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Josh Cook of Truth In Media Interviews Stewart Rhodes

Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook followed up with Oath Keepers president Stewart Rhodes to provide an update on the Oath Keepers’ presence in Ferguson.

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Cook asked Rhodes, “what is the media getting wrong about your group?”

“One of the first things they said was that our presence was inflammatory,” answered Rhodes. “And it’s quite the opposite. There were actually no shots fired and interesting enough, no arrests made while our guys were on the streets. And we protected several black owned businesses again like we did last year.”

“The point of us being there is, (a), lead by example and show the people of Ferguson this is how you prevent arson, this is how you protect against looting, etc. And (b), protect your community so that you don’t have this false choice that’s being presented to the American people- that the only way to stop arson and looters is to trample on the First Amendment Rights of the protesters or to have a hyper-militarized police state. The American people are being given a false choice,” said Rhodes….

> Read whole article at Ben Swann’s “Truth  In Media” site:

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Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Compare this with the black panthers, armed with AK-47’s and making terroristic threats, given a free pass by the criminals in this administration. Go down there and support the Oathkeepers, our patriots, and tell them “Oathkeepers – we have your back.” If not, ferguson’s coming to YOUR town – wait for it.

  2. via All my years, considering all thing, I have not EVER seen any group/ movement/ militia/ police/ feds/ otherwise do as good in the light of the real rights of the human race as the Oath Keepers, they being the real patriots of
    “The United States of America”

  3. I came by a year ago to let my displeasure be known about your visit to Ferguson.
    And in particular your outspoken defense of the power structures around these people.

    I appreciated you took the time to respond then.
    So felt I should follow it up after your recent actions.

    After the heat you took then, and now.. I have to say you are people of conviction.
    I laughed out loud when one of your members called Obama a “Mollato” on
    national television.. But I defended him because it seems like him & the rest of you are really trying..

    Now I know I could be wrong.
    But there are plenty of people who appreciate the help & support coming from any angle.

    And another thing I realized…
    Since you guys turned up in Ferguson…

    It seems the provocateurs have decided to stay away.. And the police all of a sudden are not being as heavy handed as we’ve seen them be every time before!
    Something you wont hear mention on the news.

    And I dont think I am the only one who has noticed that. And the most important thing you guys represent/threaten, is racial unity under the constitution..
    Which is a theme I can imagine some would not want to become popular.

    So yea some of you are ignorant.. But that is the start of all knowledge.
    So keep trying, even if you give us more laughs.. And be honest about it. Perhaps get some private advice from those Black Lives Matter people.

    Because it almost looks like your on a path that could change America for the better for a change.

    1. Tony,
      Thanks for your input, and for keeping an open mind.
      Sam Andrews, in Ferguson, said something like this: “Black Lives Matter. All lives matter. We stand for the God-given Rights of ALL Americans.”

      Shorty Dawkins
      Associate Editor

    2. Excellent input Tony and thank you. It is truly about all of our rights under the constitution to life, liberty and freedom from tyranny regardless of race or religious belief. For this is the cornerstone of our right to freedom and what makes the US so special. But freedom is never free and must be defended at all cost.. 🙂

  4. Your people who showed up on the streets looking like low rent contractors in Iraq where a mistake. You went in hard with a high profile into a situation amongst protesters, agitators, cops, criminals , and hostile media. I had given consideration to joining your organization since I had retired because last year you did good work doing static security for the business owners but your show boating placed peoples lives at risk. Very quietly over my 24 year career I have been involved with the patriot movement, and unfortunately your organization appears to have fallen into the same trap as so many others you have begun to believe your own press releases.

    1. Of course we believe our own press releases. Duh! You certainly have the right to believe what you will and internalize your observations as you see fit. We all have opinions and my opinion of you is that you just aren’t very thorough in your investigation of matters and it makes me wonder as to just how good of a cop you were. We have many good cops in our organization (currently serving and retired) and somehow they just don’t see it your way. So be it. I am pretty sure that you will receive a reply from our editor. His reply WILL be very thorough, I’m sure.

    2. I would guess Retired Cop, that you have never had the opportunity to serve in a peace keeping venue like Ferguson, probably because these situations don’t often happen. In fact, the Ferguson incident was like no other in recent history. Point number one: We have the right to protect ourselves FIRST! Call it showboating if you want. I would not go into that community without plenty of firepower and a vest. Oath Keepers don’t have uniforms per se, and we don’t go into dangerous areas like these in our Sunday best. Point number two: We protect the rights of the protesters to assemble peaceably according to the Constitution, and we protect the residents, the businesses because some of the protesters wish to destroy the community. I may not have the time to shine my shoes before the next time we are deployed. Please forgive me. BUT, you will know that I am an Oath Keeper. I had to pay for my own uniform, ammunition, and weapon. I’ll bet you didn’t.

