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US Cop Faces Death Threats For Denouncing ‘Racist’ Chief

US Cop

This article comes from Yahoo News.

By Jocelyne Zablit

Los Angeles (AFP) – A white US police officer who turned in his chief for allegedly making a series of racist slurs in reaction to a black woman’s complaint said he fears for his life.

Officer Alex Stone, of the small city of Clatskanie, in the western state of Oregon, said he and fellow officer Zack Gibson decided to come forward in August after watching “in complete bewilderment” as their police chief, Martin Hoover, pounded on his chest and howled like a monkey while being briefed about a complaint by a black suspect.

“We were just completely at a loss for words,” Stone said Wednesday. “I was raised to believe that everyone is created in God’s image… and I won’t tolerate anyone, especially if they are in power, treating people as if they are less than human.”

He said when he expressed surprise at Hoover’s reaction, telling him that the woman filing the complaint had been injured, the chief said: “That’s what they deserve.”

Stone told AFP that he has received death threats from the local community and been racially abused since he and Gibson filed a complaint earlier this summer.

“Just yesterday one of the local business owners said he wanted to take me into the woods and shoot me in the head. Another said he wanted to string me up by a noose,” said the 36-year-old officer. “People are emailing me saying they hope I get shot in the head.

“My wife got run off the road twice… and my three children are scared,” he added. “I feel like people are telling me to leave.”

The case comes amid a renewed debate in the United States over race relations and police violence.

Protests have erupted in several cities across the country in recent months, touched off by perceived police brutality against unarmed black men or women.

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  1. good for this police officer who belives in standing up for whats right in this country we are not about bigotry but basic human rights guaranteed by our nations constitution that says all men regardless of race……religion are treated equal under there creator which not only applied not just for the colonists who founded this great nation but for the black people as well

  2. With chaos there is success from the offensive. I will offer any help to any race, creed or color who needs my help defending their liberty. If i can offer this officer and his wife and children a safe place, please contact west coast OK chapter organizers. To be continued….

  3. have the wife get a CCW, someone tries to run you off the road, it is considered attempted murder, or assault with a deadly weapon, she therefore has the right to defend herself, wonder if a few bullet holes in these POS’s vehicles might cause them to rethink their position.

  4. It is a real sad time for Americans when we are so quick to demonize and attack each other. I fear we are indeed a war hungry society being fueled by race baiters and warmongers.

  5. Buzzy, with an attitude like that why don’t you just sail on down to Aussieland and stay there. (You’ll be much, much safer ….trust me).

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