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New Leadership in Missouri and march update




This is an audio interview from August 26th, with Stewart Rhodes and John Karriman. John is now the new point of contact for the state of Missouri, and taking the lead on our Ferguson CPT initiatives, as well as spearheading our upcoming March. John is a retired police officer and currently teaches at the Missouri Southern State regional police academy, where he teaches defensive tactics and use of force considerations.

In this interview, Stewart Rhodes and John discuss the importance of good peace officers calling out the bad behavior they witness in their fellow officers, otherwise we see a loss of credibility in the Police, in the eyes of the community. Stewart and John then move on to discussing the troublemakers that they saw stirring up trouble in Ferguson last year, and how they were also seen at other areas of civil unrest, including South Carolina and New York. John then goes on to talk about some of the good citizens who at first believed the main stream media demonization of the Oath Keepers, and then later returned to offer apologies and thank them for what they were doing, when they helped to protect not only businesses and homes, but the citizens themselves. John was instrumental in leading those volunteers during the riots last November and December. John was also there this year during the latest rounds of unrest, providing open carry protection for the news crew and local businesses as well as standing up for the rights of protesters. We will be moving forward with our march on Ferguson, with John in the lead.

Jason Van Tatenhove



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. Point of contact……
    I called my POC for Southern California and she kindly gave me the name Nicko ———– along with his email address – this is for San Diego County.
    I sent Nicko ———— an inquiry about local meetings to attend. NO response – I hope Nicko is okay and not ill.
    Is the ONLY way to find meetings in San Diego County using “meet up dot com?” I have avoided social media like the plague. Thank you. ~~~ the Joe ~~~

    1. Thank you Jason, for the good news about letting good police understand the importance of calling out the bad ones.
      *** I have already found my point of contact for Southern California, Karen Rynearson, and have been in contact with her.
      Karen kindly gave me the name and email address of a fellow Oath Keeper in San Diego County. I sent him an email but never received a response.
      I did NOT join OK with any sense of self survival. I joined to be a “giver” not a “taker.” I would like to be a participant for liberty. “He who gives of his wealth gives little. He who gives of his time gives ALL.” …..from a fortune cookie.

      May Peace and All Blessings Be Upon You and Yours Forever! ~~~ the Joe ~~~

      1. Joseph, could you please forward the contact information for Karen Rynerson? I am near Los Angeles and have not found my contact person yet – maybe she can point me in the right direction. Her email would be awesome!

        I checked here, but the website that is supposed to be for my area is shut down, so I am without any contact info.

        Thanks a ton!

        Mike G.
        Burbank, CA

  2. First, they came for the minorities… and I did nothing.
    Then, they came for the poor …. and I did nothing.
    Then, they came for the conspiracy nuts… and I did nothing.
    Then, they came for the children… and I did nothing.
    Then, they came for the veterans… by then, it was too late.

  3. Hi Michael,
    The “FIND A CHAPTER NEAR YOU” didm’t work – then, I clicked on “SELECT A STATE” and it WORKED fine.
    The POC (point opt contact) listed for your area is Karen Rynearson and her phone number is
    (714) 604 – 3291. Before, I left a message with her and she DID return my call. Thanks Karen!!!
    There is also an email address near her info., I am not sure it’s hers
    The best of luck to ya Michael !!! ~~~ the Joe ~~~
    PS: Have you ever listened to Alex Jones? He has a radio talk show out of Austin, TX.. VERY good program for patriots who care. Go to all of the pages that come up until you see a “Listen Now” button. Click on it and it should start playing on your PC’s radio. It is a continuous loop, of current news, that you can listen to ANYTIME. “Bookmark” or “Favorites” it if you like it. I’ve been a listener for 8 to 9 years – I highly recommend it.

    1. Joe,

      Thanks a ton for your help! I just joined a few months back so I’m still fumbling around a little bit trying to figure out what exactly is going on, and I sure appreciate the help!


  4. Hi Joseph,
    Having joined OK only in June and attended no meetings, I too am frustrated by the lack of activity in what should be a very active chapter. One explanation (discovered recently) may be the atmosphere of intimidation, fear and doom Sheriff Gore projects over gun owners and conservatives in the county.
    However, none of these intrigues need affect the rest of us OathKeepers of which there are many, many more than the official numbers suggest. My wife and I will be attending the upcoming meeting at the Warfighter Academy, Escondido on 26 Sep. You’re welcome to contact me directly if only for encouragement.

