it. Not only did they commit at least one felony and the crime of Perjury when they did not remove domestic enemies by charging them with the crimes committed, so a civilian court could take care of them properly and constitutionally, but they have ordered troops already throughout America and even used them on American streets – all forbidden to them by the US Constitution.

      They did not stop the invasion by the UN when they brought troops here to see that OUR elections went the way the UN wanted; but also gave the UN ALL US military to do their bidding which is Treason by the way.

      So, in suggesting that you want the UN military disguised as US on US soil – hey not only has it already happened, but they have already set themselves up throughout the USA in order to be used AGAINST us.

      Panetta and Dempsey gave all US military to the UN for UN to use them to force other nations to bend their knee to the UN and create the One World Government. All know this, or should, it was never hidden, even done on the senate floor in front of multiple cameras for any to watch.

      So, you are either a tool, or foolish and uninformed. Why do you think Oathkeepers has been trying to reach as many military as they can? To get them to stand for their OWN nation against those traitors and domestic enemies instead of allowing themselves to be used against us.

      Wake Up, or else stop being a Traitor to your own nation – whichever it is. Because as long as I and other true Americans live, every Traitor to the USA, be it news talking heads, to actual combatants, to those who “just followed orders” or “just did their jobs” will b e PROSECUTED and we will be asking for the death penalty for about all of them.

      You see, Americans tolerate a lot, but we finally lose our patience and we stop putting up with scum. Once we start, there will not be a person who was involved in any way, any position – from Election Fraud to those “teaching” our children, to the WH housekeeping staff/dog walker/cooks/etc for NOT keeping their Oath – trying to destroy OUR government not hunted where ever they RUN to, the hunt will last for generations so that THIS time people WILL remember and never allow it to happen again.

      This time it will END for at least 500 years. This time the US Constitution will be followed so closely by ALL who serve because it will NOT be forgotten and they will fear not to.

      Never again will we trust anyone in any place – state or government, with OUR freedom.

    3. If there is one pervasive blind spot for mainstream conservatives, it is the concept of controlled opposition.

      Regardless of which party maintaining the helm in the three branches of the Federal Government, the ship always maintains the same general heading towards the rocky shoals of destruction for the Republic. It is a slippery slope where; when Republicans are in power the slide slows a bit, and when Democrats are in power the slide happens at an uncomfortably quickening pace. But make no mistake about it; we are always charted in the same carefully engineered path. With either party this nation is always being directed towards a carefully controlled, slow motion demolition. It is being done incrementally, in small steps to avoid causing a stampede or revolt. And, it is being done in a way where the globalists’ bankster oligarchies are systematically absorbing the value of our wealth through manipulation of global markets, fractional reserve lending, and their fiat-currency systems.

      They have used their vast wealth and resources to entrench themselves so deeply into institutions and industries, and they have so fully compartmentalized those same pillars, that many of us are actually working against the greater good of our own causes and belief-systems in the course of our daily work….without even realizing it. How many patriots work in the computer security fields or military-industrial complex designing and wielding tools that will ultimately used against red-blooded, God-fearing, patriotic American citizens. How many members of the military or Law Enforcement have participated in campaigns and operations believing that they were protecting and defending the Republic, while in actuality they only served the erosion of citizens rights, or advanced the banksters continual imperialism and acquisition of wealth across the globe; possible activities where the blowback or repercussions were intended to serve a role in further destabilizing and corroding the traditional American way of life.

      I have been involved in the Patriot / Liberty movement since the late 1980’s. Even then “awake and aware” Americans have been chanting the foreboding doomsayer mantra that there is going to be some definitive “Red-Dawn” scenario, where one day we are going to wake up to a martial-law police-state. To understand what will likely happen, one need only take a retrospective view of what has already happened. Their success in the slow-motion takeover of our country can be attributed to subterfuge and incrementalism. They take ground an inch at a time. They didn’t just ban all guns in one move. They started with the full-autos, and then they came after barrel lengths, magazine capacities, absence/additions of stocks and grips, types of ammo, etc. It isn’t just guns though. They work like this across the board: Immigration, taxes, property rights, freedom-of-speech, spying on all of our banking transactions and communications… they take an inch at a time. And what do we do? Who is going to lead an armed revolt over an inch, when the battle is end-zone to end-zone? As long as the masses have bread and circus, they will drink beer, and watch football, and play with their phones blissfully unaware that regardless of how slowly the ship is sinking, if we don’t start bailing hard, now, the ship IS going down.

      The Globalists networks maintain control of the American political process through carefully controlled opposition. Ultimately all political discourse and democratic electioneering boils down to two carefully manicured and pre-ordained choices. “D” or “R”? It is all a puppet show. Regardless of which team we choose, these are two heads with very long necks that lead back to the same beast. The core establishment of each respective political party ultimately serves the same masters, even if indirectly. They use the controlled media to direct (and misdirect) us in much the same way. It keeps people divided and pitted against one another, even to the point where we ignore the basic human needs that we do have in common. So if you are one of the folks who believe that a military Junta is preferable to what little semblance of choice we do currently have, congratulations, you have just selected another pre-ordained choice where they win. The top military brass has been systematically culled and replaced since 9/11. Whoever it is who was in charge of the military coup would be one of them, not one of us. So unless you like the idea of some Machiavellian CFR brainwashed narcissist (other than the current one) enjoying a dictatorship and suspending the Constitution entirely, I wouldn’t support this idea.

