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Pentagon Says ‘No Guns’ for Recruiters: Hide Behind Partitions Instead

Gen. Brilakis did not say if he’d be replacing service weapons for guards at Quantico with partitions — so as not to make visitors uncomfortable.

“The Pentagon has decided against arming recruiters in the wake of the Chattanooga terror attack that killed five soldiers,” Investor’s Business Daily reports. “Instead of guns, officers will get ‘desk partitions.’”

Marine Corps Commanding General Mark Brilakis says the decision was made because educators, students and parents might not be “comfortable” seeing armed recruiters. As for when military personnel are in their storefront offices, Brilakis says it might also offend the sensibilities of mall shoppers.

Good grief.

Add to that official condemnation by the brass of volunteer civilian Oath Keepers standing guard, and it’s evident that in spite of all the “Thank you for your service” lip service, the military “leadership” would rather see its personnel dead than armed, at least when not deployed in combat. As for that condemnation, as noted in my GUNS Magazine “Rights Watch” column posted last month, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes dismissed its enforceability.

“We will continue to guard recruiting and reserve centers,” Rhodes declared in a clarifying update for those perceiving a policy letter had the force of law. “If we were to stand down and stop protecting the recruiters that would just put them back where they were—unarmed and defenseless.”

As for the desk partitions, that also presumes recruiters will have no personal interaction except from behind a shield that can’t be breached or gone around or over – as, of course, they can be. And forget about having protection on campus visits or while going to or from work. Mustn’t make the conditioned sheeple uncomfortable by letting warriors be seen with weapons.

This is Opposite Day “progressive” insanity. At a time when committed enemies of the United States are threatening escalating actions on U.S. soil – and our own government is indiscriminately welcoming in unvetted hordes and dispersing them throughout the Republic – the most vulnerable “military targets” are being rendered even more defenseless by their own leaders.

That has all the appearances of enemy action.  It’s an indicator that there are no orders the political class of generals will disobey — or at least resign in protest over.

See more on this from Marine Corps Times.

UPDATE: I asked Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes for a comment but published before I received it. Here’s his reaction:

Truly, the brasses are asses.  Since the brass in DC continue to deny the troops the ability to defend themselves, we will continue to protect them wherever possible, as our members and other patriots are still doing across the nation.  There are limits on how many patriots can volunteer to do so, and on how long they can do so, but if they can, they will.  We see it as our duty to our brothers and sisters in current service, who are still the targets of terrorists, and still being orders to go unarmed, as sitting ducks, by an idiotic policy.   So long as the recruiters themselves are OK with our guys being there, they will whenever possible until the recruiters, not the brass, ask them not to.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. In a country where emotions fueled by warm-fuzzy political correctness require that feelings trump human life then I ponder the possibility the county’s command and control systems may no longer be worth defending.

    At times I imagine a cohort of warrior-class folks wrenching away a piece of the sinking USA and creating a new country; one that the Founders would look down upon and smile while saying to each other: It’s about time.

    Then my thoughts depart the fictional realm and reality slaps me in the face and despair fills my essence.

    1. Do not despair my brother. Like minded people are here. We must never give up our passion for freedom. Surrender is not in our creed.

    2. What really makes me mad is that the brass at the Marine Corps ,,of which I am a former Marine , disgusts me , I can just bet you that Chesty Puller is turning over in his grave , not allowing his Marines to protect themselves from terrorists .It shows shows what idiots we have in the Pentagon , I could expect this fro the Army , or the Navy or the AIRFORCE bu the Marine Corps you have got to be kidding me . After what happens at Ft Hood when those 32 military Army people were killed and wounded ,because the only person that was armed was the Military Army Officer , who just shot whomever he wanted to and the poor military didn’t have a chance , couldn’t even protect themselves . Than the President and his Attorney General said it was Workplace Violence , I didn’t hear one top military leader say wait a second this was a terrorist attack , they Knew Nidal Hassan the murderer , had contacts with terrorist in the Middle East , but did nothing telling the President ,,he was wrong in his assessment ,,that it was a terrorist attack. So disgusted with the Marine Brass , nobody will stand up to this Corrupt Obama Administration , is he really black mailing these military officers , telling them you do what I tell you , otherwise you resign now or I will fire you. , and you will get nothing.

    3. It is because the current political regime is dead set upon turning over control of the US to embrace the new world order. There will come a tipping point at some future time where these marxist commanders will push liberty loving Americans too far. But they are waiting for an implosion on a civil scale whereupon the populace will beg them for safety. They do not care for our military or veterans lives as the past has clearly shown. But what they forget about is,,, Americans will viciously fight for their freedoms and their liberties. Americans will not go quietly into the final darkness of night. It will be their downfall in the end as they grossly underestimate the undying and passionate fortitude of freedom loving patriots to overcome our current tyrannical government. For this you can make no mistake, our right to liberty and freedom will not be negotiated under any circumstances as set forth by the laws of God and nature and anything less than such shall not be tolerated. God bless America!

