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Gilbert Times: Oath Keepers Summit held in WV hills

The Gilbert Times of Gilbert, West Virginia, has published the first report on the successful Appalachian Oath Keepers Summit. Journalist Madalin Sammons – – did a great write-up covering the Summit. Please email her your appreciation for outstanding journalistic coverage. Let’s flood her inbox with our thanks, for she deserves credit due for spot-on reporting in a day in which journalism often paints stories with the brush of hidden agendas and political bias. Her “voice” rings true and complete, so send her an email, yes? Thank You!

This article is online at the Gilbert Times:

Below are some choice snippets from the article.


Gilbert Times: Oath Keepers Summit held in WV hills


GILBERT — The Oathkeepers came to town this weekend for the Appalachian Oath Keepers Summit…

Glbert WVA Applacian OK Summit Aug2015Photo courtesy Lynn Stepp

Oath Keepers have recently became well known due to their presence among the Ferguson rioting of November 2014 when members of the group kept armed guard on Ferguson’s business rooftops…

While the unrest in Ferguson allowed Oath Keepers to have a mainstream platform, it was the recent murders of the servicemen in Chattanooga, TN. that inspired the Logan County Sons of the Second to host the summit of five states including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.

Logan County Sons of the Second Sargent at Arms Mike Holbrook said the summit was a huge success.

“We had OathKeepers from as far away as Oregon and Connecticut. I heard nothing but compliments from all the campers about how they were welcomed to our Summit on top of a mountain in West “By God” Virginia,” said Holbrook. “We have been invited to do an information booth at the upcoming Trail-fest that Gilbert hosts every year and we will be honored to be a part of this event. On another note, the land owners of the site we chose, were very gracious and understanding, I would like to give a big shout out to Pardee/Curtin land company for allowing us the opportunity to show people from 12 different states, that the people of West Virginia are down home, freedom loving, God fearing people. It made our Local Chapter of the OathKeepers proud to be West Virginians from Mingo and Logan County. I would also like to note that every person that was attending this event, exercised their 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and not a single one of those firearms jumped up and harmed anyone. Thank You, Gilbert, W.Va. for allowing us to show folks what West Virginia is all about. “God, Guns, Guts, and Glory”….

“The Summit was a great success. We made a lot of new friends in the Gilbert, West Virginia area,” said Holbrook. “The local cooperation was fantastic. The Mayor, Council, and Chief of Police are the best of the best. The founder of the OathKeepers, Stewart Rhodes, had a meeting with the city leaders and both came away with a new understanding and a very positive attitude. The Mingo County Sheriff’s department officers, rode 4 miles out a very dusty road, to check on us and help keep us safe we cannot thank them enough for the understanding that they have shown for our Patriots. The people we met that ride the reclaimed strip mine area we used were the most generous and kind folks you could ever find anywhere in this Great Country of ours.”…

In a mission statement from Stewart Rhodes concerning the summit, Rhodes said that this was a critical, emergency summit for veterans and patriots.

“A critical part of this summit will be showing the participants how to do an area study, providing them an example of an analysis of a town, county and state. They will be given templates and checklists prepared by Sam Culper, of The Forward Observer Magazine, combined with the input of our Special Forces veterans,” said Rhodes. “They will need to go back to their own geographic location to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their communities, identifying critical needs, and then apply their newly acquired knowledge to answer questions such as: What are the major security threats? What is in place to counter them? What is missing? Is there a constitutional Sheriff backed by a real posse? Is there a real militia? Is there a neighborhood watch? What is the condition of their power grid? How resilient is it? How can it be strengthened and protected? How will people’s basic needs be met if it goes down? How many mouths do they have to feed and how much food is on hand? Can their local farms feed the population in a grid down or long term emergency situation?”

The Oath Keepers and similar groups have been labeled as right wing extremists and in some cases domestic terrorists but Paul Pyles, Leader of the Pennsylvania Patriots for Freedom urges people to remember the tools given to the American people by our fore fathers.

“Protection of our homes, community, and constitution is by no means a form of extremism or terroristic,” said Pyles. “A government for the people must be run by the people. When that does not happen that is tyranny.”

Stepp encourages that anyone who might feel uneasy about the Oath Keepers to read more about them on their website before making a judgment….

Enjoy the whole article at the Gilbert Times website:

Madalin Sammons is a reporter for the Gilbert Times. Madalin can be reached at or by phone at 304-664-8225.


