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Propaganda Alert: Feds Arrest And Charge Three Men “Accused of Prepping For Martial Law”


This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

As reported by SHTF Plan, three men have been arrested on federal conspiracy charges for buying guns, stocking up on ammunition, and attempting to build explosives. We will get to the actual details of those arrests in a moment.

Look at the headline of this story. Feds charging people for prepping for martial law? This is how these arrests have been portrayed in the mainstream media.

That’s what the headline says over at Associated Press, the outlet which supplies much of the mainstream media with its news/talking points:


This headline obviously makes it sound as if prepping for martial law is now a federal crime.

AP’s article has now been splashed all over the mainstream media from ABC News to the Washington Post and back. New York Magazine spelled it out a bit more:


Some outlets, like this one from, took it a bit further:

This time it straight up says these men were “charged with prepping for martial law.”

Since when did prepping for martial law become something the FBI can arrest you for?

These men were reportedly stockpiling food and weapons, at least in part in response to Jade Helm, as many people across the country have been.

Here are the details of what actually went down straight from the Justice Department news release:

Beginning on or about June 18, 2015, law enforcement received information that Litteral and Barker were attempting manufacture explosive or destructive devices.  On or about July 22, 2015, law enforcement received information that Campbell was reconstructing live grenades from “dummy grenades” sold legally as military artifacts.  Litteral, Campbell and others believed that the United States government intended to use the armed forces to impose martial law, which they planned to resist with violent force.  Litterral had been purchasing numerous military equipment in preparation for the alleged attack, including ammunition for a .338 caliber rifle, handheld radios with throat microphones for communication, military issue Kevlar helmets, body armor vests and balaclavas (a form of cloth headgear designed to expose only parts of the face).

The FBI became aware that Litteral and Campbell wanted to manufacture destructive devices such as pipe bombs and grenades and possessed some of the needed components.  According to the investigation, Barker provided Litteral with pipe fittings, which are needed to manufacture pipe bombs.  Litteral also discussed testing the destructive devices in Shelby, N.C., with Barker present for the testing.  Making reference to the explosion, court records indicate that Litteral said, “it is going to be great.”

In addition to purchasing the military supplies, Litteral also tried to purchase a firearm and ammunition for Barker.  According to court records, Litteral filled out the required form with his own information, even though the gun was intended for Barker.  Using his own debit card, Barker purchased ammunition and a large capacity magazine for the gun.  Barker’s prior criminal felony convictions prohibit him from purchasing or possessing a firearm or ammunition.

Agree or disagree with the government’s case here or that these men should or should not be charged with conspiracy to violate federal laws governing firearms and explosive devices, it’s still just a bit different from three men being charged with federal crimes for “prepping for martial law,” isn’t it?

What the Associated Press spin on this story did was further push the government agenda to paint anyone who would prepare for martial law in times like those we are living in as not just crazy conspiracy theorists, but as federal criminals or terrorists, further stoking fear in the public that it is preppers the public at large should really be afraid of.

The saddest part is that so many people still watch and read the mainstream news and believe what they are told in headlines or a couple of minutes of a reporter’s teleprompter reading without one iota of critical thought on the matter.


Brandon Smith



  1. Todays youth, under 60, are too busy playing on their electronic devices to be bothered with truth. You reap what you sow. They, our youth, thanks to their too busy to care parents, will be the cruelest generation this country has seen. Prep for them. I’ve never seen such selfish, self centered sheeple. Useful idiots.

    They are Facebook Twitter morons. If it isn’t trending, or liked, it’s of no consequence. If you play there, then start getting real news out on Facebook and Twitter, because we see from this example how public opinion is made in the instant media. Good luck.

    1. I’m 19 years old and I can go ahead and set you straight real quick! I’m not a sheep, I couldn’t care less about trending things, Twitter or Facebook. I’m a pissed off American. I’m tired of people being labeled as a racist for standing up and saying that all lives matter and then they get bashed saying that they’re racist. I’m tired of all the political correctness going on. No politician has any backbone, no one wants to stand up for what’s right anymore. Some politicians do but they’re scare of being labeled a racist or something else. I’m tired of the crap going on in our country. I’m more than ready to defend our rights and fight back for our country from these loony leftists and race baiting scum.