        1. Only 22 million! There are 300 million Americans less 20 million or so legal and illegal aliens. Wake up, we are a clear minority — one out of fifteen.Who makes up our elected government? Those elected by the majority of voters, we obviously ain’t them.

    4. “the county’s command and control systems may no longer be worth defending.”
      You hit the nail on the head. It doesn’t matter how many patriots are willing to give their lives for their country. If the control structure has been corrupted than it is a futile effort. It’s long past impeachment time. It’s too late!

  2. Under the LEFT, US Marines hide and call police. Wtf? What will it take to wake the sheep? More chapters of Oath Keepers!! Oorah.

    1. I would have stayed a member of Oathkeepers if the liberal monitors would have allowed me to speak as a conservative.
      They used the STUPID excuse that the site could be shut down if we were not PC
      That showed me that OK had no balls.
      Hopefully – they’ve grown some since then.

      1. That’s what happens when an editor becomes a dictator. A narcissist chauvinist extraordinaire. Fear no man, they are but a moment in time; molon labe….balls or no balls.

        MOLON LABE

    2. Everyone in the military knows perfectly well that military personnel are not allowed to carry since the 1960’s. The shock and outrage about this is phony. Even when there was a threat made on military bases the guards at the gate had the weapon but not the ammo.

  3. This is sickening…Just sickening. What else would anyone expect a marine to be carrying other than a weapon. Seems perfectly normal to me.
    Who is this Brilakis character anyway…??? Is he one of the good ol boys who replaced a good man who said he would not confiscate weapons from Americans…???? I would not be surprised if he was.
    Just when ya thought things couldn’t get any more twisted in this country, along comes yet another group of idiots. Just what we needed.

  4. The idea is to not scare kids in school carrying guns? Really? Is this our military? I do mot think kids feel confident in a military that gets shot up so easily at recruiting offices, they do not want to die.

  5. Who do I contact to volunteer for a rotation, in the Orlando area? Is there a national network established yet?

  6. That’s a good little commissioned douchebag, hang your people out to dry, while you hide in a secured, heavily guarded facility.

  7. I have an idea, instead of “STORE FRONT” recruiting offices, use Post office buildings. When I enlisted in to the U.S. Navy back in 1970, our recruiters were at the post office. I went down there and each military branch had a separate office, this was in Albany, N.Y.

  8. “educators, students and parents might not be “comfortable” seeing armed recruiters.”

    Let me see- some looking into the ARMED forces might be upset by someone carrying ARMS.

    Have I got that right?

  9. “It might offend the sensibilities of mall shoppers” GOOD GRIEF is right. Soldiers are trained in the use of weapons and these retards don’t want them to carry a sidearm. What do you expect them to have…pom-poms? So, the sensibilities of mall shoppers, potential recruits and their parents overshadow the safety of our men & women in uniform. Wait a minute, why is it that the sensibilities of almost anyone is not thought of when it comes to overly armed police on the streets or carrying their sidearm in malls, etc..Definitely something smells rotten in the USA.

  10. it is a dam shame we have military brass , who are just hiding in the wings , not defending their own military men ,. Allowing a President like Bill Clinton make a law that says no military servicemen , are allowed to carry their weapons on base ,,or even off base , all because a President who has no experience about the military , who was impeached by the House of Representatives , make that any military person allowed to protect themselves , it is a disgrace and all the top military just sit there with their hands up their ass and do nothing. Like what happened in Benghazi , when you had Leon Panetta Secretary of Defense , along with General Dempsey Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , said to Congress and the American People both of them , that there were no military forces close enough to help those 4 Americans that died . Well Folks that was all lies , even General Dempsey after Panetta retired , went back before Congress and admitted that there were other forces close to help. Dempsey didn’t even have to come up with what forces were available ,,Congress already had the forces that were close , we had an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean , with planes ready to go , we had Forces in Africa ready to go , but evidently the Stand Down Order nullified anybody from going at all to help . The first time in an American History that a President left 4 -Americans to die , it’s never happened before , but this President Obama Did That , it will stay with him forever , plus all the Democrats in Congress , Hillary Clinton and the State Department is totally responsible , along with the military who didn’t go to help . There were only two Americans who didn’t listen to the Stand Down Order by the Commander in Chief , went and helped over 25 people at the Compound escape , on an airplane out of Libya , thank God for their sacrifice . We need the military Brass at the Pentagon , to step up ,because they have let this country down in the last seven years for not speaking up , they know who they are .

  11. FEMALE INTERVIEWER: So, General Reinwald, what things are you going to teach these young boys when they visit your base?

    GENERAL REINWALD: We’re going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery, and

    FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Shooting! That’s a bit irresponsible, isn’t it?

    GENERAL REINWALD: I don’t see why, they’ll be properly supervised on the rifle range.

    FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Don’t you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children?

    GENERAL REINWALD: I don’t see how. We will be teaching them proper rifle discipline before they even touch a firearm.

    FEMALE INTERVIEWER: But you’re equipping them to become violent killers.

    GENERAL REINWALD: Well, ma’am, you’re equipped to be a prostitute, but you’re not one, are you?

