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Immigrant Who Found Refuge in U.S. from Mugabe Terror Disparages Oath Keepers

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Coming soon, to a continent near you: Zimbabwean social justice administrators convince an anti-government extremist of the errors of his ways.

Smearing “white gun nuts” in general and Oath Keepers in particular, Charles Mudede manages to fabricate all kinds of falsehoods while covering for his own ignorance and hypocrisy in a Friday hit piece being passed off as informed commentary on The Stranger blog.

In typical “progressive” Opposite Day fashion, Mudede presents a group with the purpose of honoring its oath to the Constitution, and to rule of law – as opposed to rule of men — as “anti-government.”  As for being a “militia,” we addressed that the last time a lying leftist bore false witness against Oath Keepers by citing editor Elias Alias:

The reason Oath Keepers is not a Militia is simple — among other considerations, we do not have a command structure, do not assign Militia rank designations or titles, and we are not a division of any State Militia Office, since to the best of my knowledge those no longer exist in modern America. Oath Keepers loves the name “Militia”, but Oath Keepers is not a Militia. We would, however, love to see every State have its Office of the Militia, for we do honor out Oath to the Constitution which requires the Militia. Why else would the SPLC and DHS hate our guts, eh?

“But what the white conservatives of today forget … is that when the Black Panther Party … brazenly open carried to protect themselves and their community, it was none other than Ronald Reagan (the GOD of the GOP) who as governor of California not only signed a bill against open carrying (Mulford Act) but justified his position in the same language that the left of our times use against the NRA,” Mudede assures his readers.

How wonderful for him that he’s just getting around to informing himself — and them — of this.  How telling that he just presumes this isn’t something many of us have been pointing out for years. Case in point, on the occasion of Reagan’s death, I conducted a poll citing his anti-gun actions, but concealed who I was talking about. The results:

[T]he nearly 80% of you who voted based solely on his actions deemed them “traitorous,” and the vast majority of the balance deemed them “misguided.”

Just because Mudede is unaware of things doesn’t mean anyone else has forgotten anything.

So what do we know about this character, other than the fact that his biases are showing and he’s guilty of journalistic malpractice?

He’s an in-your-face “socialist.”

This is where I generally invite Gomer to comment.

Rather than organizing and taking up arms to fight oppression  by the government of fellow collectivist Robert Mugabe in his native Zimbabwe, Mudede found it a lot easier (and safer) to abandon his country and bring his “values” to the United States. Talk about someone with cause to be anti-government, at least anti- some governments. And in order to become a citizen here, he took an oath, which at the time, still included a requirement “to bear arms in defense of the United States.”

It’s telling that instead of working for freedom and justice in his homeland, Mudede wants to focus on making the country that took him in more like the one he fled. And as we’ve seen, there are plenty in power who agree with that, in case you’re wondering why anyone thinks it’s to this nation’s advantage to bring in Third World populations inimical to founding principles.

They don’t. They think it’s to their advantage.

And if you don’t agree with that, you must be a “white anti-government gun nut.”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. I keep thinking I want to join Oath Keepers, but then I see things like them defending people like Davis, who abused her government position to deny rights to citizens, and now this, an article written in the style of a teenage girl who just got butt hurt in a middle school popularity contest. Rise above. Just shake your head at Mudede’s comments and move on, while promising to protect his constitutional rights as well.

    1. So what you are saying, MTJSR, is that accepting government employment nullifies your constitutional rights as a US citizen, and protecting anyone from being MURDERED by radical homosexuals is some how a bad thing?

      Lol. You’re right. You would not belong in the Oath Keepers anyways.

      1. “Murdering radical homosexuals”? I seem to have missed this in the article, and I don’t recall our ever having to protect anyone from such a fate.So, where did that leap out of the bounds of this article come from? Most of the terrorists our nation has dealt with since the 1960s could better be described as “radical heterosexuals” if you wanted to be honest about it so let’s not inflame the issue with unwarranted statements, and just stick to the facts.

