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Prepping 101 What To Do First

Maine Prepper

Here is another video from the MainePrepper, where he lays out some sensible, achievable goals for Prepping. Crawl, walk, run, is the basic idea. Most of all, you need to begin. Maine Prepper has been at Prepping since 1977. Remember though, that in 1977, he was new to the idea. He made the decision to begin, and he made mistakes. He wants to give you assistance in avoiding those mistakes.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. For whatever reason, I seem to have lived in neighborhoods where a winter storm takes out power, water, cell service, internet service, etc. When its all gone, it’s pretty quiet, so plan on camping in your house if you are snowed in or otherwise can’t move. But it has been a blessing in that these episodes lasted days, and weeks. This confirmed our readiness.

    The longer term readiness is a very real concern. A solar flare event or EMP will ruin your whole day. If you plan on being around for several years after the failure of the power grid, then prepare now.


  2. A worthwhile tool is Survival Tools at:

    The publisher and writer is a true patriot.


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