    The radio went silent and the interview ended. You gotta love the Marines!

  12. Hum … Maybe it’s time to stop fighting for the NWO folks. They seem to have a great disdain for, and seem to think they don’t need, the military! You’re their puppets The lawless one (and traitor), and the false prophet, meet in a couple of weeks to discuss the partitioning of Israel, and the division of Jerusalem. it wont be a good time to be the military power behind them, after that!

    After all you’re all just “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” – henry kissinger, As quoted in The Final Days by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in chapter 14. Page 194 in the paperback version (1995).

  13. These Officers are just trying to keep their jobs. They know if they don’t do what the Obama Administration wants them to do they will be gone. One only has to look at how many Generals, Admirals and other Field Grade Officers had to retire or were relieved of their command since Obama took office. They do what he wants or out the door. So when all the dust settles and Obama is gone there will be some major changes in the Military. Even if Hillary or that Independent Idiot from Vermont and Joe Biden were elected they would not have the press factor that a Black President has.

  14. Absolutely preposterously Cowardly of the Pentagon & their Tin Star friggin arm-chair, paper tiger, sociialist enemy-abetting, Yes men to the moslem obama, Oath dishonoring “Generals”….theyre NOT Leaders!

  15. …we were told we are at war….so arm up! Telling the enemy we are unarmed is dishonorable. Fire that pc general! I’d call in sick, quit,…let that sorry ass sit there unarmed.


  16. Wow. If they get partitions then they won’t need obama’s advice to “just close the blinds.” I cannot believe he said that out loud.

  17. I’m a marine veteran. Jade helm false flag! Smoke and mirrors. Wag the dog. Stop falling for the same tricks and get to know there play book. Keep your powder dry.

  18. During my 20 years of service, there were plenty of times I disagreed with the brass. Now, 20 years later, I see the wisdom of this Marine’s policy against putting weapons on recruiters in shopping malls. I trust Major General Brilakis judgment from his 34 years of experience in the Marine Corps.

    1. I disagree I think he has sold out you and your fellow country men. He has decided not to disagree with King Obama because he will lose everything he has worked for, for 34 years. No pension, no benefits, no legacy. Obama will fire and disgrace him like all the others that he had felt threatened by or voiced their oppositions to his socialist policies. Of course this is my opinion and i am exercising it while I still can because you never know, you may not be able to tomorrow by decree from King Obama.

      1. Elias Alias: Are polite dissenting opinions not allowed? My posts often don’t show up.
        ALCON: I suggest everyone read an experienced recruiter’s well-thought-out opinion with relevant facts. You can find it by googling “A Marine veteran offers 13 reasons”

      2. Departing politicians and bureaucrats (high-level military officers are akin to bureaucrats) are rewarded for proper behavior while in office/position by the moneyed interests and corporations via high-paying jobs with outstanding benefits. No promises made thus this scam is legal; those involved know how the game is played.

        Knowing the rewards awaiting, those in office/position follow their master’s desires. And the masters are not We, the People. Part of the immense scam that has allowed tyranny to usurp the Founder’s creation.

    2. The question is, Why aren’t the young men who would approach a recruiting office armed themselves when they come in to sign up? Why isn’t everyone, not just soldiers, armed, as we’re supposed to be?

      The Constitution requires that the citizenry be armed and trained in their respective States. When all free men are armed, we’ll return to the days of yore in which crime was not so much a problem as it is these days. People should be packing heat wherever they go, being always at the ready to serve their community..

      “Weaponless Warriors”? The very idea is a perverse absurdity. Men old enough to go to war for the damned elite should tote their iron right into the recruiters’ office, all the better to show their understanding of their Constitutional duty to protect and serve our great nation as responsible members in the militia who are volunteering to step up their commitment by enlisting in the military. All Americans are to be armed. An unarmed soldier is an insult to America.

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. UH? because INSIDE a recruiter’s office is considered A FEDERAL BUILDING and that walking inside with a firearm carries what? An immediate “10 year in a pound you in the butt prison term”?

  19. So, Now the US Military is being told they have to “HIDE” from the enemy, and aren’t being allowed to protect themselves from a real and valid threat. Who the heck would would want to join such an organization? Good Lord!!!! Traitors in the Leadership ranks.

  20. Does this mean guards at the Pentagon will be removed? Don’t want passersby, or civilians coming to the building, spooked by the armed forces having arms, now, do we?

    1. Absolutely and the administration who is behind all this doesn’t need any armed protection either. Most stupid nation on the planet! HOPE we last until CHANGE?

  21. “Marine Corps Commanding General Mark Brilakis says the decision was made because educators, students and parents might not be “comfortable” seeing armed recruiters. As for when military personnel are in their storefront offices, Brilakis says it might also offend the sensibilities of mall shoppers.”

    I guess the people’s sensibilities might be offended by terrorists beheading our unarmed soldiers too. I guess they have already forgotten the Mall attack in Nairobi Kenya!

    These terrorist bastards are beheading in mass and burning people alive and they are worried about hurting someone’s feelings? How damn stupid do you have to be to be a commanding general? Colonel Sanders had more sense than that!