      2. Mtjsr, let’s not forget all of our elected and paid government officials who quit legislating and took the the steps to raise their hands in support of a newly formed organization. They as gov’t officials, were allowed to their freedom of speech and waste the tax payer’s money. We don’t all have to agree with Ms. Davis, but she is an American. She has her rights. Let’s stay on track, when a naturalized citizen takes their oath, they need to be sincere. Still practice their freedom of speech, but there is something to be said for being grateful and remember your Oath.

    2. Mtjsr, with all due respect, you’re dead wrong about Kim Davis. Thirty eight states, Kentucky among them, passed laws defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman. She was upholding her oath of office to the people who elected her by refusing to grant illegal marriage licenses. As for your assertion that it is a “right” for homosexuals to marry, again you are dead wrong. Perversion is not a right. Since the dawn of human civilization, it has been the position of mankind (not to mention God) that homosexuality is perverse and repugnant in the extreme, and our laws have always reflected that belief. You and a tiny minority of people wish to wave your hand and redefine civilization and demonize anyone daring to desent. The aggression is yours. The immorality is yours. The hate speech is yours. We will not comply! Not now. Not ever. And if those beliefs, which are central to our morals, prevent you from joining us then we are better off without you. Again, with all due respect.

      1. J Paul, I must respectfully disagree with you on many points you specified in your comment. First off, Kim Davis was dead wrong because she directly breached her unlawful corporate contract (subscribed oath of office) and should have renounced the fraudulent oath and resigned her corporate position and clerk. Why is the corporate contract (oath) fraudulent and unlawful? I ask any and all including the founder and CEO of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes to present any document in law or at law that is titled: The Constitution of the United States. Such does not exist and therefore each and every subscribed oath of office is null and void which may have been done purposely due to the corporate foreign agent occupier’s purporting to be lawful government representatives to have plausible deniability from the fraud on the people they continually commit.

        I strongly suggest all who have taken an oath of office to please research what is being presented here. I would then expect each and every oath taker who realizes such fraud to then renounce their current oath followed by the subscribing of a proper, lawful oath as well as signing a signature rescission document that has already been compiled. Anything less at this point would be and will be considered misprision of a felony. Stewart knows how to contact me and I would be glad to provide these documents to all.

        Do any of you happen to know what will transpire when the purported Pope leaves the UN this week? Trust me, you don’t want to know! “roll eyes”

        1. Ever read the Declaration of Independence? The Lawfulness of the US Constitution comes from it, and as the SUPREME LAW of our nation all laws, regulations, codes, etc MUST be in Pursuance thereof it.

          They both are laws, and give us our acknowledged sovereignty as a nation, which was won with a very hard fought battle.

          The Oath was the first thing created it is so important. Just because a few Traitors / Domestic Enemies of the USA, dumbed down people do not understand, bother to read it and our history does not make it less then what it is, THIS nation’s supreme law and our government.

          That is correct,IT IS the US Constitution that is our government, and all of the people who serve within the governments are JUST “servants”, employees of the people from those that SERVE as US presidents(when we actually have one) to those that are within the law community – judges, clerks, law enforcement, etc who are BOUND to that contract by the Oath and the position they occupy.

          Yes, the person serving as the “Pope” who is actually a person trying to create a One World Government – you know, the old “rule the world” thing still going on.

          Does that mean many will follow him, probably. That does NOT make it right our law here in our nation. I personally believe the person serving as the “Pope” is, like many who SERVE WITHIN our government, a Traitor to the true believers, and God help him when they find out as they are NOT all held by our beliefs.

          Like those who serve within our government, he/they is/are NOT God, or our rulers, and I doubt this one is even speaking God’s word – but that is a personal belief.

          That you are suggesting that those who take and KEEP the Oath to OUR lawful document that sets up how our government and OUR laws are to be is “interesting”, and I do not mean that in a good way.

          You familiar with the phrase, “Get thee behind me”?

      2. Couldnt have said it better JPaul,,you hit all the right points and told the truth. mtjsr is is currently whining and crying wondering how he got his ass handed to him so badly.

