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CPS Workers Are Now Being Stationed In Our Schools

CPS Kidnapping

This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

Many of you reading this probably remember a time when seeing a school resource officer was a rare occurrence in public schools. It was one of those situations that was mainly reserved for crime ridden inner city schools. But as time went on, more and more police departments started employing officers whose chief responsibility was to watch our kids, even in districts with low crime rates. Now there are nearly 20,000 of these officers nationwide.

It turns out that we may be seeing the beginning of a similar trend in our public schools, but instead of police officers, it will be with employees from Child Protective Services. In Erie County, New York, the school districts have announced a new partnership with the Department of Social Services, that would allow CPS workers to show up in their schools several days a week. They will have to provide an office for the workers, who will be able to “streamline” their investigations into child welfare.

Much like how the employment of school resource officers was largely fueled by zero tolerance policies that routinely have students arrested for absurd reasons, this new push for school CPS workers is no doubt a response to our society’s paranoia regarding child safety. But considering the fact that CPS departments are known to take kids away from healthy homes, drug them up to their eyeballs, and place them in the homes of sex offenders, perhaps parents should be a little more paranoid about having CPS workers around their children on a daily basis.


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  1. We have a great radio station in Spokane. On Weekends they will play old time radio shows. One of the commercials that are played is ” Quaker puffed rice and wheat, shoot from guns” with a gun shot heard at the end.Now a kid gets expelled for biting into a Pop Tart that resembles a pistol. Oh how I yearn for the good old days. It used to be great being a kid.

  2. The big picture is the number in aggregate rogue federal, state, and other governmental agencies that have been steadily increasing unlawful encroaching acts against free law abiding Americans. People en masse need to pull their kids from schools. But, they won’t… as history demonstrates, it’ll only get worse. Maybe airdrop copies of the constitution. Maybe mass mailing flyers educating the population on the Bill of Rights. We certainly can’t depend on MSM except to brainwash acceptance of government expansion.


  3. Stewart, thanks for all that you are doing and stand for, I watched my 18 year old son swear in to the U.S Army last year, afterwards I talked to him about what his Oath meant, he’s always wanted to be a soldier in the Army, keep up the great work and God bless America

  4. My children and I were victim of this. During and afterward we were told we could do nothing despite the proof against them and the horrible allegations. Not even an apology to my tormented children who suffer with PTSD now for two years.

  5. When I was a school board member I had a school principal tell me that he didn’t fear having law enforcement officers come into his school because they had procedures that they had to follow, so everything was aboveboard and understandable. What he did fear was CPS. He said that they didn’t need warrants to take whatever they wanted, including children. They didn’t have to answer anyone’s questions. They could march into his school, without permission, and take any child they wanted, without providing a clue as to the reason, and there was nothing that anyone could do about it. He said that it was like watching an evil dictatorship in action.

  6. I was an SRO. Employed by the sheriff but working for the school principal. If the CPS assignments are similar, there will be many violations of parental rights as the school acts in loco parentis of the students.

  7. CPS in schools is very frightening and the worst part is so many families have no idea it is the first step on the fast track journey into Hell. So many still believe that providing your children with a good loving and nurturing home where the children are healthy loved and having a happy childhood in a non abusive environment is enough to keep CPS/DCFS away and while myself and many others try to educate parents sadly its one of those thongs that until its too late most feel it cam never happen to them

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