  22. So sad, , , well then just like banks, armor up with bullet proof plexiglass walls, emergency panic rooms, shatter proof shielding over store front glass, etc maybe some K9 guard dogs, so many solutions, NO GUNS ? OK THEN BREAK OUT THE COMPOUND BOW N ARROWS, TAZERS, PRIVATE ARMED SECURITY, , , ETC

  23. Genocide on a massive scale and obama owns this. Is it really they’re self-serving ideology of the mentally deranged left? Or is it deliberate planning towards their sinister agenda of disarming our entire population, just before obama completes the task he was hired by CFR to do – push us, kicking and screaming, into the new world order of a corporate oligarchy and into a life of obedience and servitude. Like the evil dictators in history, suppression is followed by oppression. Be assured, things are either as bad as we think they are – or worse then we know. God bless the Oath Keepers – keep them safe and free from harm. Amen.

  24. Look … I was in Viet Nam when Nixon ended “arch-lighting” & ordered all firearms to remain unloaded until the order was given to load & then another to fire. WTF? That is the truth. Tell you another “truth,” no one gave a s* & things went along as usual, locked & loaded all the time – loaded anyway! This was an I Corps Marine line company.
    Today? The “battlefield” has changed to our front door, but the stupidity of the “desk-drivers” remain. To them I say, “…go f* yourself & come down here. See what you think you’re talking about.” …bet – no, I know – things would be different.

  25. Pardon my French but piss on those mall shoppers who may be “offended” !!! Im sick of people being “offended” at the drop of a hat . And pee on those gutless military leaders who even think of using dividers instead of weapons !!!

  26. So, our society arms 21-year-old rookie cops who have, at most, four weeks of firearms training at the ridiculous POST courses; yet, will not arm 30-year-old noncommissioned officers who have endured multiple combat tours? The senior leadership of our military our collectively cowards who have traded their moral compass for their stars. Their kowtowing to Obama is sickening.

  27. It’s one thing for Stuart to say OKers will continue to protect our recruiters.
    But the reality is that we simply don’t have the numbers to be affective. It takes about 24 personnel to provide for a long term security detail. Where are these people supposed to come from? I have been spending my own time and money to get a security detail together and have had almost zero response. This is a mission we are unable to accomplish.

  28. Gen. Brilakis knows full well that just because a policy is published does not mean that it will result in a reality on the ground; no wearing of sun glasses by ISAF personnel, can only shoot at equipment (not combatants) with .50s, etc.
    My guess is that a good number of our folks working in recruiting offices are armed with something other than something to hide behind. They might have to face courts martial if they are forced to use a weapon in their defense of their lives or their respective co-workers, but that sure as hell beats the alternative…

  29. It’s a sad statement of who we have become when the public is afraid or offended by a person in uniform, who risks their life to protect them and their freedoms, and who is armed.

  30. I would rather not see unarmed “Marines” laying around dead. What kind of leaders do we have who are afraid to protect those for whom they are responsible. Get some GUTS, generals, and allow these brave soldiers to protect themselves. I am ashamed of you.


  31. Sounds like the Obama mentality is alive and well here! Asking our warriors to hide is like asking the nation to lead from behind! Enough is enough! Are their no General Pattons anymore? We have lots of brave warriors, where are the leader warriors today?

  32. Then let’s take away the armed guards at the Pentagon that protect the General and others and see how safe they feel.

  33. Sooo… How about towing the line for the Obamanites! All of these generals must resign as a matter of integrity. How dare they compromise the lives of our sons and daughters, protectors of our way of life. How can our service members as individuals have the benefits of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness if they cannot defend themselves! How ironic we train them to survive in any environment except at home. Don’t Tread on Me.

  34. He is a paper pusher in uniform. Like the rest of our leadership they don’t have a clue and hope only to collect a pay check and retire.It is time to seriously change the guard of America. There’s not many chances left.

  35. How STUPID CAN YOU GET BULLETS Go Thru partitions
    MARINES DO NOT RUN AND HIDE ./.. Political correctness has gone too far in this country
    My father was part of the Greatest Generation and is rolling in his grave.. what an Insult a Soldiers tool is his weapon
    We Need a Real American President .
    visitors uncomfortable. my Ass

  36. Exactly why I would NOT let my son join the military,! The USA has gone soft and our troops are not allowed to defend even themselves because of a pansy ass biatch in command of the entire system. Why would anyone want their son to go to military service anymore? It’s foolish. You’re fighting a corprate fight for corprate agenda that is masked by patriotism. The politicians could care less how many we lose in battle at home or abroad, that’s been proven most poignantly by the recent recruiting murders and the Benghazi fiasco Clinton let happen without losing a wink of sleep over. Stay home and load up on guns and ammo…….fight for what’s yours at home , screw the fights on foreign solid we don’t belong on. Let the corprate Raiders go there and fight those wars themselves.