      3. Right, J Paul. Another right out of thin air. Remember the Clinton signed act that was the Defense of Marriage Act? The same supreme Court that in their rejection stated that it was not the Federal government’s place to define what marriage was and that in domestic concerns like marriage, that authority belonged to the Soverigh States, but
        using the misapplied “equal protection clause” of the XIV th Amendment to extend the franchise to those victums of slavery and was not to add any additional provisions to rights, lower courts decided to make it the purview of the general govt. anyway..
        In their unwillingness to overturn the lower courts and appealate decisions, the suprems in fact did not define marriage, but left it open to conjecture. Using “equal protection” in its broad application, suits can eventually be brought to rule it lawful for poligamy, polandry, Cousens marrying cousens, sisters marrying brothers or sisters or brothers marrying brothers, to say nothing of assenting children. The court has opened a real can of worms that the nation will be hard pressed to resolve.

    3. This is another case of a person who enters this country and fails to assimilate to Americas Culture and Values. He has the rights to speak his BE, bovine excrement, and the fellow who wrote this SA has his right to criticize his BE. How is he a butt hurt teenager? Who’s butt hurt here?

    4. Kim Davis was doing exactly what any patriotic, God-fearing citizen should do… stand for her moral standards, even in the workplace. The SCOTUS had no authority to rule on any aspect of marriage as that is strictly a State issue. The Supreme Court Chief Justice even stated as such in his dissenting argument agaisnt the majority ruling. Therefore, she was totally within her rights to refuse to apply violations to the Kentucky Constitution in her job. And Oath Keepers support for her is not only appropriate but right and good. And we don’t need people like Mudede in America. He should go back to the Hell-hole he came from and try to change them… not try to make America more like Zimbabwe!

    5. Misguided rhetoric. The “FACT” is, she obeyed Kentucky law and followed her oath of office to her constituents. And last I heard, we have a Legislative branch whose responsibility is, to make laws. SCOTUS rules on them to say whether they are Constitutional or not, they don’t make them on the fly out of thin air on a personal whim. Another FACT. Read the 10th Amendment. “The powers NOT delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are RESERVED TO THE STATES respectively, or to the People”. So since the Gov wasn’t given any authority over marriage in the Constitution, they have zero say in the matter, unless it violates a civil right. The States respectively, are the ones that define legal marriage, as long as it doesn’t violate a civil right. Sorry, but they didn’t include homosexuality any where in the civil rights act. Nor was it included in the bill of rights. But the people who act on their Constitutionally guaranteed religious rights, all sorts of misinformed monkeys come out of the wood work to make their squeaky little voice heard. Judges don’t “make things legal”. They rule on existing law.

    6. mtjsr can you please tell what the statute number is in your state for same sex marriage because there is one for one man and one women that was signed by a governor that being said the supreme court said that state CAN NOT DISCRIMINAT

    7. Answer this: Do we really know what the people want their gov’t to do? Or is it enough that 5 people on one court decree that homosexual marriage is a right, especially when, put to the vote, the people whose government it is overwhelmingly reject that view? You obviously are just disingenuous, or you have not put quality thought into this. What a government employee is legitimately obligated to do is defined by what arises out of the consent of the people, not out of the biases of a few elitist judges far away. And if she is persecuted by the ruling elite (SCOTUS) for following the people’s guidance, then that is exactly when Oathkeepers should come to her aid. I might add that the power of SCOTUS “judicial review” was usurped by the court almost 200 years ago; it was NEVER granted by the people to it, nor delegated to it in The Constitution.

    8. I have yet to have anyone show me in any of our historical documents such as the Constitution or the Bill of Rights where there is a right to wed. On the same note, I haven’t seen and law that requires any government agency or elected official to issue a permit or license to wed. These homosexuals and sodomites are requiring, by any force they can garner, that God fearing people condone their way of life by this manner of participation or crying foul. Why won’t they honor our way of life by not trying force themselves on us?

    9. Um – “in the style of a teenage girl who just got butt hurt in a middle school popularity contest.”

      Wow. I could say some stuff, but I’ll keep it to this: How about you, yourself, ” promise to protect Mudede’s constitutional rights” instead of charging others to do it. Problem solved. And you don’t have to behave like a halfwit to to that. Remember the slogan – “just do it.”

    1. “… all-volunteer, reserve military force…”

      First it (New Mexico State Guard) is a governmental entity.

