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Oath Keeper Testimonials



Testimonial: I just spent a week in Lincoln, MT providing security at the White Hope Mine. I had some serious reservations about working with OK. I spent over 22 years carrying a gun for the US Govt. Military, Federal LEO, and contractor for security and as an interrogator. I was nothing short of impressed by the entire OK organization. I am very proud to have taken part in Operation Big Sky. It was frankly one of the most satisfying missions of my entire life. I will certainly be back to visit with George Kornec and I will take part in every OK mission that I can in the future. The OK organization IS saving America.


Mike McLeod:

Testimonial: United States Marine Corps 1966 – 1972 / 1973 – 1976 IRR
Corporal E-4 Military Police 29 Palms California
Vietnam 1968 I Corps Injured in mortar attack Camp Booker preparing for Operation Mead River and made my good buddy the Corpsman not to turn in a receipt of injury just to get a Purple Heart. Hell I could still move and shoot and fight. Purple Hearts are for those injured beyond battle and cannot fight.

As a former LEO I was honored to sit in a meeting in Sarasota, Florida and hear Sheriff Mack speak. What an enlightening experience and pleasure.

I currently have a Close Quarters Combat Firearm Training group called Unit Seven. We train for self-defense against all evil and we uphold the Oath I took as a Marine and LEO.

I will be joining the Oath Keepers soon and looking forward to becoming an Oath Keeper.

I am proud of seeing the Oath Keepers standing up for Cities and Land Owners! Keep it up…..



David Smith:

Testimonial: Hello my name is David Smith. I am a paramedic from Silver Creek Mississippi. I joined the Mississippi national guard in 1982 and stayed off and on for several years. I went to paramedic school in 1991 and have been one since then.

I am a strong believer in the constitution and see that it is being trampled on. I am now proud to be a part of a group that wants to defend it. I will do  everything in my power to help. Thank you for letting me be a part.


wendell lowery:

Testimonial: I gave my oath in 1971 served in the Army for 2 years then joined the National Guard and served 3 years.The greatest oath I took was in 1976 when I ask Jesus Christ into my life.I am from the old school.



Testimonial: I hereby testify that I swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and, by God, that is exactly where I, disabled and homeless, stand Today. Even before my oath to my Mother Earth and all my Brothers and Sisters, I have been Against all tyranny … Especially Domestic.

I do now solemnly swear to Continue in such vigilance come Hell or High Water and am more proud of my oath than ever before. I hereby pledge my allegiance, as God is my witness, to faithfully execute, with any and all means at my disposal, the sanctity that is our Freedom. Whether chosen to be ‘vetted’ or not, I will comply with Oathkeeper’s sane and just principles, fighting the legions of evil that would enslave us all, to the death.

I will not give up, over, out or in… I’ve become too damned good at taking it on the chin. We Will maintain our dignity and peace will be ours. I have no arms to take up, yet have each and every one’s ‘6’ to the bitter end. Amen and Godspeed.


Air Force Intell

Joe Brodioi:

I am a 2nd generation American and very proud not to be “hyphenated.” My grandparents came from an area near the French/Belgium border to America in March of 1909. They were poor and suffered many hardships on the trip from Liverpool to New York on the Lusitania as 3rd class passengers. I remember hearing them describe their feeling as they entered the harbor and saw the Statue of Liberty standing tall in the early light. I have never seen the names there but theirs are listed. Their language became English, broken as it was, because of the pride they had in being Americans! Where is that spirit now?

My relatives have served from North Africa with Patton, with the 101st at Bastogne, and through Pacific landings in the Solomon’s. I am an USAFSS veteran (1964-1968). I was trained as an Arabic linguist and served proudly during the 1967 Mid-East War where my unit received the Presidential Unit Citation Award for our efforts.

What have we gained? Our nation is in shambles due to weak leadership in all branches of government. I have witnessed just in my lifetime Americas great descent into mediocrity. Our beloved Constitution, to which we swore our oath, has been tossed aside like a piece of useless trash!

Sadly, with all the issues against America I see little hope for her other than to be taken back by force. I see this happening not because a forcible take back is wanted – but because there is no other option.  I’m sure immigrants who came here during the last 150 years would be appalled at what is going on now. A country that was built on Biblical rule has all but kicked God out! How long will he allow us to exist? I can’t speak for Him but I fear not for much longer. History is a good teacher so I hope the powers in our now secular government will soon review the past.

Yes, I am a patriot and I say “Not on ‘MY’ watch!” That’s why I am proud to be an OK! Thank you Mr. Rhodes for having the foresight to form OK and maybe sometime after my generation is gone God Will Bless America (Again)!



Michael Hawley:

Testimonial: I was privileged to be able to serve our country in the military (USAF) both as an enlisted man and then as an Officer.I also spent a couple of decades as a police officer, and again, that was an honor and privilege. None of it was easy, nor was it always enjoyable. But it was necessary. I heard the calls and I answered them.

Our country was founded upon solid and immutable principles. The framers of the Constitution were wise and blessed with foresight. They had already seen what a tyrannical and overreaching government could and would do if allowed. We are now at a crossroads where we either stand together for what we have sworn to uphold, defend and protect, or we surrender to those who seek to dismantle what has been fought for, what people have died for. When I see our flag flying proudly, when I hear our National Anthem, I am encouraged and confident. I am humbled and grateful to be able to be one of the recent members of Oath Keepers. The oaths I took are solid, sacred and have no expiration date. It is a privilege to once again serve.


Donnie Hopkins :

Testimonial: Took the oath in 1967. It meant a lot then and means a lot now. Would change some things about my life but certainly not my military service. Not afraid to say that what’s going in the country today is very alarming. They say if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Looking for an organization to trust and stand with other patriots, thinking Oath Keepers is the place.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. It is disgusting to see the direction your potus is taking my country,I’m not a rich man, but I’m an American,first and foremost.I swear by Jesus and all I believe in,that I will lay down my life fighting against tyrany or any person or official, that trays to disrupt or destroy my constitution as our forefathers intended. That is my right as an American citizen, I do so solemnly swear. God bless America!

    1. Chris, I feel you anger and disgust. Use it to our advantage and be calm with a purpose. All of us together will not give in to tyranny or to unjust laws coming from POTUS or SCOTUS! This is our country and we will never give her up to anyone, foreign or domestic.

      Mike McLeod

  2. I now am a proud member of Oath Keepers! I will join in the effort to communicate with people how important it is to stand up for our Constitution and fight against tyranny. The American Citizens need people like us the Oath Keepers to aid against unjust laws I see the collapse of our economy coming, when I don’t know, but it is not to far off. I keep hearing and listening to people that are in the know and have become Whistle Blowers and if they are correct, Marshall Law and Gun Confiscation is not to far off either. I am an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and my Team trains at the Open Air Gun Range every two weeks. Our main focus of training is “Close Quarters Combat with a Firearm”, Moving and shooting, multiple targets. Above all safety at all times…… Mike McLeod

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