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Rule From The Shadows – The Psychology Of Power

Storm 2

This is another video from StormCloudsGathering.

How do the powers that seek to control us in every way gain their power? Through manipulation. That needs to be understood. That manipulation is mainly psychological. If you understand how it is done, you have a chance to defend yourself against. The manipulation is usually very subtle, but effective.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Regarding the ‘Officer’s Oath’ below, what do you do when and if the President of the United States is violating his/her constitutional oath of office and/or violating the Constitution in his/her order to you?

  2. The incredible complexity of a social system eases the ability of the few to lord over the many. Technology has assisted the overlords to use their army of cohorts and lackeys to command and control society and all within.

    In summation: I urge all to read, explore the Web, seek out that which rings out as being truth to you. All of us have been indoctrinated from our earliest years. That indoctrination/acculturation is needed for people to exist in societies but some of the indoctrination also enables the few to manipulate the many for their own greedy purposes. Try to cast off the indoctrination that harms the masses while allowing the few to use and abuse us.

    Be warned. As awareness of reality grows so will your anger at how tyrants lord over people everywhere. In the USA we are lucky because our culture inhibits our tyrants so that they are not as ruthless and cruel as seen with Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Stalin and other monsters. A look at USA history, however, reveals many instances of our tyrants using force to compel us common folks to obey their desires. It is to resist the tyranny that uses common folks to do their dirty work that the “10 Orders We Will Not Obey” was created and used as the backbone of Oath Keepers.

    In a nutshell… Oath Keepers appears to me to be in the front lines of the too-few forces aligned to oppose tyranny. As can be seen in many writings across the Web the tyrant’s indoctrination is very effective in convincing the masses that as things are is correct and proper. It is our duty as free folks to attempt to inform the uninformed that tyranny does exist and must be opposed.

    (all of the above is solely my opinion and does not represent Oath Keepers or any part of the multitude of fine folks supporting a group who surely is smiled upon by the Founders of the USA)

  3. There are not “too few forces aligned to oppose tyranny.” Most of us are just sitting, reloading, restocking, watching events unfold (and those things near to us are attended by us ….which shows OKs to be literally everywhere across the USA). When it hits the fan we’ll come out of the woodwork in non-suppressible numbers. They are scared shitless of veterans and they know there exist a ton of vets who are combat-trained, pissed off and waiting. Hey …it’s nice to see folks are “waking up” to what makes America tick and what the feds really stand for. Time to “get’er done” boys. Ready when you are…

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