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Oath Keeper Testimonials

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Robert Newton:

Testimonial: Greetings, I was a member of the Army National Guard from 1964 to 1970. Specifically, 163rd Armored Cavalry out of Helena, Mt. Attained the rank of Sgt E-5 and was honorably discharged. The training in that unit was below par in those days and I was determined to get into a regular Army unit even if I had to go awol in the event we were called up. Why did I join the guards in the first place? A friend told me what a good deal it was. A good deal it was not. In view of the above, I do not feel qualified to be an Oath Keeper. I have taught myself the many aspects of self defense and so on, but even with that I feel I am still not qualified. However, I am staunch pro-gun and do not support what is happening to America in any way. I am not politically correct nor do I fall victim to the newspeak and brainwashing that is going on these days. Old school you might call me. Bottom line is I support Oath Keepers 100% and will make a cocerted effort to put the word out about the work Oath Keepers do.


Woods Wolfspeaker:

Testimonial: I served in the US Navy 1969-1971. I was on a heavy cruiser USS St.Paul CA 73. I was a cook except I was on 5 inch 58 twin gun mounts when on the firing line off the coast of Viet Nam. We were support for the infantry in the jungle. We sent up star clusters to light up the night blackness, so our boys could see the enemy.  We did this mostly in Da Nang Harbor all night. We went up and down the coast of Nam sending in 8 inch and 5 inch shells in support of the troops inland. I was there for 6 Months. I was discharged in 1971 with an Honorable Discharge. I held the rank of E4, third class petty officer.

I believe in the oath I took to defend the US Constitution, and believe in it to this day. I never unswore that oath. I believe in our Rights as set down in the Constitution. I fear our Rights our being systematically discarded. I fear the future of our great country.


Gary Parkhill:

Testimonial: I want to say that I wanted to sign with the Marines, hoping to become a sniper. I grew up in a hunting and gun friendly family. I was only 17 when I graduated high school and being an only child, my parents would not sign the papers for me. I went to college and was like most, party all the time and never did my “duty”. My father is a WWII Navy veteran, 89 years old, whom my wife and I take care of. Dad and I go to the local VA here for different appointments for his health and have made several friends there.

I have always regretted that I did not serve, and when I saw and heard about the “Oath Keepers” org., I thought, I want to be a part of this organization. I joined as a Liberty Tree Assoc. and am awaiting my certificate. I love our country and now feel that I can stand tall and proud to be a part of defending this great country if need be,,,thank you ! I promise to do my very best and give 110%!


Bob B. FL:

Testimonial: I am a Viet Nam Veteran (1971-1972) and former Law  Enforcement Officer with 12 years behind the badge. My AFSC in the Air Force was Security Forces. I currently work in the legal field and have for the past 24 years.

I have taken the Oath and swore to defend the Constitution at least 3 times and
never believed that it ended with my service or the termination of my employment. I firmly believe that our country is in trouble and at some point will need people like myself to help lead the masses out of trouble and maintain the rights guaranteed by our Constitution and defend the Constitution itself.


Richard Keeney:

Testimonial: My friends call me RJ. I f irst took my Oath of enlistment in April 1961, when I joined the Marines on the delayed entry program. I was 17 & a kid who did not have to serve, having a childhood history of RA, I had to join with a ‘Y’ remedial Defect (if I couldn’t hack Boot Camp I was gone).

I came from a family however that service to country was a privilege, for the Keeney’s since arriving from N. Ireland in the 17th Century and the Manczuk side since coming from Polish Galatia in the late 19th Century.

I served in Vietnam in 1964 with HMM-364 as a Helicopter Gunner/1st Mech. (later dubbed the Purple Foxes) we were a Marine Helicopter Unit flying out of Da Nang during ‘Operation Shu-Fly’ we supported Special Operations in I Corps as well as trained VNAF in Helicopter Ops. I was Honorably Discharged from the Marines in 65 after 4 years Active Duty.

Mmy second time of taking the Oath was with the Independence Police Dept. where I served 1966-68. In 1968 I entered the Air Force Reserve, Air Reserve Technician Program. My 3rd time taking the Oath as both Civil Service ART-64B Aircraft Maintenance & Air Force Reserve NCO.

