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Oath Keepers Saddle Up For Midnight Ride

Oath Keepers Saddle Up For Midnight Ride

MIDNIGHT RIDE_1sheet_2014

An open letter from your friendly editor —

The American national consciousness has been a bit tense lately, wouldn’t we all agree? It seems that at least some one thing or another is bothering every citizen from sea to shining sea. That is why I worded the title of this open letter the way I did. It got you to open this article, did it not? 😉

Oath Keepers has had an influx of new members in recent months, For our newer members who may not have seen previous updates about a movie project Oath Keepers is involved in, allow me to welcome you aboard and also fill you in about a movie named Midnight Ride.

James Jaeger is our film-making friend who works at Matrix Entertainment in Pennsylvania.  He has produced a series of very classy documentaries packed with nationally-known names such as Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Mack, etc etc. The documentaries are based on Constitutional issues, and the most recent film, MOLON LABE, (online for free viewing here) dealt with the Second Amendment. It is a classic, highly recommended for all Oath Keepers. But James is almost finished with the next one, and that one is what this letter is about.

The next one out of the chute at Matrix Entertainment is “MIDNIGHT RIDE”,  a harkback to Paul Revere’s “midnight ride” of April 18, 1775. See our first announcement from back in November, 2014. Inspired by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.’s book “By Tyranny Out Of Necessity: The Bastardy Of Martial Law“, Midnight Ride shouts out to the American public the four types of “Martial Law”, as a warning and also as a study into the Constitutionality or un-Constitutionality of each type.  Oath Keepers notice the blatant militarization of our police forces as well as the pre-positioning of battle-field heavy military equipment all over the country. Add to those realizations the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has erected a network of Fusion Centers across the land as a command and control communications net,  and it’s not far-fetched to realize that the infrastructure for a police state which could function under military “Martial Law”, or, worse, under “Martial Governance”.  Midnight Ride the movie looks at all that, but also gives viewers as well strong insights into our rightful Constitutional remedy. I think this will be the most powerful film James Jaeger has made to date.

The great news is that the movie is almost finished — just a few weeks remaining as James fine-tunes the final cut. I spoke with James this weekend, and he told me that Oath Keepers and our Ten Orders will be nicely interspersed throughout the movie, beginning right at the opening credits. Here are the first couple of minutes —

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]


I want to thank, on behalf of James Jaeger and the entire staff and cast of the film, each Oath Keeper who contributed toward the completion of this film. James has produced all of his Constitutional series of documentaries by raising the budget fulfillment through contributions from the public. I have helped by promoting the production with articles such as this one, in which I let our members know how they can help. And now I want to let our newer members know how they can get their name into the end credits, or even the opening credits, of this documentary film.  People who send in a hundred dollars or more can have their names entered in the End Credits. Your website can be listed in Capital Letters in the end credits for a gift of three hundred dollars or more.  (Contributors who wish to remain anonymous should let James know when sending in your payments.) Here is a listing of how that works. Note that the Presentation credit and Producer credit are both already taken. There are available Executive Producer and Associate Producer credits for the opening of the film, as seen above. Hit the link below to see all details.

Presentation, Main – 0
Producer, Main – 0
Executive Producer, Main – 1 (10,000.00)
Associate Producer, Main – 2 (5,000.00)
Executive Producer, Tail – 4 (1,000.00)
Associate Producer, Tail – 4 (500.00)
Your Website URL in Tail credits – unlimited (300.00)
Production Associate, Tail – unlimited (250.00)
Production Assistant, Tail – unlimited (100.00)

For details and to donate see

So everyone who wants to get into the credits, either opening creds or end creds, you’ve got about a week to have your contributions in to James. You may see the current listing of end credits on the movie’s official trailer, here —

Official website for Midnight Ride is here:

Why James wants to continue to raise money is because we need a post-production marketing budget to spread the movie around to the pubic. All contributions are appreciated!

Oath Keepers is very proud to be associated with this documentary film. Members can continue to help us with this project by sending the movie’s website to friends, and by purchasing a copy of the film when it comes out next month (October, 2015).  As I’ve said often before, supporting this film, in both its production and its distribution out to the nation at large, is some of the finest RT&I work any Oath Keeper can do. And believe me, your efforts are sincerely appreciated. Thank You!

I’ll close this letter with a sample clip James sent me. This only goes to show how magical a good make-up artist can be. I ain’t looked this good in years, lol!
[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]


Elias Alias, editor


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. I will announce the date of the premiere for Midnight Ride in about a couple of weeks. James is working well and we think that the movie will be out in about three weeks or less. Thanks again to all who have helped get this important documentary made. Y’all are awesome!
    Elias Alias, editor

    1. Elias, you (and the rest of the Oathkeepers) are my (should read: all of our) heroes, keep up the good work!

      Salute to you all!
      Robin, (John Q. Public, Citizen At Large)

  2. Hooray for Oath Keepers. Tyranny is enveloping the USA. One of many aspects is the unholy alliance between big government and big business. How long until our masters are corporate entities backed by the fearsome firepower of government.

    The handy “sharing” part of YouTube assists in spreading the word to others about the perils facing We, the People.

  3. Ah Hell….Ya look just fine Mr. Alias. Good job and keep up the good work. I cant wait to get a copy to show to everyone I know. Or better yet….Get them to buy it themselves.


  4. Excellent work, as always, by the Jaeger crew, OK’s & all involved. Will definitely hit a home run on this one, can’t wait to see it.

    1. Good praise for a good man. You should be proud. SALUTE….!!!!!
      Not trying to steal your thunder but you certainly deserve a salute.

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