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Oath Keeper Testimonials


Dave DiNuzo Sr.:

Testimonial: I am a volunteer firefighter for the Silverdale Volunteer Fire Company, Engine/Rescue 59 in Silverdale, Pennsylvania. I am the son of a 30 year Air Force Veteran (2 tours in Vietnam), the brother of an active duty AF Major (4 tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and to Afghanistan, plus many wartime ‘trips’), the grandson to World War II Veterans (both paternal and maternal grandfathers served in the US Army during WWII), and the nephew/cousin/friend of many American soldiers, police officers, and firefighters. I served as the assistant to 3 AF Catholic Chaplains at the US Air Force Academy over a period of 5.5 years. I pledge to uphold my oath as a firefighter, and the oath of my family members, to protect and defend America from all enemies, foreign or domestic. Pray for our beloved country.



Testimonial: I have never served my country. I was unfortunate enough to have health issues that kept me from serving. However, I believe that I am a true believer in the Constitution, and I will die defending it. I am tired of the government trying to take control of every phase of our life. I am pro gun and have a concealed carry permit . I stay fit, and other that having a pacemaker, I will fight to the end to defend our Republic and our rights . I want to tell all the
people that served the country , Thank You for serving and Keeping us Free. We remain free and with Gods Help we will die free. I am proud to be a member of Oath Keepers and I promise to defend our Constitution to my death.

Oath Keepers Member


Michael Kelly:

Testimonial: I will come together with my brothers in arms to defend the
Constitution of the United States and the people of…..

Obama, you will not take our guns!!


Art Phillips

Art Phillips:

Testimonial: I have shed my blood for it, watched friends die for it, lost loved ones for it. It is a matter of Honor for me. It is my call to Duty when threatened. It demands my Loyalty. I keep my values and Morality for God, family and country, so the world will know what it means to be an American. It is the Flag and the Constitution of the United States of America. I will always reject and resist any individual or entity, who dishonors my flag, my Constitution or my God. I consider my enemy any authority that utters orders that violate my Constitution, common morality or my Honor. I am an American citizen, soldier and oathkeeper.

Those who posses Honor, Loyalty, Morality, and Duty are my brothers. The rest just don’t matter.

Art Phillips,
Sheep dog
oath keeper



Testimonial: I took the oath that many before me and after me have also taken. I will not stand for tyranny and complete erosion of the constitution. I will not obey an order that is against any amendment. This has gone on long enough. My line in the sand is drawn!!!

Active AIR FORCE out…



Testimonial: These times are tumultuous at best

I stand against the ever creeping entities that wish to change what has made us
great and noble. I am convinced that without action we will all slide into the abyss of tyranny. I took the oath; the blessed oath to uphold the constitution from foreign enemies. The thing is there are no foreign armies knocking at our door. There is only domestic. The very leaders we have entrusted with the sacred duties of maintaining the constitution, have chosen to dismantle it. These people have forgotten that we swore the oath to protect the constitution from domestic enemies as well.

I feel that the time is now to proclaim a side and to bear witness to its process. I want to leave my daughter a better America than I inherited. What kind of Government would manipulate us so? Not mine and not yours. These bozos need to find other employment. If you want freedom, you need to awaken now! The clock is ticking…. and we are almost at the point of no return. Please stand with those that will risk all for our nation. Please remember it is not about your political party affiliation. It is about the taking of rights. They have taken from you that which is not theirs to take.

We all know something is wrong here. There is no party that has the corner on liberty. We have all been attacked. Stop letting Them divide us! United we can destroy all takers of freedom. I urge you to set aside our petty differences; and
unite to stop those that wish to change this nation for the worse. We can become noble once again! We can become the beacon of truth and liberty once again if you would just set aside the little things and see that they are taking ALL of our rights away. You, as an American, have the power to unite the parties and stop the power grab.

May we all realize the truth. May we all come together in the name of whats
right. May we all STAND as Americans.


Robert S. Jones:

Testimonial: Although I have never served in the Armed Forces, I FULLY support our men and women in the Military. I wear my Oath Keepers cap with pride and a sense of Honor.

I was in Campbell California with my Fiancee at a Farmers Market when an individual walked by me noticing my Oath Keepers cap and remarked “You Right Wing Extremist.” To which I held out my hand and replied “My name is Robert Jones, and when it all goes to HELL, and it WILL, I am a person you want to know because I live by the Oath of Defending the Constitution against all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic!”

He just looked at me like I was the Devil himself and walked away.

I do not wish ill will on those that are uneducated, but I truly wish those that can not see the light see the light soon!


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. @ anonymous, “; the blessed oath to uphold the constitution from foreign enemies”

    No, the Oath is to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC”. (caps are mine)

    But what all fail to consider is that what we are doing is REMOVING “men who pervert the Constitution” and RESTORING our legitimate government as constitutionally REQUIRED of us.

    It is NOT a civil war nor a revolution as the “revolution” was already carried out by the Traitors and domestic enemies of the USA who are SERVING WITHIN our governments and under Oath. They are the ones UNLAWFULLY changing our legitimate government, breaking their Oaths, creating and having enforced “color of law”, pretend laws against the people.

    It is a RESTORATION of our legitimate government and then the arrest, charge, and prosecution of those selfsame Traitors, domestic enemies, Oath breakers.

    Thanks all for what you have done and do!!

    Abraham Lincoln: “We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution”

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