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Oath Keepers In The Show-Me State

(l-r) Michael Smith, Aaron Penberty, Doug Enyart
(l-r) Michael Smith, Aaron Penberty, Doug Enyart

While Oath Keepers are making a ‘Showing’ in Ferguson, Missouri; that is not the only place in the ‘Show-Me’ state they are making a difference.

On July 16th, four Marines and one Navy recruiter were murdered in a terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, perpetrated by a Muslim jihadist. As the American people mourn our loss, the response from Washington has not only been one of indifference, but support for the radical sect responsible for the deaths. In the midst of this tragedy, through an act of contempt toward American servicemen and women, President Obama celebrated the Islamic holiday, Eid Mubarak, as the Empire State Building, the American icon, was lit and glowing green.

In response by American citizens to this abhorrent behavior, Oath Keepers has initiated “Operation: Protect The Protectors”, a mission to set armed veterans and citizens to guard recruiting centers. Missourians are joining this mission, with the help and support of veterans and citizens from St. Francois County and the Constitution Party of Missouri.

On July 21st former Marine, Oath Keeper member and State Chairman for the Constitution Party of Missouri, Doug Enyart began his watch at the Farmington, Missouri duty post.

Over the passing weeks, he was joined by other Veterans of the Marines and Army, as well as civilians. One of the guards was the recipient of two Purple Hearts and one Silver Star. The local VFW #5896 and members of the community were equally as supportive, providing support and stopping by to thank the Oath Keepers.

Today, members of the Oath Keepers continue to stand guard over their brethren, waiting for word from leadership, those inside will be allowed to protect themselves.

One such dedicated member is Navy Veteran Thomas Young.

Thomas Young

They may not be a large group, but their commitment to each other and their community far outweighs their numbers. In fact, this incident has brought the veterans of southern Missouri together in an effort to organize a branch of Oath Keepers. They plan on naming their group, MO8OK, for Missouri’s 8th Congressional district of Oath Keepers. As their name indicates their dedication goes beyond the protection of their fellow service members, but encompasses a promise to secure the liberties of those in their community.


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