      The Constitutionally required Militia is not an organization under the state government control except (like when used by the general government) it is called out (requested). It is a request for the people who have been trained as congress requires those of the military to train to group up to defend state borders from invasions (even at the invite of a presidential impersonator), enforce the Constitutions – US and state, enforce all laws/regulations/etc that are in Pursuance thereof the US Constitution, etc.

      Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.”

      Second it is made up of all the people except for those who serve within our governments – state and general.

      George Mason, Co-author of the Second Amendment: “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few public officials. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

      Tench Coxe: “Who are the militia? are they not ourselves. Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American…The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

      Richard Henry Lee: “A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves …”

      Samuel Adams: “It is always dangerous to the liberties of the people to have an army stationed among them, over which they have no control … The Militia is composed of free Citizens. There is therefore no danger of their making use of their Power to the destruction of their own Rights, or suffering others to invade them..”

      Each state’s Militia is made up of “We the People” protecting our own interests, homes; plus our states and/or nation at request or when needed; and enforcing our Constitutions the laws of the land.

      Basically the (real) Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:

      — Enforce the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution,
      — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
      — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
      — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

      The US Constitution guarantees to each state its own “Republican form of government”. It is every state’s Militia that is the ONLY Constitutionally assigned force to “counter Invasions” and “Domestic Violence” within our nation.

      Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, floor debate over the 2nd Amendment, I Annals of Congress: “What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to PREVENT THE ESTABLISMENT OF A STANDING ARMY, the bane of liberty….”

      Tench Coxe asserts that it’s the people with arms, who serve as the ultimate check on government when he says: “As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people duly before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow-citizens, the people are confirmed by the next article in their right to keep and bear their private arms”.

      Thomas Jefferson: “For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security.”

      Third, a military organization can be joined with other military too be used in concert or under different officers orders. The Militia of the people is only under the orders of the US President or of the governor when called out. The Militia is above the military always (“the civil above the military”).

      Richard Henry Lee, First Senate: “No free government was ever founded, or ever preserved its liberty, without uniting the characters of the citizen and soldier in those destined for the defense of the state… such area well-regulated militia, composed of the freeholders, citizen and husbandman, who take up arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as freemen.”

      The New Mexico State Guard is a military unit NOT a constitutionally required Militia. All of the people ARE the Militia, EXCEPT those that serve within our governments.

      1. Cal, your comments are always informative. It would be an asset to know what other areas of knowledge you have as pertaining to the operations of our run away government.
        As being also a member of other organizations of a so called conservative nature, I also belong to AMAC (as opposed to AARP) and often comment on their articles and other subjects as well. I have a few compatriots in AMAC, but not nearly enough.
        For instance, how many know of the Hegalean Dialectic of Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis that Marx used to develop his Dialectical Materialism that elongates it to the synthesis being the new Thesis, such the effect is constant change. That is the Change that the President intended to bring to America such that the people would be forever confused as to what was in effect at any given time. That was how our traditions were to be overturned and his goal of totally changing America. And not to the better, I might add.
        In reading some of these other posts, he or earlier leaders seem to have been successful.

    1. The Constitutionally REQUIRED Militia cannot be a governmental agency. That may be called a “militia” but it is a military unit. It is NOT made up of ALL the people, it is not ONLY called into service by the Governor or by the person who LAWFULLY serves as US President; otherwise it is “We the People” defending ourselves, our homes, our businesses our neighborhoods, our cities/counties/states, even our nation when needed. The Militia cannot be sent over seas to fight wars of aggression – but then LAWFULLY and constitutionally neither can the US Military.

    2. Ready…..what you aren’t getting is that there are in fact 2 (TWO) forms of the militia. One is the “national guard” of each state. That’s the “organized militia” (now controlled by the feds)….the other is the “unorganized” militia comprised of all able body male citizens (it may include female as well don’t know). the NY State Constitution requires both…..which leads to mandatory armed citizenry.

  2. A brief synopsis of that which is the Mudede clown can be found at:

    Anything placed into public by that critter is to be taken with a heart dose of the proverbial salt. Sure, the mental midget is entitled to his viewpoint but I sense a bias so deep that logic and rationality is likely a rare commodity for the chap. Akin to the wealth-hungry Southern Poverty Law Center and its laughable “hate” list if that Mudede thing writes or speaks badly about you consider it a compliment. If those ultra-biased rhetoric-spewing cretins were to say good things about you… THAT is the time to worry.

