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Technocracy: Liberty Brothers Radio Hosts Patrick Wood

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As the godless world’s problems have been adopted by America’s corrupted national government, and as the national government’s corruption has been brought home to our respective States, even now we are stunned to see the tentacles of globalism’s “one-world government” showing up in our local cities and towns. Whether it is the shock of realizing that the NSA has been collecting all of our communications; or the belligerence of berserk Federal agencies demanding that our local governments must bow to EPA or BLM or DOT or DOJ regulations which limit the exercise of personal responsibility, personal property rights, and personal freedom; or whether it’s the NEA/Dept. of Education’s subversion of our traditional family values and cultural traditions;  or the militarization of our local police; or the ongoing war against small farms and ranches and private property ownership; or the forced installation of “Smart Meters” at our private homes; or the tinkering with our national monetary system by the Federal Reserve; or whatever particular focus every Oath Keeper shall have noticed in his or her own town or city or State, something is definitely amiss, and, as Charlie Daniels puts it, “Something’s wrong, and we all know it!”

Instead of repeating their article here, I would like to encourage all readers here at Oath Keepers’ national website to go straight to The Liberty Brothers website and read about their intense interview of July 19, 2015, with the man who gave the world Technocracy Rising, the well-known author, Patrick Wood. Mr. Wood provides the real-world template which explains how Technocracy, riding silently under wraps in the Trilateral Commission for several decades, has done its evil work in the name of Scientism’s New International Economic Order, wherein our supply-demand capitalist economic system will be replaced by a strange and strangling system ruled by science and technology. On this broadcast Mr. Wood explains how NGOs working with national economic powers, and the United Nations have set the matrix from which we’re now seeing the ominous power of the New World Order’s envisioned victory over mankind and everything our Constitution was designed to protect.

Patrick Wood is the man who discovered the Trilateral Commission’s silent adoption of Technocracy, was a co-author with the late Antony C. Sutton, and has written the definitive book which I can heartily insist every Oath Keeper must read, Technocracy Rising. Teaming up with Jason Van Tatenhove and Jim White of The Liberty Brothers Radio show, this program is packed with information every liberty-loving Constitution-defending, Oath keeping member here needs to know. Don’t have time to listen for two hours? Want to collect up the high points as notes on your computer? Then I invite you  to read my review of Patrick Wood’s amazing interview on John B. Wells’ “Caravan To Midnight” show, < here. > Patrick Wood has got it figured out, all put together, and fully revealed now, so I encourage you to check this out closely and take notes. “Know thy enemy!“, yes? This radio broadcast is how everyone can “know“.

Technocracy: The Framework for Global Domination

7.23.2015 by James White of The Liberty Brothers

This article is at The Liberty Brothers website:

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The Liberty Brothers are James White of North West Liberty News and Jason Van Tatenhove of The Patriot Prepper Show on Revolution Radio. Jim and Jason met when they both went down to Bundy Ranch to cover the historical event for the Alternative Media. They quickly found that not only do they both have a deep passion for educating people about the truth, but both have a deeply embedded passion to do their part to restore our once great Republic. Of special note is the section at their site on coverage they did at the Sugar Pine Mine in Oregon this Spring (2015).  Hard working radio hosts, Jason and Jim have featured names we all know and love, such as Edwin Vieira, Stewart Rhodes, James Jaeger, Joel Skousen, etc etc. Now they’ve brought us Patrick Wood in another cutting-edge presentation. Don’t miss this one!


Elias Alias, editor






Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. I am not as passive about our federal government as some others. I am tired about hearing what the government is doing to us Americans and wonder how long others are willing to go before we take a stand and say “NO MORE”

  2. Has anyone noticed that while we all keep talking, RTIing, and educating each other on all of the globalism and loss of freedom we are experiencing in our nation, the enemy is winning the “fight” against us since the fight is not even happening? By the time any or all of us decide it’s time to take action to stop all this insanity, we will discover it is too late. Remember the quote “We have met the enemy and he is US”!

    1. We can fight, I suppose. And it’s easy to see what we would fight against. It’s even easy to present a winning strategy to win. Much harder, though, is to say what you want to fight FOR. Once you have “won” (you’d have to define for me what that means) what will you replace what you have destroyed WITH? And how will you prevent a return to what we have or worse?

  3. Great interview, went to Amazon and purchased the book. Time to do additional research and then, well we all know what is coming unless you are brain dead! God help us, PLEASE!

  4. I have never seen reaction be effect. I am a believer of : Lead, Follow, or Get the hell out of the Way.
    I am questioning the value of Oath keepers and I do support its ideas but it appears to be a reactive organization It has a strong memberships following but what has its accomplishments gotten us?
    We cannot win back our freedom if we only react. I have always believed that the best defense is a good offense.
    When are we going to change from following to LEADING?

