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Obama Gun Grab on Social Security Recipients Part of Long-Term Citizen Disarmament End Game

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“Progressives” aren’t content to wait for Constitution-minded gun owners to die out.

“Seeking tighter controls over firearm purchases, the Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, a move that could affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others,” The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday. “There is no simple way to identify that group, but a strategy used by the Department of Veterans Affairs since the creation of the background check system is reporting anyone who has been declared incompetent to manage pension or disability payments and assigned a fiduciary.

“About 4.2 million adults receive monthly benefits that are managed by ‘representative payees,’” The Times notes.

The move to disarm veterans is one Gun Owners of America has taken point on issuing warnings against.

“For nearly twenty years, GOA has been telling you about the anti-gun atrocities being performed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Justice Department against law-abiding veterans,” the group explains. “When a veteran, as a result of a traumatic experience abroad, seeks disability benefits and/or counseling, VA moves to appoint a guardian to manage his financial affairs. Under illegitimate Clinton interpretations by ATF, this ‘inability to handle his financial affairs’ would make the veteran ‘mentally defective’ under 18 U.S.C. 922 (g) (4), and hence legally barred from owning a gun or ammunition.”

The bottom line is, Americans who have not been adjudicated as posing a danger to themselves and others are being denied a fundamental right without the due process that would be afforded criminal suspects. Taking the lead from government administrators or from “professionals” with financial interests hardly qualifies. Nor is it clear how rights could be restored, and how anyone in need of financial affairs assistance would even be able to afford to try. Less clear is who would risk a liability lawsuit giving a previously negatively-diagnosed person a clean bill of health.

What’s apparent is the government wants to disarm the citizenry and this is one way to make incremental gains toward that goal using a divide-and-conquer strategy. From the government monopoly of violence’s point of view, disarming veterans makes sense, because these are people who have been trained to arms.  And disarming “civilians” of Social Security age is another way to diminish a largely Second Amendment-sympathetic demographic. Think about it: If you’ve gone to a Tea Party event, how many graying heads did you see in attendance?  Didn’t age representation diminish among younger people?

A New York Times/CBS News poll from a few years back concluded “Supporters of the Tea Party movement are more likely to be men, over the age of 45, white, married, and either employed or retired.”

Ever impatient to force their will upon those they would rule, “progressives” aren’t content to wait for Constitution-minded gun owners to die out or to be replaced with “pathway to citizenship” naturalization of immigrants brought in to culturally terraform the Founders’ Republic. If they can hurry the process along, they’re going to, and the establishment media will be right there to cheer-lead for the betrayal.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. Non-preppers are an important part of Darwin’s Law. Their quick elimination in combat will definitely help the gene pool.

    1. as it states in the article, the govenment is and will continue to take small bites by enacting a law that states such and so on a small group. These small numbers will grouse and complain but the larger citsenship will hear but not respond in force. the small groups will continue till it is an establishe factoid of settled law which the government can the fall back on and rely on to force larger segments to comply.
      Happens in all areas. License fees, laws concerning yards, forced payments for water and sewerage that used to be at the woners decision to have a well and septic system, the whole ball of wax, don’t you see?

      1. Exactly, and I hear it all the time from family and friends: “but what can we do about it” My response is to get involved and stop screwing around with the trivial unimportant distractions called entertainment. Everything has changed and not for the better and if you are not willing to stand up & fight, then your little world will cease to exist.

      2. You Know that one can put a frog in a pot of water and slowly raise the temp and boil him to death Seems we are a nation of Frogs

  2. The VA already did this to me, called me incompetent for being late on my rent twice. I’m rated at 100% disability and they put a 3rd party in charge of my money, a lawyer and they’ve been late paying my rent 3 times now and to spend any of my money I have prove what I’m purchasing and practically beg them for it and they are so demeaning, pisses me off.

    1. They don’t care about veterans, only soldiers, because soldiers fight their wars and do their killing for them!

  3. It is increasingly becoming obvious to a reasonable man that the Communist OBAMA REGIME is laying the groundwork for the mass disarmament of all American gun owners. At what point will this trigger a response, not unlike that of the colonists in their fight against British tyranny.