  37. But of course this is the “official” policy but if we disarm our recruiters here at home, the “official” policy sends an open invitation to the would be terrorists who are on their way for more mayhem and blood shed. This is from a man who has been in the military long enough to know an unarmed military recruiter in the example of the tragic shooting in Tennessee, this is about the lamest excuse I have ever heard of. We know who set this policy up don’t we? The emasculated one in the White House set this policy, and his wife endorced this policy so it must be OK, right? We know who is head of household don’t we in the White House now, and has been ever since he took office, I didn’t say oath dd I? Perhaps I’m not the only one who remebers that Chief Justice Roberts had to re-swear him in after his first oath swearing in, he blew his oath hoping it wouldn’t be noticed, but of course it was. His first “official” mistake was to think his oath he falsely took wouldn’t be noticed, but his first mistake was to think he could get away with that mistake. But the fact of the matter is, HE IS THE MISTAKE PERIOD. Impeachment is too small a penalty. Conviction after his trial by our now disfunctional Senate isn’t going to happen, my two Senators support his “agreement’ with Iran, there is a word for such types: TRAITORS, every one of them who voted to support his treason should be placed in a regular prison who the General Population, and that would be Justice along with him and his running mate.

  38. Let the assholes in congress live by their own decisions. Until one of them gets shot they will continue their idioticy. Hopefully they will awake before this happens. We need to stand strong and united.

  39. Stunning, but not necessarily surprising. After all, soldiers have only one purpose: to be willing to die for WHATEVER the upper echelon deems appropriate. The Constitution doesn’t count, by the way.

    “…educators, students and parents might not be ‘comfortable’ seeing armed recruiters. As for when military personnel are in their storefront offices, Brilakis says it might also offend the sensibilities of mall shoppers.”

    How utterly nonsensical.

    And then there’s the blatant duplicity of it all, truly revealed in these two previous statements. After all, the ruling elite and their military minions wouldn’t want the brutal reality of war to actually creep into the recruiting conversation/presentation. You know…people DIE, are tormented over a lifetime for their self-described crimes of terrorizing and murdering innocent civilians, and feel guilt once they realize they’ve been a pawn for others’ corporate and political ambitions.

    Thank you to all those in the military services who serve CONSTITUTIONALLY.

  40. Lets see. We make policy regarding women on front lines, homosexual and transsexual soldiers, and so on in the name of Human Rights uber alles; yet the cardinal Human Right of self defense is denied to all. An ATF agent friend of mine explains that the problem with armed soldiers outside combat or training on US soil is that some of our soldiers are “prohibited persons.” This is not *supposed* to be consistent, but it certainly does insult everyone’s intelligence.

  41. So we should take all the guns from police officers too, sure wouldn’t want to offend the shopping public by seeing a scary man in uniform carrying guns…Wake Up! This call is indefensible and we should be in the streets and on the doorstep of Obama’s socialist regime. This is precisely the purpose of our 2nd amendment and the clause, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED “!!! It is time to stop pussyfooting around these pretenders in office and time to start putting our constitution to work again in the manner that it was first prescribed!

  42. Absolutely insane call on the part of the Marine leadership. My respect for the top tier of the Marine Corps has dropped to the bottom of the scale.
    This is as bad as disarming all armed personnel on the base or FOB in a combat zone when one of the royal persons or the supreme leader himself comes to visit. None of these insane elitists care one wit for those serving in uniform, all they want to do is us them as mindless animals and throw them away when they are through with them. Case in point, 300,000 veterans died waiting for their appointments with the VA.

  43. Letter going out to the General:

    Marine Corps Recruiting Command
    Lieutenant General Mark A. Brilakis,
    Commanding General
    Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.
    3280 Russell Road, 2nd Floor Quantico, Va. 22134

    14 September 2015

    Dear General Brilakis,

    Our family has served in the United State military since the American Revolution. I am a veteran, US Army 1969-1970. We are a Gold Star family, D-Day. My youngest son is currently serving in the US Navy, good lord not sure how that happened since our family has always been Army.
    I have been put off by the decision to disarm recruiters because of a sense of unfounded uncomfortableness that may be perceived by potential recruits and their family members.
    In this day and age we are confronted by armed guards in the VA clinics and hospitals along with armed guards in court houses, Social Security Administration offices, park rangers and other government facilities. Our police departments are being equipped with military surplus MRAPS and other gear including military grade weapons. The citizenry is exposed to armed government officials on a regular basis.
    Despite what President Bush has said about fighting them over there the war has come home. Granted in random attacks but none the less we are fighting them here and we need to arm our military personal in the field of battle where ever that may be.
    The second amendment of our constitution is our home land security. All of us need to be vigilant for any attacks that may occur on the home land and in battle fields of foreign lands.
    Please reconsider your decision to disarmed our military recruiters and replace it with a more commonsense approach to their protection.
    God”s blessing to you and your command.

    In Liberty,
    Mark F Janness

  44. This gutless bastard, Gen. Brilikas should be stripped of his rank and kicked out of the Marine Corps. He is not fit to be called soldier, much less a Marine General ! Our forefathers would not believe what a bunch spineless pussies our leaders have become.