    Todd Bethell

  5. I really don’t want to appear as though I am some great teacher. I am not. I have discovered something about myself that I want to confess. If this ends up sounding like I am teaching, it is only because I have had to teach myself this lesson and I and believe it is important. It may appear to be so elementary but the application of this subject produces profound results. It is being applied today and we are all caught up in it.
    I hate to beat around the bush. I’m a ‘bottom line’ kind of guy so here is the subject. It is all about conflict. Conflict takes place between two opposing entities. We are in conflict with an enemy so please make this personal. There are two basic elements of warfare. These are offense and defense. What is so important about this? Well, I think our enemy knows that our natural preponderance is to defend. We, by our very nature, have the tendency to take that position in conflict. This gives them a great advantage. We are predictable in conflict.
    They, on the other hand, are attackers. We are defenders and they are attackers. We need to assign great importance to this fact because it has great significance as to how we should conduct our warfare and how they are conducting their warfare. Know your enemy. They are attackers. I’m not even sure that defense is in their war bag. I haven’t seen it. Their tactic is always attack, attack, attack. If their attack is not successful, they just slide over and attack somewhere else. Hell of an offense, they have and very effective.
    What about defense? Well, defense alone will not win a war. Never has. Defense can be used as a delaying tactic. It can also cause the enemy to move to attack someplace else. The ultimate effectiveness is when you can cause the enemy to stop forward movement for a prolonged period of time. If that result is obtained, natural laws come into play and assist you in your cause. The cessation of movement, by nature, creates a condition of stagnation, decay, disintegration and death. The Gates of Vienna is a good example. However, the best you can expect from defense is to cause the enemy to retreat.
    Here is the point to all of this. The enemy is kicking our ass with this. They know our response (if we respond at all) will be to defend. Hopefully this is beginning to become clear to you because we are being duped into this on a daily basis. If our only tactic is to defend, then we are going to continue to defend ourselves right into the FEMA camp or the grave. We have to change and we are changing. Our primary tactic has to be to attack. Defense is important when the situation calls for it but attack is the only military tactic that creates victory. Enemy retreat is not victory. Enemy retreat is, at best, a form of armistice and we have to defeat these bastards.
    I think that Stewart has come to this realization and that is why we are conducting operations like Bundy Ranch, the mines and Ferguson. No shots have been fired as of yet. Nonetheless, we are beginning to attack. With the Ferguson operation, we are attacking and I would like to expand on exactly what is taking place there. So, once again, bear with me. This is also, I believe, very important. I’m am even going to go so far as to give this next section a title in the hopes that it will peak your interest to continue reading.
    According to the Bible and other ancient writings, there was a time when all the people of Earth spoke the same language. They may even have all been the same color at that time. There is no known evidence of the color statement. They all lived in what is termed the ‘cradle of civilization’. There was this man named Nimrod who managed to convince at least most of the people to build this great tower. Obviously he drew the people together for a great collective purpose. Community action, if you will. Evidently God took offense at this and He did something about it. He gave the people different languages. Supernatural event? Looks like it to me. Anyway, it obviously resulted in division among the people. Had to be quite a shock to the people when this instantaneous occurrence happened. Misunderstanding and mistrust occurred immediately among all the people. What was their response to this? They immediately set about to find commonality amongst themselves. When a person found someone else who spoke the same language, they stuck together. As this process continued, people formed groups and, when a sufficient number collected, they broke off from the others and separated themselves from the rest. Thus, we have different races, ethnic groups, etc. What’s the point here? People seek identity with other people. Separation into identity groups became a natural tendency for human beings. Misunderstanding and mistrust for other groups was also a natural tendency.
    Time went on and nations were created. Skipping the long history, I will get to the point of the matter. National identity; a battleground fully understood and exploited by our enemy. If you can get the people of a nation to lose sight of their national identity, they will be forced to fall back on their next most comfortable source of identity. These sources or places would be ethnic, racial, etc. We know this is happening in America and we know the natural tendencies of humans on this matter. This is perhaps the greatest tactic of progressive warfare against us. How destructive can this be? Well, it has divided the citizenry in every way possible. Divide and conquer. Right?
    So what should we do? We know who is behind all of this but we are not getting to them. They light the fires and then step back. We come in and do our best to put out the fires. Our efforts are being spent trying to put out the fires in order to heal our divisions. We may manage to put out the flames but the embers remain and those may never go out completely. We can hope. Now I do not deny that we must endeavor to put out the flames but, in doing so, we have neither injured our enemy nor solved the national peril. Our enemy keeps on lighting other fires (constant attacks) and we continue to respond by putting out the flames. It becomes a vicious cycle that is orchestrated by them and all the while they laugh and say to each other ‘what busy bees they are’.
    Well, here I am once again, blazing this trail through the wilderness of chaos. I stop to drop a marker and I look up ahead and who do I see? I see Stewart up there. When this happens, it gives me encouragement and confidence. I know that he is on the right course because he is taking the same course as me. I know that I’m on the right path because I am taking the same course as him. You may not share a personal appreciation for that fact but I just think it’s so cool.
    The Ferguson operation is all about the one tactic that will ultimately defeat our enemy. We have stepped in to help put out the flames but we have brought in the ultimate weapon. That weapon is the Constitution and the application thereof that will remedy the situation. What is the Constitution? IT IS OUR NATIONAL IDENTY. We are not Americans simply because of our address. Hell, Obama lives in a big white house right in the middle of Washington D.C. I would never call that man an American. Would you?
    We are a nation of deprived people. We have not been taught about our national heritage. This has been a deliberate action perpetrated upon us by our enemy. The goal was to rob us of our national identity. They knew full well what would transpire. Having no national identity would force the people to fall back to a lesser identity where they could find comfort and safety.
    The tactic Oath Keepers are using in Ferguson reaches beyond the flames to cause injury to our enemy. Just in case you haven’t noticed, we are kicking their ass in Ferguson. Oath Keepers have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution but now we are going further. Realizing that the Constitution is an awesome weapon in and of itself, we are transitioning from the tactical strategy of ‘defense only and always’ to a mighty offense that will change the course of this war.

  6. I have tried several times to contact the person in charge of the Utah chapter of Oath Keepers and have gotten no response! It is my desire to be more active in the chapter but I cannot seem to get info on activities that the Oath Keepers are involved in. Why is that?
    Sincerely MSgt. Andrew Selph II, 435-224-2762

  7. Can anyone tell me if there is a group near or around Kansas City ? How would we contact them with questions ?

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