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Oklahoma Oath Keepers Summit Announcement

On August 2, 2015, the Oklahoma chapter of Oath Keepers will conduct an emergency Summit at Mustang, Oklahoma. All liberty groups and organizations are invited.




Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net


  1. We are attempting to expand the time allowed for this summit meeting, as we will be pressed to achieve everything in the current 4 hour window. Check back here for modified times. I will also post updates on forum.

  2. I am very disabled from a severe stroke suffered August 19, 2014 but if I can make it I will. walking is very difficult at this time and my left arm is still unusable. Finances are also an issue but I will try to be there as I believe the end is near and the time to fight back is right now!!!!!

  3. Elias,
    Any word when Florida is having their Oath Keepers Summit?

    [Editor’s Note: Joe, I have not heard anything on Florida. If they send me a notice I’ll blast out an email notice about it.
    Elias, editor]

  4. Is there any meetings or summits in Minnesota? I will let patriots know if I am informed. I am an Oathkeepers member and a TEA Party leader. I have the ability to inform a lot of people. I also work with the local Sheriff as he is a patriot.

  5. I wanted to share with you a solution to a lot of this madness which I gave to General Dempsey on his facebook and also his official blog , These changes I believe would take care of the crisis on terror and repair what the KGB subversion did to our society since the cold war, a simple solution, first step would be a new army branch , closing the gap on our enemies, a U.S Army County Guard , a step closer to the enemy right in our backyard, this militia or county guard would be volunteer, work similar to the swiss militia, lots of medical recruits to respond to chemical warfare and other terror tactics , one catch, the county guard would be to give americans their independence back , by making the county guard independent from the other branches of the army , the General would not take orders from the presidential or Governors office, it would be an independent branch, the soldiers would have by law a way to remove the General from command by 2/3rd’s vote if there was a controversy in orders, or the General neglecting to act in time of crisis ect. subject to the supreme court and military court , appointed by congress or however the congress would be involved , but not subject to the executive branch, creating a balance in military powers, to defend our home front from terror , get rid of the communists, get rid of the terrorists, defeat the gangs, defeat the mental subversion of KGB moles , ect , and unite us at home, bringing the army to Fort Home, securing our communities and getting our nation back from the private powers who took it away. This could bring the victory we need after so many years of Cold war subversion, with an independent branch regulated the right manner , no executive branch but defending the constitution , our freedom , and our independence , at home in our back yards, we close the gap , outnumbering the worlds military populations combined without creating a fascist dictator, the power would be given to the people to remove the General and the duties would be light compared to even the national guard, lots of intelligence work to investigate foreign and domestic threats, lots of medics, and just a simple soldierization process or weekend warrior soldierization , whatever is reasonable or possible.

  6. Flyer information is correct. Summit will be held at original location, during original hours stated.
    Sunday, August 2nd, 2:00pm to 6:00pm
    Mustang Community Center – Great Hall
    We need representation from all 77 counties; please attend this meeting.

  7. Hi This important Emergency Patriot Summit is this Sunday, and we really need some additional Oath Keeper volunteers to help with this event. Please let us know if you can help out as soon as possible.

  8. Hello my friends. My name’s Brian and I’m the owner of the YouTube Channel HighImpactFlix. In my personal experience with LEOs, it seems that a large percentage of them have never heard of Oath Keepers. I aim to change that by exposing my growing audience to your movement. Currently I have over 100,000 faithful subscribers. The existence of the Oath Keepers movement, in my estimation, is vital! We need to have Constitutionally minded Officers and Military members who are primarily focused on freedom for the people. You guys would be the first line of defense when things start falling apart.

    I plan on being at the Oklahoma summit and hope to meet some of you all. Who do I need permission from to cover this event?

    Thanks guys,
    Brian (HighImpactFlix)

    1. Brian,

      Glad you are going. I am heading that way. I will find you and make sure to say hello again.


  9. Gentlemen..Im an Oathkeeper in NE Okla and have tried numerous times to connect with Okla state groups but get no response. Im a vet and yes, Im getting irritated at not knowing where to meet up, or even receiving a response. Can anyone help me to connect? Thank you

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