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Watch What Happens When Guns Are Banned In Australia

I ran across this video on YouTube. It just goes to show that banning guns does NOT lower crime. Rather, the opposite happens, as criminals are emboldened. It is a false argument made by those who want to make us dependent slaves. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Did the criminal sector give up their guns? Hell no! Did the government give up their guns? Hell no! Did police give up their guns? Hell no! Are you going to give up yours? Hell no!




  2. This was already known, and supported by further statistics in violent crime rate increasing afterwards, in Australia and England. the argument however says “But gun violence went down!!” how much of the “gun violence” was actually self defense??? who knows with the way they’ve perverted the numbers. also, why does that particular number matter when violent crime went UP?

    also why do they feel they have a right to revoke YOUR rights? your individual rights DO NOT belong to them! they are yours as given unto you upon birth, as such the only one who can choose to give them up is YOU the individual. so next time they say you should do it because of the safety and because they say so, simply ask them “when did you suddenly become the owner of my body and soul such as to tell me I no longer have rights?”

    also it is Molon Labe sir, and it is greek for “come and take” as said by king Leonidus of the Spartans to the Persian when they gave him an offer with an “or else”

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