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The Truth In Ferguson


Jason Van Tatenhove
Oath Keepers

Retired Army Staff Sergeant and reporter for, Joe Biggs, was in the middle of the controversy that main stream media whipped up earlier this week. They were shocked to see the Infowars news team escorted into some Ferguson neighborhoods by a highly trained group of the Missouri Oath Keepers. Joe took the time to speak with me about what really happened in Ferguson. When Biggs goes out on location, he contacts any friends he may have in the area to see what the local climate is like and if there is anything that he may need to be aware of. In this case, Joe contacted Sam Andrews and the Missouri Oath Keepers who he had met last year when the original Ferguson riots broke out. Sam informed him that a few reporters had been violently attacked the night before, and offered a security detail to provide security as the Oath Keepers already had a good lay of the land. Please note, the Oath Keepers offered to accompany the Infowars crew completely voluntarily, as opposed to the outright lie that was reported by the main stream media that claimed that the Oath Keepers were hired to provide security for Infowars. Infowars and the Oath Keepers began to open a dialog with the gathered community, including members of the Black Panthers. The conversations that were held were a calm and peaceful exchange of dialog and ideas ranging from government overreach, taxes to, 2nd amendment issues. Many of the community members that remembered Sam and the Oath Keepers from last year, thanked them with handshakes and hugs for their help with keeping businesses and people safe from arson and violence. Unfortunately, much of the goodwill that had been built was, in large part, nullified by a few provocateurs who took to Twitter with out and out lies, and fabricated stories about a group of heavily armed white men looking to inflame the community and start a race war.

We must do our part to help get the truth of this matter out to the public. It is because Oath Keepers and Infowars are actually making a difference that we are being so aggressively demonized and slandered. This is an incredible interview that we need your help to share with the world. Please be sure to also check out the interview I did with Sam Andrews yesterday which corroborates this story.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I respect you guys and would like to know are you recruiting in California ex military, blackmale 100% percent proud to be American.

    1. David,

      We are a very large group of all races and religions. You will be very welcome, and I am glad you take your oath seriously! Stand with us to protect our freedoms!

    2. Hi David:

      Set up a membership and join. Next, go to the States link and select California when you set up your profile. I’m ken2 in the California org. You may IM me for more info on the OK site. We have active Southern Cal and Northern Cal organizations. I’m in Central Cal, near San Luis Obispo.
      Contact me and I’ll help you get in touch with the point of contact for your area.

      Thank you for stepping up!

  2. We Oath Keepers owe KrisAnne Hall a big thanks for her defense of OK’s presence and conduct at Ferguson. She dedicated large portions of her last two podcasts to informing her audience defending the Ferguson operation and the Oath Keepers organization. If you haven’t visited her website, check it out. She stands shoulder to shoulder with us in this fight and deserves our support. I’m scratching my head, trying to figure out what’s up with Wild Bill for America. He sure did a damaging rant about Infowars the other day. I think he would do better to stay focused on the real enemy.

  3. The people are not fooled by the BlackOp PsyOp Cointelpro effort to divide and conquer. I’ve been praying for Oath Keepers for years, and I’m proud of you. God love and bless you.

  4. Thank you for what you did in Ferguson but you know our POTUS will sooner or later make the forces do something about you so beware; God Bless You and the rest of Oath Keepers

    1. You are quite possibly right about a response from the POTUS. And I believe that would be the start of a super shit storm (please pardon my; French). All I can say is that Oath Keepers is right where they are supposed to be. THE TIP OF THE SWORD.

  5. I for one, had been misled about the intent of The Oath Keepers presence in Ferguson Missouri and posted an extremely ignorant remark on a social media news post the other day. Shame on me for ‘jumping the gun’ and making an absolute arse out of myself. I salute you Oath Keepers and will NOT ever make that mistake again about your good will gestures. For now, I’m going to crawl back under my rock. Keep up the great work ladies and gentlemen!

    1. Good to hear from you, RonM. Now I must say, you were not created to live under that rock. Living under that rock is (for you) a prison of your own making. You were created to be a free man. Climb out from under that rock. Truth is in the light. Come get some. Every man has value and every American has a duty to this country. Find out exactly where you fit in. One thing is for sure. Your place in all of this is NOT under that rock. God bless.

  6. I am a Black male, ex Military, who loves this country: we have problems ,a lot of them but it’s still one of the best places to live. and I hate to see what is happening in Ferguson and around this nations I am sadden to see how my people are all starts with the family, no strong Family , Fathers not in the homes. young black women having babies out of wedlock, kids raising kids, black people trashing our own cities and this is what you get. no morals or values. the bottom line is it’s called sin, and it affects us all. and on the other hand we have cops killing people, I did not say innocent, most if not all were in the wrong to start with. cops overreacting to if not all of theses incidents. I don’t know if these cops are bigots or racists, I say may be 50/50 on that. now to the Oath Keepers, I like what you stand for , only if it’s against the government taking are right away. but not against the people,( Black) showing up in arms, it sends the wrong message, like the Right wants to start a race war or showing the people , this awaits you if this get out of hand…what the people in Ferguson is doing is dead wrong and I do not stand with them at all. wrong is wrong , looting and shooting at cops. if Oath Keepers want to help ? stand by all the stores; black owned, white owned, Chinese owned and so on, but what I heard was, they were only protecting the other stores , not the Black owned part and that’s not right. we are all in this together. protecting each other no matter the color. and this is what I hope Oath Keepers is really about. and if it is I want to join to..

  7. I would really appreciate it if you would answer some tough questions that need answering —

    As far as I know, the oath keepers in ferguson have not once talked about protecting any protesters. They have talked about protecting businesses and posted themselves at businesses and on rooftops. (Not arguing against that – perfectly respectable cause)

    In the last week they talked about protecting a reporter from an outlet called infowars from being beaten or harassed while trying to report from Ferguson, while religiously avoiding saying who might beat or harass the reporter, in other words, they didn’t say they aimed to protect the reporter from police harassment — the source of interference with reporting so far in Ferguson — and so suggested they were referring to beatings and harassment by protesters.

    First question — say who infowars had heard were beating or harassing journalists, police or non-police — protesters or other, non-police people in the crowds? Not and irrelevant question – you need to answer that.

    Now, the minute the sheriff gives oath keepers a hard time, they announce they are arming protesters for a special march. Second question, Is this more about oath keepers than the struggle of these protesters? Are you using them?

    Third question: Has the oath keepers made one statement yet of being in solidarity specifically with the protesters in Ferguson?

    Fourth question: has the oath keepers once attempted to shield protesters and demonstrators from police in Ferguson?

    Please answer these questions – if you want to be taken seriously, you are going to have to face the fact that your vague rhetoric is obviously meant to wiggle out of delivering straight answers and it’s not working.

  8. I am a black male and I also totally stand by the Oath Keepers from what I have seen thus far. Feel free to use my email for you subscription list if you would like.

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