      1. A lot of so called “old People” are just as pissed off too…remember we’ve lived a lot longer ,so we’ve seen a lot more change in the things you mention…

  2. What the fed needs to be remonded of they work for us not the other way around and if they are going to get tyrannical we are going to get counter tyrannical

  3. in reality, conspiracy laws are unjust. why? because the threat of force is conditional, if you institute martial law and try to suspend my rights THEN I will fight, is a conditional statement, meaning there is NO THREAT PRESENTLY, and will continue to be no threat UNTIL the conditions are met. I believe there is already case law on this as well, but I may be wrong.

    what I am noticing in thinking of the larger picture is this. right now, we have a bunch of Dumbo’s walking around looking for the next government dole out. but we also still have a fairly large base of people who pay attention, are armed, and don’t TRUST the government, so the government in it’s fear of potential for harm from the populace is trying to sway the larger opinion with propaganda, IE they currently still fear us, but we are also beginning to fear them, and this fear is putting us on a precipice for internal conflict. as a result. these people are just one casualty of this war against the public they seem to have deemed us of.

    however I also read the full article, it seems several felonies where already perpetrated by at least one gentleman, and they where also planning on ambushing and drawing out some military personel to their camp.

    I personally cant’ get behind everything they wanted, but preparing to fight for your rights is what got us this country in the first place, and that I CAN stand behind.

    1. @ Moman, I read your statement,and I really have to wonder if they were going or planning on ambushing a group of military guys, or LEO’s it makes me wonder? who’s side are these guy’s really on? Perhaps a CIA OP or maybe what the PTB told the press what to say?Maybe not, but maybe so, I wouldn’t put it past them.They seem to be trying to scare the American people into submission so they will pee their pants and give up without a fight.Just a thought.

      1. yes it is possible some of it is pure B.S. hell this day and age with the advent of technology, the ability to throw out conflicting information to hide the truth is now easier then ever, for all any of us know, this whole story could be a big B.S. Propaganda Psy-op against the American public, and if the FBI or CIA are in on it, the fabrication of court documents would be easy to convince the public it is real.

        it is sad that we must question literally EVERYTHING that government is involved in due to the scope of intertwined involvement, from “authoritative legal documents” to pretty much anything else now.

        after all propaganda worked WONDERS for Russia with T.V. and radio, and our own CIA took a look at the playbook and used it here in the homeland.

      2. Chris Campbell, the guy that was “converting dummy grenades into live grenades” done my back tattoo, and was a good friend, he was a hardcore patriot, and a US marine just trying to keep his oath

  4. I for one don’t trust the BHO administration as far as I could spit. I firmly believe that he is a traitor to this great nation and the MSM is his mouthpiece. These dudes may have been up to no good, and if so should be held accountable. The media will try to put us all in the same group as these guys and we as true Patriots can not allow that to happen. I feel that Oathkeepers should clarify strongly that we will be prepared and that we will be lawful in doing so. The traitors in DC want us to be caught with our pants down, but they will be sadly mistaken. We will not return fire unless fired upon period. Press on Oathkeepers and MOLON LABE!

  5. The only law I saw violated was the building of explosive devices.
    The ATF can not stop you from having all the supplies to make them but once you put them together you get into trouble.
    The pipe and caps are purchased from I hardware stores. The powder and fuse is from gun stores or online.

    Similar to take rite and the like. It is legal to have and mix and blow up. Once it is mixed and ready you can not transport it.

    As for being a prepper, there is no law even discussing it. They just used it as a headline. The charges will all be on weapons transfer and explosives.

    1. I am well aware of why the feds did why they did, but I’m having a hard time justifying US BEING TO LEGALLY USE “TANNERITE” (or other explosive stuff) for ANY LEGAL PURPOSE. The bottom line is that when you are mixing up Tannerite, you ARE MAKING A BOMB (very lethal one). That’s legal but making a pipe-bomb filled with black powder or ‘nasty-chemicals’ is not okay? Duhhh …what’s wrong with that analogy?

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