  3. Virginia still has a Militia called The Virginia Defense Force under control of the Governor and Adjutant General of the National Guard. They are not armed and specialize in Communications and emergency Management. If the need were to arise they can be armed by order of the Governor of Virginia. Oath keepers should look into establishing a chain of Command and assign rank to its force then the media might see them from a different point of view.

    1. Well meant but no. There’s good reason for Oathkeepers being the way it is. For Oathkeepers let the commands come to each individual’s heart.

    2. A military unit cannot be the constitutionally required Militia.

      The Militia is EVERY American and those lawfully (not Obama law) allowed to be here. It is a REQUIREMENT of the US Constitution that “We the people” be our own defense so that such things as “martial law” or “emergency powers” called for and used against the people by military and “law enforcement” units.

      Please read my above comments about this subject, then read the US Constitution and some of the framers words so that you understand our type of government better. That way you cannot be lied to by those that SERVE WITHIN our governments.

      1. I like the idea of a militia. Because of the poor Oathkeeper leadership in the Phoenix metro area, I’ve thought of joining a militia here but have not yet found the minimum of what would work for me. As I see it, when you put yourself under a command structure it should not been done so lightly because you do give up some freedom (of decision making) in making such a commitment. Hence, there is some good arguments as to the constitutionality of UNregulated militias. However, law enforcement appears to have more imminent problems to pursue. Jim Arroyo AZ V-P Oathkeepers seems to be thoroughly informed on this issue, as I’ll bet Stewart Rhodes is as well. Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn and I’ll join one that behaves constitutionally as soon as I find one that works/suits me. (BTW, I have read our Constitution more than once but still am no expert.)

        Having said all that, Oathkeepers is not a militia and I believe should remain as such.

        1. I personally believe through my own studies that the Militia is created by the people who are trained-constitutionally and militarily. That they understand that the “boss” that they are under IS the Constitution of the United States of America, and that they can be called out for listed duties by the Congress of the general government and by the Governor (or however your state Constitution has that arranged) when needed.

          My belief is based on facts such as the duties the general government has to each states Militia is listed in the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 & 16, and for the times and reasons that they can be called up for use by the Congress.

          The Second Amendment is listed within the Bill of Rights which lists the “natural” rights that the people have even if there is NO government. That it is above those that serve within our governments – state and general – authority. It was NEVER delegated to be under any branch of either of our governments – state and general. They, Militia and Grand Juries, are the tools of the people ONLY except in certain specified circumstances.

          But once the Militia steps away from the US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof it, and the state Constitution then it is no longer lawful.

          That is made clear (to me at least) in these quotes and other places.

          John Adams, A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States: “To suppose arms in the hands of citizens, to be used at individual discretion, except in private self-defense, or by partial orders of towns, countries or districts of a state, is to demolish every constitution, and lay the laws prostrate, so that liberty can be enjoyed by no man; it is a dissolution of the government. The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws.”

          Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.”

          But understand that it is still my opinion as many learned people disagree with me and they believe that the Militia is under the state government always which would make the people a governmental agency within that state always (everyone is the Militia).

          1. Cal, I agree with you concerning the Militia being free of government control, State or general, unless called for specific invasion of the State or the union.
            I also accept the principle of a County formed Posse that could be made up of those same citizens when so called.

      2. Yes, this is also what our enemies try to use against us. We are a part of “the militia” simply by being citizens, but this organization is not in and of itself “a militia”. The leftwingers try to say that we are splitting hairs, but we are not. This is simply the literal truth.

  4. Governor Brown makes California an Amnesty State for Illegal Alien Mexicans.

    President Obama makes the US an Amnesty State for sundry American enemies.

  5. It only takes a few minutes to search “Mugabe” to find out what kind of evil this man the leader of Zimbabwe is.

    I can only assume Mr. Charles Mudede would have defended himself, his family and his country if given the chance by any means necessary; but now he chooses to criticize and disparage Americans for looking ahead and preparing to prevent or end tyranny in the United States if it arises, the same tyranny he formally suffered.
    Tyrants, dictators and the like always take away the means of it’s citizens to defend themselves, their family and their country, then they take away the will, where were you in Zimbabwe?