      1. Irish 1776,

        You are right, the economic collapse has already begun, and the war on the American people has been going on for well over 100 years. Normalcy bias keeps people from seeing the truth. I’ll keep trying to wake them up, but it is not easy.

        Shorty Dawkins

  2. Hey Cal, have you personally seen any U.N. vehicles on U.S. soil? I haven’t, but then again I really havent been looking. I’ve visited many sites that show pictures of white U.N. tanks etc. with other sites showing the same pictures and giving reference to Wikipedia or other sites that plainly show the tanks etc.on foreign soil. I have seen a few copters with guns etc.but no U.N. equipment. If you or any one else reading this HAS SEEN these types of vehicles and such,please chime in I would really like to separate the reality from hysteria
    Much Oblige,CB. .

    1. Cal and Brandon,
      Cal sorry I did not watch except for election night when Obama got a second term and my stomach hit the floor. I’m not into T.V. nor political rhetoric.
      Brandon, I missed your article on Thermal blanket. How can I look that one up? Funny I was just thinking about buying FLIRS for my weapons. EXPENSIVE!

        1. Thanks Brandon, unfortunately I have dial up very slow dial up that will not allow me to watch a video or U Tube type of deal.,I was wondering if you could print instructions up ? Or possibly they are too long for that. Regardless thanks for trying.

  3. So I just happened to this site and am very intrigued. In my opinion this is very much a possibility, when Kennedy was assassinated a military coup was the first possibility that was considered by the White House staff.

    A couple quick questions:
    Are Oath Keepers definitely anti-military coup? Even if the ends justify the means?
    Will the Oath Keepers defend the Constitution even if dictator that arises (with emergency powers of course) is a patriotic christian conservative?

    I am a christian myself, a democrat, former military officer, and a gun toting moderate. If you guys can answer yes to the above questions you will have my support and my friends.

    1. Alexander,
      Oath Keepers stands by the Constitution. We do not support a military coup, nor any dictatorial coup, be it in the guise of emergency powers. Period.

      Shorty Dawkins
      Associate Editor

  4. Who in the military would you trust now? Obama has fired nearly 200 flag officers who do not support his agenda. Have any military officers resigned in protest? We civilians, retired military and law enforcement, have to lead the way.

  5. I personally think we are close to talk, not to action. The average sheeple, 90+% of the population aren’t really aware of most of what’s going on, or are in agreement with it. Why do you think we have the POTUS that we do? They either agree, don’t care, or think we and those like us are all “conspiracy” theorists and immediately discount what we say.

    For the populate to take up arms against the Government, a couple of things would need to happen. 1 – We’d need to slide quite a bit further down the rabbit hole. As long as everybody has their new iPhone, big screen T.V. and food on the table, they aren’t going to take up arms. 2 – There would have to be a LOT of talk about it in the public eye. On the news, in the papers, and everywhere else. 3 – There would have to be “incidents” that break out to make the people aware of what’s going on, and either bring them together – or make them enemies of the coup.

    Brandon, you are right that there are a lot of cowards these days, this country of ours is full of them. Do you really see your neighbor with the skinny jeans with his face stuck in his iPhone all day updating Facebook picking up a rifle and joining a coup? I don’t. I saw a commercial or movie trailer the other night, and the young lady was with 3 of the “Grass Eaters” as the Japanese call them (look it up, it’s a good name for them), and she said “How is it that in one generation of Americans we went from men like Jack Nicholson to….. these guys?” How true of a statement. The country is full of weak willed individuals that only think of themselves. How many of us can count on both hands the number of people that would stand up and take a bullet for the Constitution or a friend? Not many. And those of us in the “gun circle” that shoot regularly and have friends that do the same, might be able to do it, but the average Grass Eater? Not a chance.

    I honestly think we need to slide a lot longer down that rabbit hole before there is an armed insurrection.

    Just my opinion though.

    1. I agree that many Americans are completely unprepared for any crisis event of duration, and have inadequate training to defend themselves. Luckily, that fact is completely irrelevant.

      Revolutions against tyranny are ALWAYS in the minority, including the first American Revolution. In fact, the American Revolution was more like a civil war being that the majority of colonials were pro-British and fought on the side of the British.

      Revolutions are rarely ever won because freedom fighters have the majority, and obtaining a majority in the movement is not necessary. It would be nice, but it is not necessary or practical to expect it.

      Also, I disagree that we are not far enough “down the rabbit hole”. The Bundy Ranch event PROVED beyond a doubt that we are in fact on the very edge of a fight. Had that situation gone the other direction, it would have been all out war in this country. Beyond that, our economy is ready to tank by next year.

      If you personally know a handful of people who will stand to defend liberty, then that, my friend, is more than enough.

      1. Also @ Michael G.
        You talk about action. Please understand that all of our action MUST be in accordance with the US Constitution, lawful here in the USA.