    [Editor’s Note: I am only the editor for this organization, so am not speaking for leadership. I would however note for you that in the course of a few brief years Oath Keepers has implanted the meme of honoring one’s Oath into the political and philosophical arenas of American daily life. Stewart Rhodes was not “following” when he did that. Nor was he following when he initiated our stand against SWAT warrant-serving policy at Tucson, Arizona, or when he asserted the Ten Orders We Shall Not Obey, or the billboard campaign against military activity against American citizens on our soil, or the stand for the Bundy family in Nevada or the stand at Ferguson, Missouri, etc etc etc. So I would ask — exactly *what* would you like to see Oath Keepers “lead” this nation into? The only thing I feel that Oath Keepers is obligated to “lead” is the task of leading each individual American to lead himself. It ain’t about what everyone else is doing, it’s what one himself is doing. That, multiplied several million times over, can produce a social norm which upholds, values, and protects liberty. Thank you for reading at Oath Keepers.
    Elias Alias, editor]

    1. Dear Mr. Editor: I am not the capable orator u are and will always lose to people who write and speak well. That being said I believe there are more Americans like me that feel the time has come to stop talking and take action. Draw the line in the sand. On one side of the sand will be those of us ready to take action and take this country back. Load the trains and planes with the illegals here and all Muslims as they consider us infidels. Send them home. They are on the wrong side of the line.
      Joining them should be most members of congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential bureaucracy.
      I ask u to join me if u are on my side of the line along with all of us that have served in active military combat and have been and still are ready to die for this country. That is my side of the line. Also on my side of the line are millions of Americans who still believe in this country.
      The greatest depths of hell is reserved for those who stand by and do nothing. Sending armed Oathkeepers to stand in front of Recruitment Centers is a wast of time. That ship has sailed.

  5. unite together…………OR DIE ALONE YOUR CHOICE when one commits to battle the rest must join or oathkeepers are just a pitbull dog……….with no teeth…… the roman soldier getting ready to invade great britain said from the ship sides to the rest of the legion the standard bearer jumped in and said follow the eagle or loose it and rome won a victory on that day against the brythonic celts on the british isles when the entire legion joined him out of shame

  6. I hear lots of people pointing out the problem. I don’t see anyone presenting a solution.

    [Editor’s Note: By all means, please be the first to present a solution. Thank you.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  7. It takes money to mount a solidarity movement. Only 2000 active members on this Oathkeepers site. Of the “millions of gunowners” that are supposed to protect and save America, how many will pitch in for an ad campaign? Lots of tough talk online, but how many you think would rally with $100 each to shake things up? I don’t think “we the people” know the meaning of solidarity. Too many groups competing for air time or caught up in political dog shows. I’ve got ideas, but it’s not a one man show. How many people really willing to set aside petty differences and stop trying to one up each other to get on one loud drum beat?

    [Editor’s Note: I would be curious as to where you found the statistic claiming 2,000 active members on the Oath Keepers website. Thank you.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  8. Remember guys, We already have an enemy on our western shores right now. It came here 4&1/3 years ago from Japan. Now it’s killing our people & destroying our food and water at an alarming rate & yet our ‘One World Government’ here in America tells us that there is nothing wrong & not to worry. We must inform the people of the truth about Fukushima & the poison it’s spreading all over the world. My source for this info is from the nuclear watchdog “Beyond Nuclear. Org & Thom Hartmann’s Program on FreespeechTV where I learned about the Oathkeepers from Richard Mack’s interview. Please inform yourselves! Rev JAE.

  9. We could start a Bill. There are enough contributors with good ideas. Submissions for inclusion as articles can be discussed and modified to be representative of the whole body of people contributing to this project. Grass Roots legislative projects can be crowd sourced in a forum like this and implemented in communities across this nation. Put this bug in the ear of the people we live with on a local level first and grow from there. This Board, while important as it is, lives in obscurity as far as most of our neighbors are aware. Organizing small guerrilla teams setting up local chapters is where we fight back. Quietly and subversively getting the message to the people one community at a time and spread it like a virus.

    In response to a call for action.

  10. In the early 1980’s, I was stationed in Maastricht, Holland and was assigned to the Central Region Signal Group of Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT). One crisp, sunny autumn afternoon, our commander, Col John Wayne (no joke, that really was his name), called a meeting of all personnel in the break room. He informed us that the Baader-Meinhof Gang, aka the Red Army Faction, was known to be in the area and their most likely target was our facility. The colonel paused for a moment and a total silence fell upon the room. We were anxious to hear his next words which we assumed would be our command response to the threat. Instead the pinball machine blurted out ‘Quit talking and start chalking’. I’ll never forget that moment. We all had a good laugh but it also quite profoundly defined what we needed to do. No more time for words. This was a time for action. I think it’s about time to bring out that old pinball machine.

  11. Mr. Alias, please correct my last comment. I typed CRT instead of CPT on a number of occasions. It was a ‘brain fart’. I have them every so often. Thanks.

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