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Markets Bloody – Here’s Your Community Security Checklist

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By Samuel Culper III


As if you weren’t already aware, Asian markets are bleeding all over the place today (0100 hrs Eastern).  The European markets open at 0300 hrs Eastern, which I’m not staying up for, but the safe bet is on seeing Western markets open down, too.

I’m not ready to quote Fred Sanford in saying, “This is the big one, Elizabeth!”, however, this is just another data point in a string of data points, in the beginning of a larger set of data points all eventually pointing down.

So if you’re just getting started in the intelligence game, check out an article from last year:  The Community Security Checklist

We’re going to have massive shortfalls in time and resources, and those are only getting worse during an SHTF event.


Identify your most likely local threats and learn everything you can about them.  Spending an hour a day for the entire week searching out information on the web is going to increase your ability to survive, because you will better know what to expect.

After reading the post linked above, focus on these two steps:

1. Develop your intelligence requirements.  These are the pieces of information that we need folks to look out for.  Every member of our team or community is a set of eyes and ears.  The more eyes and ears we have, the better off we’ll be.  You as an intelligence officer or intelligence analyst can’t be everywhere or see everything, which is why we leverage collection assets.  Your son or father, your cousin, your neighbors are all collection assets.  If they see something important or suspicious, report it.  Read Generating and Managing Intelligence Requirements for a refresher.

2. Get out a map of your local area.  Get some clear plastic sheeting.  If things get sporty (as in an increase in criminality or looters during a real SHTF event) you’re going to have to ‘battle track’ the security situation.  That means using markers to color on a map overlay (the clear plastic sheet), marking where bad things are happening.  If bad things are happening in your area, you’ll be able to track if the threat is getting closer to your home.  How do we find out about this information?  Usually a police scanner.  Buy a Uniden Home Patrol (comes with pre-programmed frequencies for your zip code) or a scanner from your nearest electronics store.  (If you’re going to manually program frequencies, use the Radio Reference database.)  Fire that puppy up and let it run 24/7.  When a significant event is reported, mark it on the map.

Be sure to read An Intelligence Mission You Can Start Today and listen to the Forward Observer podcasts.  These are going to explain this process in greater detail.

Specifically, listen to podcasts #18 – Every Patriot is a Sensor, #7 Sparks on Communications Monitoring, #9 Operation Urban Charger, and the last part of #10 Urban Charger Update.

If you can do all this during this week, you’re going to be in the express lane for learning how to use the very basics of intelligence operations to improve your situational awareness and security.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Really? The “S” has Hit the Fan, wake up. Every day you climb out of bed and travel to work, return home, have dinner, get back in bed, you should feel blessed. Very soon that nights sleep or the travel to work or return home will be something out-of reality, total shock, and a change to the comfortable world you think you have. The Hammer is now raised as high as it will go and what remains of your once (normal) life depends on when it begins the downward decent.

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