  45. Aren’t there any one in Washington with balls? Seems all are pussies eating out of Obama’s hand. This country has gone to hell, can it ever come back A civilian can’t protect themselves. Now they won’t let the military protect themselves. Whats up ? I am so mad that I can’t type. SCbigdogdan

  46. Unarmed Warriors? What an oxymoron! As a civilian I would EXPECT our Warriors to be armed at all times! It makes me uncomfortable now knowing that they are not armed! In the past I have viewed recruiters stations as places of safety in a crisis but now I know that was never the case. I find his logic and reasoning faulty in the extreme.

  47. If guns are so bad that even the military shouldn’t have them, then lets start with all the security guards around the White House etc.. they may scare some poor kids just wanting to see the President.

  48. As long as they are disarmed while in-country, they can’t defend the people, or the Constitution! That’s the plan man!

  49. the brasses should be made to sit at recruiting stations once a month and not be able to hide behind the walls of the pentagon, while ordering their recruiters to assume the position of ‘targets’…..Lead from the front..especially the USMC Commandant…..imho ….Semper Fi

  50. LETS INVESTIGATE: Pentagon, armed guards everywhere. Military bases, armed guards at every gate. Military recruting offices no one armed. No guns allowed. Ok, what did I miss??? There must be something. Oh I get it,recruting offices do not require protection because they do not count. I thought ALL LIVES COUNT. What brand of nit wits are running the pentagon?

  51. Is this Obama’s brilliant economic plan for our Brothers and Sisters in Arms? Gosh, just think of all the money we could save in defense spending if we don’t provide them with the means to defend themselves domestically. Think of the savings from not sending personnel and equipment overseas to be to killed, maimed, and destroyed when we can allow it right here at home and call it work place violence! Burn in hell Obama.

  52. Who’s the weasle that made THAT judgement? WHY are we not calling him / her out on this issue? WHY are we still sitting here, ALLOWING this to occur? WHY are we not taking senate Oversight action to correct this moron’s orders? WHY is General Brilakis NOT acting like a U.S. Marine and taking charge of this matter instead of posing for photos with a stupid-assed grin on his face?

  53. When I left the military I did not leave the skills they taught me behind so it follows I am still a GI. What is the problem with concealed carry or a weapon ready and handy just out of sight ????
    Obama needs to go away. Build his presidential library in a landfill. I have always tried to be both respectful and obedient to the Commander and Chief just because of the title. I did not always agree but I still respected the title and office. Obama sure turned that around

    1. I’m sorry, but we were trained to use arms not carry them indescriminatel as if the soldier was a citizen with second amendment rights. We were under orders. Officers had to obtain their own side arms. The only time I ever slept with my issued rifle was during combat training or combat operations, and only with an M-60 a couple of times. The greatest FUBAR for me was the relocation canp at Fort Chaffee during the Cuban Boatlift around the late 70’s where both regulars and Guard forces were required to be unarmed except for 48″ long riot sticks and face guards. Unfortunately, some nervious folks at Barling, a half mile or so from the enclisures kept lobbing in HP rifle rounds injuring Cubans and endangering unarmed troops. If families of perspective recruits are intimidated by soldiers who are armed and ready to take on our enemies foreign and domestic, perhaps we do not want those recruits, as they might hesitate when lives depend on them. There is an inherant fear of mutiny and assassination that goes with hoards of men with loaded weapons 24/7. As a private, I had the good fortune of transporting the company armory, sans bolts for our adjutant company and later HHD.

  54. He doesn’t want people to feel uncomfortable? That’s not the feeling you get while being fired upon while disarmed. The liberals have driven anyone with guts out of the Pentagon. Another case of Liberal Confused Fantasy/Reality Syndrome

  55. Being a 28 year U. S. Army SURVIVOR I can hardly believe the STUPIDITY of our leaders!
    Of course that falls in line with the Muslim President we currently have in the White House who wants any and all who disagree with his desire to CHANGE the U, S, of A, into a third world country ! ! ! Disgraceful ! ! !

    1. Thank you for your service, Moe. I absolutely agree with everything in your post. The USofA needs to be changed back to the country we were before this potus, and a few before him, began eating away at our foundation. Unfortunately, with republicans being as bad as democrats, there are few respectable, honest presidential candidates to choose from. There will be a lot riding on the 2016 elections. All I can do is pray for our country and place myself at the disposal of those patriots willing to fight to bring her (USA) back.

  56. As a former Marine veteran, I never thought I’d be embarrassed by a USMC General’s comments, but this guy is embarrassing.
    It’s certainly not What Chesty would do or say ???

  57. Brilakis is the most vile type of traitor, one who is willing to betray his own men in order to serve the communist traitor, Obama. Like Obama, he deserves to be tried for treason, convicted and suffer the fate of traitors throughout the ages. All of his medals should be ripped off of his jacket and shoved down his throat.