    3. I am a bit perplexed at your comment, sir. The uniformed police, troopers and riot control officers failed to do the job given them by the public at large-to serve and protect. They “went in hard, with a high profile, into a situation …” and what was the result? Burned buildings, lost businesses and homes and shattered lives. How does that engender confidence in their abilities as peace officers, law enforcers? In several videos posted of the public’s interaction with the Oath Keepers that responded to the call, it’s quite evident that they (the local citizens) were curious, that they wanted to learn. It was also quite evident that they were ignorant of their Constitutional rights, given them under the mandates of the Bill of Rights, and that the Oath Keepers on scene were perfectly suited to teach them what their rights are. There was no evidence that Oath Keepers “agitated or inflamed” anything, but plenty of evidence that the results of their presence was buildings, businesses and lives that were preserved, as is. Lastly, your final sentence is actually quite revealing. Are cops so used to lying to the public that they sneer at organizations that believe their own press releases? In my humble opinion, it’s the very fact that Oath Keepers believes what they teach so deeply, that they are willing to put their time, money and their very lives behind what they say. That, sir, is what makes me trust having an Oath Keeper at my back in any battle, whether it’s a battle of words or a battle of bullets. Good day, sir.

    4. I’m also a retired cop and I agree things could have gone sideways very quickly BUT for the cool, controlled and measured way the O.K. guys handle themselves. While I wish the optics could have been better the message was sent and received without incident. I also thought they came off well last year protecting private property/life from looters and arsonists. While controversial, I believe the envelope was pushed to the limit this time but once again the O.K. guys walked it right up to the line and stopped. I believe they came off better looking then the Chief of Police who appeared to be ready enough to make, and what he had to know, was an illegal arrest and or detention of the O.K. But I ask you, if the chief had ordered his officers to arrest the O.K.s what would have happened?

  5. “Very quietly over my 24 year career I have been involved with the patriot movement…fallen into the same trap as so many others you have begun to believe your own press releases..” – Retired Cop

    The difference is we Oath Keepers do believe in something, and we Oath Keepers aren’t afraid to stand tall, speak out and openly defend the U.S. Constitution in the face of evil tyranny. So keep right on hiding behind the ranks of braver men than you, while others courageously cover for your weak spineless manner for which your oath is expressed. Have a nice day!


  6. I am a Native American Black man, and member of the NRA since 1990. I have been studying the Oath Keepers for years and I am very fond of this organization and what it stands for. I just met a woman Oath Keeper who was more prepared with her “bug-out” gear than my entire collection. That’s how you ensure justice. Not this “sheep-like” walking through the streets begging a brainwashed, police-state robot not to shoot you, and definitely not this disorganized, emotional, clown-ass, shouting and throwing rocks in the streets. I bet if the “police-state” robots encounter some well-armed, highly-trained, disciplined citizens who just stand their ground and say “enough is enough” very nonchalantly and unemotional-like, they’d think twice about shooting citizens unjustly. LONG LIVE THE OATH KEEPERS!

  7. As time passes and events unfold Oath Keepers hold true. We ( myself a member ) swore an oath that the politicians don’t respect. I will retire from public service in 2 years, never to look back. I’m proud I served my community. My sons serve now one fire, one police. Our governing bodies changed the rules to their blaintaint lies and own needs. We have created a generation of puppets and Americans that don’t know or care about the rights they protest are violated. Few truly stand knowledgable of our basic fundamental rights. I have been doing my part as a FREE AMERICAN as long as I can remember. I swear this Oath ” I will never give in.” Stand Free together or we will surely fall.
    Fire Captain/Paramedic

  8. Retired cop, I’m also a retired cop & understand your concern. Anytime you have two or more armed fractions, with different agendas, there is the potential for a simple misunderstanding to turn into an armed conflict. It would have been a catastrophic if something had gone wrong but the O.K. guys keep their cool, their muzzles down and got their message out. Even when confronted by the chief of the PD the guys appeared cooperative but still made their points A fine line to walk indeed! I do wish the optics could have been better but even now, looking back on it, I couldn’t think of a better way to handle it. As I’m sure you know the minds of the rank & file PD members were with the chief but their hearts were with the O.K. guys.

  9. Thought this was interesting when I read it. Oathkeepers, police, military and first responders, are considered “extremists!” It is telling that some organizations consider their military, police and first responders extremists for nothing more than wanting to abide by our Constitution! Daryl Johnson (2012), a former senior domestic terrorism analyst at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office

    of Intelligence & Analysis stated:

    Extremism is perpetuated through the words and actions of individuals, groups and movements – sometimes it transcends

    peaceful, law-abiding and constitutionally protected activity and includes threatening, criminal and violent actions…

    Extremist belief systems represent a broad range of religious, political and social causes. On the far right of the political

    spectrum, right-wing extremists include white supremacists, sovereign citizens (i.e. “Freemen”), paramilitary and militia

    groups, and other types of anti-government extremists (i.e. Birthers, Truthers, Oath Keepers, and Three Precenters). On

    the far left of the political spectrum, left-wing extremists today are primarily comprised of anarchists (i.e. Black Bloc,

    Crimethinc, Ruckus Society, etc.), Black nationalists (such as the New Black Panther Party and New Afrikan [sic.]

    Movement), and some fringe elements of the Occupy Wall Street movement. There are also singleissue extremists

    representing both extreme ends of the political spectrum. Singleissue extremists are distinct from the other types because

    they are overwhelmingly focused on a single political or social cause. On the far right, single-issue extremists focus their

    attention on targets related to abortion, illegal immigration or federal income tax issues. On the far left, single-issue

    extremists direct their interests against targets dealing with the environment (i.e. earth rights), animal liberation or antiwar

    causes. Source;

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