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Blending in, Jade Helm Style: Fake Rental Trucks Reveal Military’s Hidden Spy Rooms


This article was originally published at Truthstream Media

Jade Helm’s tagline is “mastering the human domain”.

We have been told that, in part, this has to do with special operations outfits from the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines using covert warfare techniques to infiltrate average American neighborhoods (as mock “hostile environments”) and walk “undetected amongst civilian populations” without being noticed by the rest of us. Oh, and it’s for “refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat” (emphasis added on the word ‘foreign’) according to Army Special Operation Command spokesman Mark Lastoria.

Well, here’s one way they reportedly have done that.

Mike Lamb, a staff writer for Barstow, California’s Desert Dispatch was invited to a small press meeting prior to a joint forcible entry operation training exercise at Fort Irwin National Training Center called Operation Dragon Spear last month. Military vehicles and gear were put on display and the reporters were allowed to take pictures and ask questions.

“What I’m about to share with you is not top secret. But there were U.S. Army special operations soldiers lurking around Barstow, driving down our streets and we didn’t even know it,” he wrote.

Part of the military’s stealth technology involved a Ryder truck and a hay truck:

Parked outside were a Ryder rental truck full of furniture and a hay truck. As I stood there staring at them, the same public affairs officials pointed to the dryer inside the Ryder truck, its door wide open. I walked closer and looked inside the dryer. He pointed his lighted phone at the opening, revealing a large room.

The same for the hay truck. A small doorway led to large room inside.

Just think about that for a second. A Ryder moving truck and a hay truck driving around your town with hidden surveillance and command rooms inside of them filled with special operations officers, just driving casually up and down American streets doing… well, whatever they want to, undetected.

“When you think of the militarily using stealth, a hay truck is not what comes to mind. But according to the Green Beret who stood by the trucks, it was ‘mission accomplished’,” Lamb reported.

“Mission accomplished” because they “infiltrated” Barstow and conducted surveillance on American streets in these fake trucks, and reportedly, nobody suspected a thing. In the lead up to Jade Helm, residents in areas where the drills would be running across the Southwest were told to report suspicious activity in order to test the military’s effectiveness.

No one must’ve reported the Ryder moving truck or the hay trucks driving up and down the street…

“It was very successful,” one of the Green Berets at the demonstration told Lamb. “We did everything we wanted to do.”

And what exactly was it that they wanted to do?

But of course this is all about the foreign threat, as evidenced by all the Ryder moving trucks driving around the Middle East, right?

Is that it? Or are we witnessing further training and acclimation of an occupying force in our own country?

(H/T: Kev Baker)


Brandon Smith



  1. I was approached by an agent provocateur, dressed as a “homeless man” , Friday night in Albuquerque. Asking me for a cigarette he began asking scripted “cop” questions, unnatural conversation. Under my counter-intell questioning, he admitted he was prior military & ex-police, then gave me a masonic handclasp (two fingers extended down my wrist). My first clue was his cleanliness, manicured hands & unsoiled feet in his sandals, also his “travel bag” was slack/ empty (except for maybe a pistol & recording device?). Insistent, he continued to engage me in political conversation, as I walked away… never once did he even look at the surrounding pedestrians.

    Years ago, during the riots in Portland, OR, I was approached in a bar by two “agents of the state”, encouraging me to use a destructive device against a sitting judge, for a ruling in my motor vehicle violation. I made it very clear for their recording device, I was a law abiding citizen and not interested in conspiring.

    I’ve known murderers and criminals, they NEVER admit to criminality until they trust you… agent provocateurs will claim to be criminals almost immediately in an effort to gain your trust… Be warned!

  2. I’ll never stop being impressed by the cunning and brilliance of our special operations forces. To think that they could sneak into an American town in peacetime, in a Ryder truck and not be detected. It’s unimaginable. Bravo to them. They need to get medals for their contribution to Mastering The Human Domain in Operation Jade Helm in the challenging American theater of operations.

    1. As a former active duty member of the special operations community, I could clearly see you sarcasm font.

  3. Yeah, the agent provocateurs tend to be hasty in revealing that they are criminals, or something related to, or of interest to their targets life. They do this because they have a mission to accomplish and time is limited for them. Their hastiness is one of the ways they give themselves away. Also their arrogance and cockiness give them away also. For some reason, most of them think they can’t be spotted by their targets.

    The Jade Helm playas are playing their own game all by themselves. I didn’t sign on to play their game by their rules. Why would I tell them that I’ve spotted them or they look suspicious? No, I will let them think they are successful in their spying so that in case they should make a move to apprehend me or worse, I will have a good chance of getting the jump on those hiding in the hay military Jade Helm morons. No wonder America is screwed.

    I guarentee that there are a lot of Americans who are very observant, patient, and ready for anyone of the Jade Helmers to make the wrong move.

    1. @Siege Breaker, My thoughts exactly like a couple of flares shot into their hay.POOF!! BTW has any one heard that the small arms treaty is being cinched up for the U.N. meeting this month, rumor has it that the Senate now only needs one half the votes to make it into law. Now that would be a heck of a time for JH15 to do what they do best.

  4. Now the AF is threatening land owners in Nevada who refuse to sell out. So naturally come the threats to condemn their property and forcefully take it. The AF has been operating all these decades without “owning” this property. With the AF woefully shrunk in assets, what legitimate reason is there to need this acreage.

    The land owners are going to need some help! This could happen to you.

  5. Wanna bet that the enemy infiltrators such as terrorists and Russian/ Chinese/ DPRK/ ISIS, AND OTHERS are using the same techniques. We know that local LEO, FBI,DEA,etc. use public utility ,US Mail, UPS, FED X trucks to conduct surveillance, so it fits that spec ops would do the same.

  6. Cameras on every major corner, business, homes-cameras everywhere. Gunshot mics being installed. The local ice cream truck (spycreams) has for 15 years been driving up and down the streets gobbling up wireless data and (probably) peering into residences and businesses-selling very little ice cream. Late at night, you can here the single prop drone making huge circles around the city; go somewhere dark and see the swarms of satellites. All the new gadgets spy-even the light bulbs. The wondrous Smart Meter. I look out the window, and the cop across the street (who probably has a Stingray or latest equivalent) keeps irregular hours. How many False Flag events have occurred-both real and imagined? And now we have a 911 Day Parade to celebrate our freedom and safety here in Kalifornia. Jade Helm is a dry run.

  7. This isn’t the first time they have used a Ryder truck in a covert operation. Please check out the documentary “A Noble Lie”.

  8. Behold how effective our urban camouflage vehicles were.. against a population that wasn’t looking for them.

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