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The Maine Prepper And The Patriot Nurse

Maine Prepper and Patriot Nurse

The Maine Prepper and the Patriot Nurse have some advice for those who are aware of what is coming. No one knows for sure when the SHTF, but most awake people realize it is coming.

WHEN will the SHTF?!?! MainePrepper and PatriotNurse

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Preppers and Survivalists Will DIE- Patriot Nurse

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Maine Prepper – Preppers Will Die

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Good stuff. One thing that most of us have not done is actually bug out and practice surviving with our chosen gear. It takes me 10 minutes to get out of the house and gone and I go spend weeks at a time in the National Forest and have found that I’m pretty good at it now. I am former military and believed that I was some sort of bad ass and could survive. I didn’t realize just how dependent I was on a stable chain of logistics. This has been corrected over the years. One thing I have added is a really tricked out mountain bike that will go over some very bad terrain and carry 100 pounds of supplies in case the truck breaks down or runs out of gas. It really sucked pedaling it at first but I have made up to 36 miles in a day on it over bad trails now.
    Speaking of training to survive and bug out here’s some Mormans teaching their children how to move large loads over bad terrain.

  2. The credit crisis is the next visible crisis to hit..just an aside note, there is only $250 Billion US dollars in circulation.. All else is funny money folks..hard assets and consumable products are ones only bargaining tools to survive..God help us!

      1. The videos load for me. I use Firefox. The site has been slow today, so you might have to wait a bit for them to load. Patience is a virtue, after all.

        Shorty Dawkins
        Associate Editor

  3. I grew up in the country, have skinned, cooked and eaten rabbits, and even ravens/black birds ( they taste nasty, but are still protein) and have also eaten deer, and wild game turkey is also bad tasting IMO but again, it’s protein. having land also gives advantage of gardens for vegetables, otherwise there is usually a garden worth in vegetables on most land if you know some basic horticulture.

    and around here, rabbits, snakes and deer are plenty probably won’t stay that way though.

    but living off the land is something me and a few friends have done in our youth, up to a week at a time. never really forget the skills entirely.

    1. The biggest challenge living off wild game is getting enough fat in your diet so you do not get sick. Just the opposite of modern urban living. I’ve spent the better part of the last two months since I retired out and lost 21 pounds. Rendering fat from an animal and eating liver essential. We have learned that fat in our modern diets is bad which is false.

      1. This is absolutely true, you need fat in your diet for many reasons including fatty and amino acids, besides, fat is the best part for survival as well, fat is used as storage for nutrition during the “dry” times when food is scarce.

        and yes wild game is hard..but not impossible.

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