    1. If ONLY that would happen and our country could be rid of the traitor that continues to weaken our military any way he can. But what is absolutely appalling is that any top brass would succumb to his dictates when they know the consequences of such a rule.
      I’ve never heard of such a stupid reason in all my life that armed recruiters will make educators, students and parents uncomfortable being around them. What absolute rubbish, and the fact that they’d have that mind set is evidence of them being unfit for the job that they hold. I wish somebody had asked them when they made such a statement…..well what about the same civilians being in the presence of armed LEO, on a daily basis in some situations, whenever such occasions call for it?
      I’m still shaking my head in disbelief…..I don’t think even a lunatic would make such a ridiculous statement to justify disarming recruiters.

  58. Some Marine! Chesty Puller and John Basilone he ain’t. Just another PC Obama bureaucrat and disgrace to the corps.

  59. Obama has & is Militarizing our state & local police forces with weapons, used tanks, humvees etc. , Yet Wont Allow our Military Recruiters to be armed! What Twisted, sick, Military Generals can even support this? While he is allowing 1000′ illegals to cross our borders and 1000’s Refugees, Asylum seekers and Migrants into our country which they never will vet nor can they & we give them all the free benefits that a citizen can never get. Our whole country is at RISK AND OUR MILITARY DEFINITELY SHOULD BE ARMED WHEREVER THEY COULD BE VULNERABLE , EX RECRUITERS. MAYBE TRY PUTTING FED GOVT EMPLOYEES THAT SIT ON ASS ALL DAY, PUT IN A MILITARY SHIRT, LET THEM SIT BEHIND THESE RECRUITING DESKS WITH NO PROTECTION AT ALL OATH KEEPERS, I PRAISE & SUPPORT YOU.

  60. Hmmm… The last time I checked, Recruiters were still instructed to wear unbloused (camo of the day) fatigues.

    I could carry an MP5 on my belt under a BDU/ACU top.

    Concealed is concealed. Surviving an assault and losing your pension is better than dying.

    Discression is the better part of valor… it allows you to be effective when lives are on the line.

  61. Our military has one purpose. That is when diplomacy fails, we are deployed to be the meanest, basest SOBs in the theater of battle, charge with making one helluva mess of our enemy. After we are finished, then politicians can return to the table of diplomacy and clean up what is left.

    We are the point of the spear when negotiations fail. If Teachers, parents and students have some other illusion of the military, then side arms would certainly help to clear up any confusion.

    The General has become an Obamaphile politician, who has lost sight of his responsibility to lead THE MARINE CORPS!

  62. Uncomfortable : As a little boy I never felt uncomfortable watching for hours, The Lone Ranger, Gene Autry, and Hop a long Cassity ! Even the very young could tell the good guys from the Bad. Maybe it’s time for our entire Armed Forces be un-armed.

  63. The brasses areally asses! I like that! I seriously believe that these people whom come up with ideas such as having the recruiters hide behind partitions are sold out whores! They don’t have enough testosterone for one man, let alone a bunch of them! To hell with these traitors. And that’s exactly how they’ll be treated to, like traitors!

  64. Another stupid decision by policy makers in Washington. I would feel much safer in a Mall knowing that armed Service Men were near by.

  65. Stupid is too kind. Let the general sit in the recruiters office unarmed and see how long he stays there. What part of his oath does he not understand? God help us.

  66. This so called Commanding General, can’t be a Marine! Marines don’t hide, we are trained to fight! This Commanding General should check between his legs [Several colorful words deleted by Elias Alias, editor. Semper Fi, Bro! Sorry about the deletion. Salute!
    Elias Alias, editor]


  68. I’m stunned. I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or cry. It could very well be that I’m disgusted to the point of getting sick.

    So this is how the brass feels about the very men that they appoint to recruit civilians? They aren’t worth it?

    They’re Marines and by God Marines are not toy soldiers to stand up in the back yard and plink at with a BB gun.

    This medal covered General is a disgrace to the Corps and has no right to dictate policy that governs any service member especially when it comes to the right to defend themselves.

    What would Chesty Puller have to say were he alive today?

    WinterHope is correct, To Hell with these traitors.

  69. I was taught to LOVE my country…spent 4 years in the Marine Corps…1 yr in Vietnam… Good men with guns are NOT a PROBLEM… are we to next disarm the Police??? Surely the military people should be allowed to protect themselves!!! I am so ashamed of the current government, and the leaders of the military… I recently urged a young patriotic relative to NOT ENLIST in the military… because this government does NOT CARE about the soldiers… just look at how the VA is working… This is tearing my heart out, because I continue to love our Republic… The president I refer to as the Lyin’ King Obamination because everything he says is a LIE… I continue to honor my OATH to Preserve and Defend the Constitution…the future of our nation is depending on it. God Bless the OathKeepers.

  70. I commanded the NYC recruiting battalion some years ago. all my guys and their stations had guns…those units in the south mostly did not carry as the patriotic fervor there was very supportive of the military. I was shocked to see such an incident in the Volinteer state

  71. My brother jointed the Marines right after Pearl Harbor. People were a lot different then. Heck next they will want to disarm the police force!!!!!!!

  72. Just when I thought that I heard it all along comes as lame a statement as I have ever heard. From a USMC General to boot. Hey folks, natures #1 Rule: Defend yourself.