    History tells us we Americans suffered tyranny under old King George. This is why our founders looked forward and specifically wrote the 2nd amendment into our Constitution.

    Today, free in America, living the good life and having witnessed the horrors of Prime Minister Robert Mugabe, one would think Mr. Charles Mudede could spot tyranny at any stage, (even at its infancy) instead he takes the opportunity to bash freedom loving Americans hoping to prevent what terror the Zimbabweans suffered under a rein of terror in his home country.

    Mr. Charles Mudede has not thought his assumptions and assertions completely through. I would simply ask, Charles, if you could, would you save Zimbabweans and the country from Prime Minister Mugabe if given the chance? If the answer is yes to this question, I would additionally ask when is the best time to stop the tyranny you experienced, in its infancy or in full maturity?

  6. Being a Cherokee anti-big government Constitution Lover, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage this cretin, and any other immigrant, legal or illegal, that feels like he does, to crawl back down into whatever shit hole they came from, fix the mess they left behind due to their moral cowardice, and mind their own business.

  7. This Mudede is just another useful idiot of the domestic enemies that the militia of the several states should be advancing on this very minute.
    He is another example of the third world elements that are being admitted in this nation to help bring her and her people down to third world status. They come here with the idea and the plan to change and shape America to resemble if not mirror the hell hole that they fled from.
    The reason why the leaders of the illegitimate government that we have now are bringing them here in such great numbers is that these uneducated and submissive people are conditioned already to obey and bow down to tyrannical rule.

  8. Is there an honest attorney anywhere who could bring this “refugee” to court and nullify his citizenship on the basis that he took an oath to support the Constitution which he is now attacking so that he can go back home to the Mugabe-ruled hell hole which he and his kind helped to create?

    1. David Macko, Again, I must specify that the oath of office you refer to is a total fraud. BTW, Attorneys are foreign agents.

  9. I may become an emmigrant from Minnesota. I can’t take much more of this socialism and not I am being threatened with eviction from our apartment because I smoke cigarettes. I pay $1300 a month for “reasonable enjoyment of property”. Well, I have argued with them that I only smoke on the balcony on the top floor but that is not OK either so they think that they can “fine” me $50 for that “infraction”. It is OK though that their are 50 large dogs here pissing and shitting on the lawn and hallways and that my 10 year old daughter.has a medically documented allergy to pets that the new management now allows here. I spoke to several attorneys regarding the matter and there is no legal precedent but and they say my case is unique. Even the Minnesota Attorney General says my complaint is unique and that I may have a case although the law is written poorly. I have no tenants rights and my daughter suffers.

    The best lawyer I spoke with said that he would take the case on and I have a few bucks, not THAT many bucks though, but it seemed a foolish waste of resources to fight them here in MN. I packed up the wife and kids and we headed out west all the way to Idaho and I didn’t do that for vacation. I did see an Oathkeeper’s trailer in Glendive, MT.

    I did 3000 miles in three and half days and I have been around the world on some planes but never driving that much that fast. I liked it for the most part and so did my wife. People were friendly the whole way and never told me what I have to do.

    That is some tough country out there and there is limited water. The soil is not soil but rather gravel in most places. I have worked in horticulture, college degree and all, and have been doing so my whole 41 years of life. My parents are passed and my wife is Russian so I have no need to stay here. I saw the micro-climates in Hell’s Canyon. I get it.

    I have always been independent and own various types of metal. Looks like are Harley’s are OK out there I see. I have two of those but that is not all. I have other metal that I have been accumulating since I was young. I am not sure what to do here but I think I might like it and northern Idaho.

    I need water.

  10. Great article. I’m from northern Canada and things up here are as bad and in many cases worse than in the States. The gov. up here is bringing in migrants by the boat load who have no hope of ever assimilating to North American Culture. I give Canada as a country 50yrs tops before it completely disintegrates into ethnic enclaves and no small amount of blood letting. Best case scenario splits into 2 or 3 smaller countries. Just wanted to let you guys know that there a fair amount of Oath Keepers, if not by that name North of the border too especially in the west. Keep up the good work!

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