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. IMO, two of the most important attendees at this summit were West Virginia natives Phil Hudok and Gene Stalnaker. These two gentleman along with a brilliant gentleman named Thomas David House of Deegan from Mineral Wells, WV have lawfully put the three branch’s of their state’s purported government into total default and dishonor via their incredible case filed at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, Case No. 15-0491. Link to complaint here:… Some of you who attended this summit may have visited their vendor booth which contained the large Obama head blowing smoke. These two gentlemen, Gene and Phil attended this summit to solicit assistance from the local and national attendees including the militia personnel to enforce the rule of law in a real case of proven to be breach of their original contract perpetrated by these ‘corporate’, fictional, foreign agent’s who have been purporting to be lawful government of the state of West Virginia as opposed to the case of the Bundy ranch to where Mr. Bundy actually lost his Federal court case yet many from across the nation, including myself were present to assist against the tyrannical actions of those foreign agents who acted way beyond their scope of their purported authority. What has transpired in West Virginia via the lawful action these three gentlemen have taken should be a prime candidate for similar assistance that has been given to the Bundy ranch, Ferguson, military recruiting stations, and the gold mines. Folks, the whole state of West Virginia’s purported government is in total default and dishonor in law and their current offices are lawfully vacant with only their guns and thuggery holding down their positions.

    Go to: to obtain additional information into what many consider to be the Holy Grail of restoring the rule of law back from the foreign corporate takeover which commenced collectively and progressively since or possibly during the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    I respectfully ask that you all watch this edited from Live Stream to YouTube testimony pertaining to their case here:

    1. I’m sorry, my friend. I listened to the first two minutes of that video and I had to turn it off. You may have something here and I might agree and back you up but you just need to get to the bottom line and tell people what the issue is. All caps and arms and legs. What the hell!

      1. Yoda, with all due respect, I ask that you please watch that video through its entirety because your confusion of the all caps and hands and legs reference are their, the corporate, fictional, foreign agent’s words and definitions not Thomas David House of Deegan’s words. The bottom line is the fact that the foreign agents purporting to be the lawful government in WV and each and every state in the union for that fact have breached their original contract (constitution) by leaps and bounds and each and every government agency or office is unlawfully incorporated. These three (3) gentlemen from WV have filed petitions followed by a complaint calling these foreign agent’s out to where they can not answer this complaint which results in total default based on the Maxim of law “Silence is Acquiescence” making the petition and complaint true fact in law. Please go to: and pull down the link on the right titled “legal filings and responses”. Once you do so, you will see the viability of this action and how such action could snowball into the Holy Grail of righting our listing ship under the guise of true and natural law. Please feel free to contact me at: if you have any questions.

  2. Was a great time for a lot of good reasons.
    The professionalism was awesome.
    The people were/are great, and everyone is looking for many of the answers found at this Summit by way of Oath Keepers.
    The reality is that there are many incidents that shows a need for being ready.
    C.P.T. – Community Preparedness Teams offer the ability to use the talents and abilities of local people to help anyone when any disaster or other problem needs addressed. That could be as terrible as getting the grass cut, setting up for an event, or survival after a storm.
    Join us, you will not be disappointed.

  3. America….We are so out of time…Please go the website :
    It is imperative that you check out how the Lawful Platform has been laid out to begin the removal of the foreign operatives unlawfully posing as your elected representatives in the state of West Virginia…This case has been WON people…These Oathkeepers events can be enjoyed AFTER we take back our Constitutional Republic and Restore the RULE OF LAW in our nation…If We the People do not get behind West Virginia’s attempt to RESTORE their state and help give them the enforcement they need to accomplish the last step of their efforts…prepare for the biggest and bloodiest battle to hit this Nation since the Civil War…because the powers that be ARE NOT going to hand our Nation back to us without a fight…and if you think your election vote counts…and Trump who is nothing but a dog and pony spin show…saying everything you want to hear because he is a puppet of the other side as well….is going to save our Nation and People…well then…ignore all you have read here…and keep shopping until the hammer drops!!!

  4. Message sent and comment left at newspaper story. Public relations is extremely critical. Note what the politicians and corporations do in their outreach to the masses. Their efforts are based on many decades of extensive research by some of the best-paid minds in all the USA. Your taxes have funded research, multiple billions of dollars worth, to determine the most effective way to influence people. You see the results everywhere; in advertising, what politicians begging for a vote spew relentlessly and elsewhere.

    Toss in the advice of folks such as Dale Carnegie with his well-known “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and emulate them. Let other’s efforts assist our efforts. One difference, though. While those others are not always dedicated to the truth; being more interested in grabbing your money, dedication, servitude, complacency and other self-serving to them aspects of life… Oath Keepers and other quality organizations care about PEOPLE. What is best for people in general. Not a select group with power and wealth always striving to amass more more more and to have immense power over others. Nope. Us non-elites care about more abstract concepts such as freedom and equitable opportunity to attain some basic economic security and to do so without economically raping other folks. This can be done without relying upon communism or fascism!!! Just remove some of the artificial barriers placed into the USA economy by the powerful elites (note; elite is a general broad-sweeping term of great complexity used to shorten posts).

    Another 876,341,803 words would just begin to scrape the complexity of the topics I have brought here so I shall create thunderous applause in the audience by walking away from the podium and start eating the yummy vittles at the buffet table. Good night.

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