        Brandon, understand that I respect you greatly, but I do disagree with;
        “Revolutions against tyranny are ALWAYS in the minority, including the first American Revolution.”

        First, what we are doing is replacing those domestic enemies and Traitors that are currently serving within our governments, not a revolution – we are not changing our type of government but changing the people who serve within our governments that are revolting and trying to change our government unlawfully and illegally. We are replacing them LAWFULLY, by whatever means they force us to use to RESTORE our rightful constitutional republic.

        Because of Election Fraud, and fraud elsewhere within the Election process making it so that we not only get legitimate candidates, but that we cannot vote them out of office that way was closed to the people.. Recall mostly is a joke.

        We are left with removing them using the constitutionally recognized and required Militia. We are not the ones who are revolting, those traitors and domestic enemies of the USA serving within our governments are. And yes, force has been used – all the unlawful police action, military on US streets, etc.

        Ask Dr. Vieira if you think I am mistaken. And read below.

        Abraham Lincoln: “We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution”.

    2. “Why do you think we have the POTUS that we do? ”

      Election Fraud.

      Same for the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, and many who are “serving within” state governments also.

      The 2008 Democratic Nominating Committee (DNC) document did not include the normal language stating that Obama was qualified to be a candidate. The 2008 Republican Nominating Committee (RNC) document did, as is normal. This shows that the DNC knew that Obama was not qualified, or why change the form? It is important to realize that the Republicans also use Election Fraud, though admittedly not as blatant as this was – yet still ignored.

      South Bend, Indiana JURY of the people found that Election Fraud put BOTH Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election.

      Obama is NOT a US p[resident, he is impersonating one. Remember that they pay people to say and do things that look like the “majority” are for it.

      Remember Boston when they were going through peoples homes, etc and at the end they showed a bunch of people supposedly thanking them for their “brave’ actions on American streets? Those people were paid actors to get the other Americans to wonder why they feel uneasy at that sight. Just another lie.

    3. “For the populate to take up arms against the Government,”

      It is important for you to realize that those who SERVE WITHIN our government are NOT “our government”.

      They are employed (and it matters not if they are elected, hired, under contract, etc), and also they are under a “contract” – in writing describing the details of the position they occupy and what it is ALLOWED to do, and what it MUST do, and what is forbidden to that position to do – backed by an Oath – the strongest lawful contract, and THEY are the domestic enemies, the Traitors, even the *Terrorists, the enemies of which must be removed and REPLACED so that we can RESTORE our legitimate government.

      Abraham Lincoln: “We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.”

      Hope this helps you to understand OUR constitutional republic type of government better. It IS the Constitution of the United States of America to which we all owe our loyalty and allegiance, NOT to the people who serve within it.

      J. Reuben Clark: “God provided that in this land of liberty, our political allegiance shall run not to individuals, that is, to government officials, no matter how great or how small they may be. Under His plan our allegiance and the only allegiance we owe as citizens or denizens of the United States, runs to our inspired Constitution which God himself set up. So runs the oath of office of those who participate in government. A certain loyalty we do owe to the office which a man holds, but even here we owe just by reason of our citizenship, no loyalty to the man himself. In other countries it is to the individual that allegiance runs. This principle of allegiance to the Constitution is basic to our freedom. It is one of the great principles that distinguishes this “land of liberty” from other countries”.

  6. Brandon,
    this is kind of an old post and don’t know if you will read this, it doesn’t even relate to the article, but I will give er a whirl.
    I read this morning an article about the formation of the central banks from Babylonian times to the present.I am not much of a writer,but I will try to put this in a cohesive form: We as a people as a species have a short time left if nothing is done and these few yet horribly powerful, demoniac’s and their minions which are many seem to have all of their pieces in place, buy a third world war,economic collapse or perhaps both. I wonder if Jade Helm was so well published as to get all of their infrastructure into place with out alarming too many people, or at least have an excuse. If I am correct then push the button and the PTB move across America with most Americans watching what ever they watch on any given night while the ones on the A list are picked up or just killed out right.
    I had no idea that so few men/banks had so much money and so much control that wars, collapses,etc. were just a phone call away.I don’t know it may well be to late. But I think with what time if any we have left we need articulate writers like your self and others like you to start ringing the bell and don’t stop ringing until every one in the land (were all in on it) they won’t hesitate to kill you, me, a liberal, or even one of their paid of power brokers if they so desire. I really think its time go get like minded patriot writers to ring the bell and don’t stop until every body has a chance to know that if they dont get involved their more than likely dead.
    Yours in and for LIBERTY OR DEATH

  7. Brandon and staff, I forgot to ad the most important part, that this is about the formation of the F.R. on Jekyll island in 1910 to present. And a P.S. I posted this on Hodges Site and he Scrubbed it!! WHY? Got my ideas, but I will leave to you all to form your own opinion.

  8. Cal, Thank you, I am with you in this. I could not have said it any better or clearer than you did.

    Abraham Lincoln: “We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.”

    And we have a lot of corrupt people perverting our Constitution and getting worse by the day.

    God bless us all! Karol

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