  73. In Benghazi the ambassador and staff were given a fortified closet. Hey if the generals wrong “no harm, no foul.” He can always retire with full benefits.

  74. Without a doubt the Pentagon and it’s Generals have been browbeaten down to the level of sheepple. I am embarrassed by their actions as a 25 year veteran. It appears that it is time for a change to a Guard that has a backbone to protect all their personnel. Mull over the fact that they are unable to make a decision that will arm their personnel. These are people who are trained by the services in the profession of arms and are competent in their use. To say that parents of recruits will be affected by “armed recruiters” is, I believe, totally disengenuious. If this is the only concern ask the public about how they feel and then make an informed decision based on their responses. God Bless America.

    1. I as a Nam vet and ten plus years U S Military Service to the Country I Be lived to be the Best Country in the World It Has been Going to hell in a Hand Basket At a Alarming Rate it Really started When the 1963 Murder of J F K. and from there on Each No Backbone yellow Bellied President since Became Traders to the Governed we the people where the Representative,s Has Only Ben Representing There Greedy Selves.and Stealing our Bank Accounts as well as our Property Without Just Compensation Using Color of Law Rather then the True Law of the Land witch is the Constitution.The Only Lawful Law is the Constitution.Statues Ordinances Rules Requirements on we the People are All Color of Law and are Not Withstanding .See Article6 section 1 Clause 2.So therefor you reps you Senators and the rest of the Alphabet soup La bled Corrupted and So Called President Appointed Goons that Uphold Unconstitutional Color of law Are no more then Agents Of Foreign U N Non American Law. Abiding Scum Need to Get the Hell out of America and C rowel Back into the Black Hole You Came out of.

    2. Trump is RIGHT…enough of this political correctness crap! We’re going to put our military’s lives in danger “so as not to make visitors uncomfortable.” If these “visitors” feel uncomfortable around guns, they have no business in a military recruiting office!!! What do they think they are going to do in the military…learn how to knit?

    3. You are forgetting the over 300 officers who were early retired or fires for failing Obama’s litmus test…
      The ones left are bought…

  75. this sounds like the present a ministration undermining this nation and every way possible. We still must stand strong Angol the recruiters as best as we can and where allowable by the local towns to have the police themselves staying God and even possibly the national God. Let us not grow tired of protecting those who protect us.

  76. only the spineless are promoted this day and age,I can imagine what “Chesty ” would say,or Patton,or numerous others,this idiot is a disgrace to the Marine Corps and it’s traditions,I guess it is a new touchy feely corps.I spent 4,and my son is doing 4,and he and all of his friends can’t wait to get out because it is so out of touch with reality.


  78. Just another example of this administrations attempt to show the world how weak we are as a nation. In my humble opinion I think we should throw the whole bunch of them out.

  79. Do not forget the Obama Litmus test that got rid of all officers who were supportive of the Constitution…

  80. This is not true. I was recently at a military facility in Ohio where training was going on for military recruiters in the use of some types of hand guns. Spoke with one of the trainers and he said there are definitely plans in place to arm people at military recruitment sites.

  81. Where is the petition to have this general relieved from command?
    I want to sign it and will take it door to door if necessary.

  82. Then lets do away with the Secret Service and have our elected officials hide behind patricians. Well save a lot of money and the bad ones just might get weeded out.

  83. What a crock of BS! First of all partitions will not stop a bullet and second, Marines do not hide. This General is probably one of Obama’s shower mates!

  84. I am ashamed of this so-called Marine Corp. “General”…how the hell he got to where he is now is beyond me and my bretheren. But I can make one guess how this scum sucking puke got those stars….and it wasn’t combat – it was ass kissing and being a “policy” whore.

  85. I recall that during the late 60s USAF personnel were prohihbited from having firearms in EM billits. Officers and family housing no such prohibition. Yet, weapons were kept by EM, often in very sophisticated ways. No one who owned a weapon was far from it. One time, I forgot to put one of mine, a .22LR
    revolver, in its safe place before inspection and I was on the carpet before the CO. I was also a well respected and well known shooter with an off base rifle and revolver club at age 22, so my weapon was returned and I gave my word to send it home. Which I did, leaving me with a .380 ACP and .44 mag hog leg still at hand. One of our squadrons had more long guns on site than it did residents. Yet, when serving in the military EMs have no second amendment rights but many exercise them clandestinly. I think the Brits have it right with dressy armed guards that give three demensions to a recruiting poster op. They supply a safety factor and draw interest for recruiting. Where are these generals coming from? From down the rabbit hole?

  86. The reason why they are doing this is by design. This is the attempt by the corrupt and treasonous dictator who have in office to supersede the constitution and to taint the American society with people that have no loyalties our country. They will be the ones that create a divide in this country and soon a civil war. It is up to us, the ones that defended this country, that swore an oath to the constitution, to defend out great nation against this cancer that has infiltrated our ranks. I am an American Patriot.

  87. So what happens, when some parents and children are killed by the next armed gunman…………as they hide behind the partitions with the recruiters?

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