    1. The “POINT” time is LONG PAST to continue with anymore writing on blogs, writing to NON-REPRESENTING representatives, ALL OF WHOM AS OF RIGHT NOW, AND THIS INCLUDES ALL members of ALL THREE BRANCHES of OUR Government going back to 2007 wether in office now or not, ARE TRAITORS TO THE CONSTITUTION, TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES AND TRAITORS TO THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, that’s CI-TI-ZENS!!! I have said this many times before…”To OUR military, THE TIME IS NOW, NOW, NOW FOR YOU TO UPHOLD THE OATH OF MILITARY SERVICE YOU TOOK AND DO THE JOB THAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU BY THAT OATH AND DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION FROM THE DOMESTIC ENEMIES THAT ARE DESTROYING OUR CONSTITUTION, OUR RIGHTS, OUR WAY OF LIFE AND OUR COUNTRY!!! Should you prove yourselves (military branches) to be of a desire to NOT OBEY YOUR OATH and DO NOTHING, within say…I say by the end of fall or Thanksgiving time…but that will be decided on by the TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS. I say the time is NOW for ALL TRUE CITIZEN PATRIOTS to RISE UP, TO ARMS and TAKE WASHINGTON BACK!!! ARREST THEM ALL AND TRY THEM IN A CITIZENS GRAND JURY!!! WHEN FOUND GUILTY, AND THEY WILL ALL BE FOUND GUILTY OF TREASON OF THE MOST HIGH AND ALL HANGED UNTIL DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!!!!!! I am as of RIGHT NOW asking that we ALL put our thoughts out for a time limit for the military to act and a person with whom you/we can trust that can get things going once plans are formed. There ARE several out there who would qualify for this position and I would like to suggest Cmdr. Kerchner. Failure on the part of the military to HONOR THEIR OATH, should that UNFORTUNATELY be the outcome, and I PRAY TO GOD THEY SEE THE LIGHT AND RESPOND, then it WILL TRIGER A RESPONSE!!! A RESPONSE EXACTLY LIKE THAT OF THE COLONISTS IN THEIR FIGHT AGAINST BRITISH TYRANNY!!! WE WILL FIGHT THIS TYRANNY!!! WE WILL FIGHT THIS TREASON!!! WE WILL WIN BACK OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!

      James (Jim) Judge Not concerned or afraid about giving my name. IT’s time to stand up and be recognized, ASSHOLES RUINING OUR GOVERNMENT BE DAMNED TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Buffalo, Iowa

      ps: THIS IS NOT A BS post,people, I AM SERIOUS!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!! To go any longer will for sure be the death of America!!! YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT!!!

      [Editor’s Note: I hesitated to allow this post to show up on our site. I appreciate your angst, and agree that we’re out of time, but Dude, you cannot be serious when claiming that the military should execute a coup. That is not how the military should honor their Oath, for a military coup is totally un-authorized by that very Constitution. Truth is, Bro, it’s up to we the people. Think on it — you’re expecting someone else to do our work for us when you demand that the military get rid of the vermin who’ve infested our government. Stick around Oath Keepers and keep reading, and maybe you’ll see a better way, a way in which you yourself can take appropriate non-violent action toward saving our nation. But whatever, a military coup is not the answer.
      Elias Alias, editor]

      1. Though a military coup might be very effective and, in anger, suggesting it is needed is a legitimate method of expressing one’s anger… our ever-thoughtful Elias Alias is correct in reminding us that a coup is not the answer to our problems.

        What we can do is continue to promulgate the 10 Orders to not Obey among all who it pertains to. Especially important are current military and law enforcement personnel. If current or future tyrants ever get the itch to tyrannize We, the People we know those gutless overlords are unwilling and unable to exert their own force against the masses of common folks. Tyrants require paid warriors to force the masses to obey. If that enforcement ignores the tyrants what will stop We, the People from forcing our will upon tyranny?

        The ruling overlords, the elites of the USA, have immense wealth and the power that wealth conveys upon those possessing it. America’s media is mostly elite owned and used to indoctrinate the masses into being complacent, compliant sheep who bleat their delight at obeying what they consider legitimate authority. It is imperative that our efforts at reaching out to others about the 10 Orders also include instructing the too-many elite-indoctrinated Americans that We, the People should not blindly obey “orders from on high.”

      2. what most people do not realize is the government was usurped a long time ago when the first president who was not qualified took the presidency.. After the so called revolutionary war ,I call it so-called because the Brits do not acknowledge it. The good little kings nephew gave America back to the king . read the treaty of Paris. Now go back and read the Articles of Confederation. Where does it say write a Constitution? It says amend these Articles. Well they have been amended and a new government is set up and waiting for every one that really wants to live in a republic with an oath and affirmation and an Assembly each man votes in no one asks how much money do you have or the color of your skin . This is the true government of The United States of America.Free inhabitants are welcome to form their own assemblies and send a delegate to the United States, in Congress assembled.

  4. The Second Amendment is the culmination of centuries of political thought about resisting tyranny. It is, as a last resort, the enforcement clause of the Constitution of the United States. If we ever lose our system, we must always endeavor to make certain that “the 2nd” is the last thing to go.

