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MSM Tries To Demonize Oath Keepers (As Usual)


InfoWars  has several videos on their site from Ferguson, MO. In the first video, they show Oath Keepers walking with two of their reporters, Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson. Oath Keepers offered to protect the two reporters, “covering their six”. The CBS affiliate in St. Louis made the ridiculous claim that Oath Keepers was hired by InfoWars to protect their reporters. This was patently false, and Rob Dew of InfoWars  contacted the CBS affiliate, informed them of the mistake, causing the station to change their report.

Is it any surprise that a Main Stream Media (MSM) outlet would attempt to demonize Oath Keepers by portraying us as hired guns? It is just another attempt by the MSM to smear Oath Keepers. One of their tactics is to make an accusation against us, then step back from it when the truth is pointed out. The damage has been done, however, as the initial accusation is stuck in the minds of the public.

Media Lies About Oath Keepers:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

CBS To Correct False Story About Infowars 

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”CBS To Correct False Story About Infowars “]

The videos from InfoWars that CBS twisted:

Armed Oath Keepers Swear to Protect Innocents in Ferguson War-Zone

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Oath Keepers Debate 2nd Amendment Rights In Ferguson Protection Action

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Witness The 2nd Amendment In Action On The Streets Of Riot Plagued Ferguson. 

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I love these guys, especially after watching livestream of Ferguson and seeing how well they handled obvious race baiters who should be appreciating their presence.

  2. Bravo… I cant tell you how much I smiled when I saw the OathKeepers at Ferguson. Spreading the word, I’m sure you guys planted a few seeds and turned on a number of folks out there as to the constitution, it’s protection and rights for each individual.

    Many people live in environments all their lives where such things are ‘gobbledygook’ phrases heard from time-to-time on tv or akin to some foreign abstractions and never really understood. Honest to goodness, generations of folks have not been educated to it, never lived it, or seen it lived..just po’ folk living life day-to-day. You guys put flesh on those bones for many and hopefully woke a few up to the promise of citizenry, patriotism, rights and freedoms outside of government (I very much believe most associate Americanism with American government)!

    Great work!

      1. OK’s presence in Ferguson is to provide security for the journalists/media and to educate these folks on their responsibility to care for their community and self. Educate, educate, educate…great work guys.

  3. I read an article informig that Oath Keepers were mingling among the Ferguson Protestors and inferred they were on the side of the protestors. On further checking it could be so and I hops so.

    Oath Keepers need to open up to Black America to teach them the Oath Keepers creed. Set up stall at protests across America regardless of the color of the protest and distribute the creed. God Save America. Setup a chapter in Black Officers associations. encourage black veterens to join the Creed. Dress em up just like white Oath Keepers. God Speed

    However, If Oath Keepers are there to perpetuate white supremacy, then all the oath keeping in the world will not save Amerikkka

  4. We know in advance the MS media will portray Oath Keepers as a bunch of crazy white supremacist or anti-government militia types. This does the organization no good. It makes it less likely we will attract new members, less likely we will get a fair shake from small press outlets and bureaucrats. It generally lessens our credibility. No amount of “retraction on page 47” articles will matter. The lies take on a life of their own, and are impossible to call back. A picture of an Oath Keeper with an AR and 782 gear needs no caption for most Americans. Unfortunately, that picture automatically says “crazy gun nut” to most of those who see it. Me3000 is right, in that information and outreach is necessary. We have a valid, important, understandable message, which is not being heard. I’m not sure what the solution is, but we need new tactics beyond the in-your-face guns on the street.

  5. ME3000 and Mike0369, This message is for you two. I spent the last 72 hours with no sleep, talking to the people of Ferguson, black people. New Black Panther members, black politicians, and young men who are black citizens. All of our discussions have been amazing and very civil. Many citizens approached me to ask, “What kind of gun are you carrying?” My answer was, “The kind of gun you should be carrying to protect your life, your liberty, and your property.”

    Of the hundreds of men and women I spoke with, every single one responded like this, “The police would kill me if they saw me carrying a gun like that.” How sad it made me to hear these words…..
    It brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions. The St. Louis County Police and Jon Belmar have so beaten down these people, that the mere thought of exercising a God given right not only brings a physiological reaction of fear and sweating, but also thoughts of certain death.

    We are going to fix this in Ferguson, I swear to you. Please, when you hear these false accusations in the media directed at Oath Keepers, remember that we are not racist and I can prove it. Go the the Reuters’ web site and search for “Sugar Pine Mine, Oath Keepers”, study closely the pictures they took, and you will clearly see one of the leaders of that operation, a Marine named Brandon, who is not only an Oath Keeper, but was a leader of that Operation. I took orders from Brandon while working on that Operation. We had other minority Oath Keepers as well, working there in Ferguson. Just keeping it real……….

    Your Servant, Sam Andrews

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