In 1973 I went to work for the AT&SF Railroad that eventually Merged into the BNSF Railway (staying in the Reserves). I was a Railroader for 30+ years retiring as the Lead Machinist/Planner at the KC-LMIT, K.C, KS. BNSF Railway, I also retired from the Air Force Reserve Security Forces as a NCO in 1985. (4-5-6 time of taking the Oath).

In 2006 after fully retiring, I volunteered as a Kansas National Guard Scout working out of the Joint Operations Center JFHQ Topeka Kansas. I’m now with American Legion Honor Guard, Post 153 Olathe Ks. At each Legion Meeting I take the Preamble Oath again reaffirming my Commitment. As you can see am a life long ‘Oath Keeper’

I really do not understand the other viewpoint, how anyone can call themselves Americans without being a OATHKEEPER.

Semper Fi





Testimonial: I believe that my Oath makes me responsible for holding up our most sacred of rights. I am NOT anti-government. I am NOT anti-police. I do NOT want to see a civil war, race war, or any kind of war in the USA.

But this is the United States of by-God America, and we are floundering. We aresuffering. The “nuclear family” is no longer a norm. Being God fearing is now something to be ashamed of. Being self-reliant is now “right wing extremism” whereas relying on government aid is a lifestyle. It is my job to stand up and speak, and when needed, take action.

When I joined the US Army at 17, the Cold War was still in full swing, although “the wall” was to come down shortly after that. I joined imagining that our next war would be against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. I knew deep in my bones that I must join combat arms to protect our freedoms.

Here I am at 45. Instead of Europe, I fought in Iraq. And I still know deep in my bones that I must protect our freedoms. Because a large part of the threat is from within, NOT without.

Many people out there would have you believe all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories. You have to decide if they are true. I am ready to defend my right to speak, assemble, bear arms, etc. I am ready to defend YOUR right to do so. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, I will NOT fire a shot in anger against any perceived slight or miscarriage of justice. Our responses to government oppression must remain peaceful and measured until there is NO OTHER CHOICE BUT DEADLY FORCE. Let us pray to Almighty God that it never happens.

If we stand up for ourselves and our neighbors NOW, and not tomorrow, we will NEVER have to fire a shot in anger. We will NEVER have to fire a shot in anger at anyone. We will NEVER have to know the horror of war that many of us combat veterans know here in our own country.

That should be the point, should it not? If you disagree, I respectfully submit you are in the wrong place.

The Reverend Biker


Tom Jones:




Testimonial: My service was hard, very cold, wet, sandy, loud, very hot, very stressful, very dangerous, such a waist of time if not for my brothers next to me, it was all a lost cause. I didn’t fight for freedom or to free a country. I fought for money, power, an cowards who want more of both. My brothers that fell and those still standing didn’t change anything. Its all a catch 22 its an un-solvable equation. There are way too many cultures trying to decide what is right for Americans. As the old fall away, the new will build today, and laws will change again, and again and again, all claiming for the best interest of people. ( their kind of people with their beliefs.) I will protect my family, my property and my brothers. for example.. Tribes in the old days used to fight each other in order to prevent change, change of beliefs, change of power, change of culture, etc..these where the old people in the tribes trying to keep what they started notably its religion, but the young wanted to see change, something different, something hip, cool, ya k0nw. but they were made to fight next to the older warriors, only with preservation of family (love) at stake not beliefs, for in those times the losers all die.. but the right for them to live and their family lives that’s why the young fought and those without power or money joined and fought ,.. it hasn’t changed here in America, its the same, They choose to fight for a pay check. a very low pay check, why, because we love of family and want to protect them and provide for them. anyway. that’s it..



Testimonial: I am a United States Marine, 100% disabled. I took an oath to defend my country from ALL enemies… ALL and I will, with every ounce of energy and until my last breath. I know I am not alone in my feelings of responsibility to protect those who can not protect themselves and I hope that we can rise up and stop the tyranny as one large group before this great Country is defeated from within.


Shorty Dawkins