  5. Yes eliminate the Darwin Award winners and prepare for the Revolution – these dirtbag liberals don’t seem to understand the 2nd Amendment

  6. I read many articles on the internet, I can’t ever remember reading where a disabled vet or ss recipient threatened, injured, or killed someone. This particular group of individuals is probably the least threatening group in the country. Therefore, the imposter in the w h must have other motives up his sleeve using this action as a jump off point. I would say write your congressman but actions of the congress since this last election leave me to believe both parties are heading in the same evil direction. ……….WAKE UP AMERICA!!!………

    1. Definitely agree. Obama’s Gun Grab. He’s definitely grabbing at straws. My wife is a disabled vet. I’m her fiduciary also a retired Navy vet. We both own handguns used for recreational and home defense. The guns were purchased after passing an extensive background check. She has never been diagnosed by the VA as posing a danger to herself or others. The only reason I’m her payee is the fact that she cannot make sound financial decisions. Will I have to give up my gun? There are many different disability types. Not all are classified the same. To say that all disabled vets who have a fiduciary are going to be denied, the right to arm is inconceivable. As fat Richard stated above, Show me the stats relating to where a disabled vet injured or killed someone. Call your Senator or Congressman to voice your opinion. Can’t hurt. Will probably hear something some thing from the NRA in our defense.

  7. I have seen mention of this social security measure in a few other places.

    But not once has anyone mentioned that if a disabled person receiving SSI disability is not allowed to have guns what then of the caregiver who lives in the house with the disabled person?

    Example: My wife has MS, she is on disability with cognitive impairment. Can’t make her own decisions about money. If this monster becomes law she can’t have guns. That might also be construed that I can’t have guns in the house because she “MIGHT” gain access to them.

    Get that?

    It could be twisted around such that a caregiver, who can legally possess firearms, may not be allowed to have them due to the disabled person who also lives in same house.

    I have not seen that issue discussed anywhere. You folks might do well to toss that into the mix.

    1. This is exactly what will happen. Read it today on a news site. Same thing they did to the PTSD vets. No weapons in the house. Parents taking care of sick kids, siblings taking care of sick sibling, sons taking care of mom or dad… no firearms (or ammo if it matters) at the address. Would also fail any background check at purchase.

      This will effect many more than the assumed 4.1 million.

  8. WE NEED TO GO TO D.C. TO ASK THEM FOR THERE GUNS (((((((( MEN IN BLACK ))))) ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Well you know I thought surviving the removal of a orange sized tumor removed out of my brain was nasty. Now I might get to be made part of a new underclass of disarmed subjects just for trying to get a little bit of that money I gave to the system over a decade. A decade I spent doing 60s a week every week driving a semi and drinking so much caffeine that it’s probably the reason I got the damn tumor to begin with.

    1. Similar thing here. Brain cancer. Treatments and surgeries for the last 10 years (and I am young and lucky to have made it this far). Speech, math, reading, writing… all bad, real bad at times (this in addition to the fact that it will kill me). Needed a ‘represented payee’.

      When this goes through (and it will), I will be a felon. Not feeling real good about that. One of the few things I can still do and enjoy is hit the shooting range and shoot at paper.

      This BS is completely illegal.

      1. Well you have my sympathy. Cancer’s…. rough. I was dubiously lucky in that all I had was just a non-cancerous growth in my temporal lobe. But at the same time it was just the right combinations of chance to let the thing in my own head get to the size of an orange before I was having enough issues to seek treatment. Hell, the thing I went to get checked out was my eyes. I thought I just needed glasses because of how hard it was getting to read. Turns out it was more than that…

        All this happened to me back in ’13 and I’m still going through ‘the process’ of getting SSI. In fact I just got my court date late in September. I’m honestly wondering if I should just cancer it and try to get back to some job. Even though I still can’t use my right side very well and my ability to speak is spotty at best.

  10. I’m retired LEO and combat veteranve veteran, friends have encouraged me to join, while researching I find a video of Stewart Rhodes clamouring for John McCain to be hanged until dead, a sitting US Senator agree with his politics or not isn’t this a mildly extremist can anyone explain if this is commonplace here.

  11. If I have this straight? An immobilized person (on SSD) is paralyzed from the waist down, elected to have his mother receive the SSD deposit and do the shopping for her son, etc, and while sitting home in his wheel chair, a thug breaks-in and the son cannot defend himself with a weapon?? What is Obama smoking this time??? Crack will kill you, or at the very least cause you to be on SSD.

  12. How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time!
    This is how Obama is removing our second amendment rights. Every time he encourages or ignores a shooter in a public place (or sets it up) we lose.

  13. Is 401K membership the next group to be targeted for gun removal? Social Security was a National Investment Plan that members paid into like a 401K, Social Security is not an entitlement plan it is an investment that the government changed from a straight line plan into a bowl of spaghetti plan. An investment that becomes a social marker for destroying people and their real rights, God given rights, is a last step warning to us all, we can not wait any longer to act the time is now, now, now… Get with it, get into action with a force that can not be denied.

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