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Oath Keepers National Call to Action: Help Us “Protect the Protectors” by Guarding Recruiting and Reserve Centers

NH recruitment centers2

Time to Step Up and Get it Done.

This is a national Oath Keepers call to action, launching a nation-wide Oath Keepers Operation Protect the Protectors.   For this operation, we are calling on all Oath Keepers chapters in every state, and all individual Oath Keepers members, to step up in their community and stand guard at their local recruiting stations and Reserve centers (anywhere our military personnel are forced to be unarmed while exposed to attack) or assist as support for those who are standing guard.  Please do this immediately.

Recruiting stations across the nation continue to receive terrorist threats, and since the Obama Administration and the DOD still refuse to change the insane policy of ordering our troops to go unarmed in recruiting stations and Reserve centers, those troops are still at great risk.  So, it up to us veterans and dedicated patriots (whether veterans or not) to step in the gap and “Protect the Protectors.”

Many of our chapters and members are already guarding recruiting stations nation-wide.   In fact, on the day of the shooting, within hours of the attack, our Tennessee chapter was guarding several recruiting stations in that state (and are still doing so).   The next day, on Friday, July 17, 2015,  the Arkansas Oath Keepers chapter, lead by their state President, Special Forces veteran Rick Moon, launched their “Operation Protect the Protectors” in Arkansas, guarding numerous recruiting stations throughout that state.   On Sunday night  I held a call with our state leaders and encouraged them to do likewise.

And so, we are formally taking Operation Protect the Protectors nationwide.   All chapters are expected to participate.  If you are an Oath Keepers chapter leader (local or state), or CPT leader, you are expected to implement this operation as part of your duties.   All members are encouraged to participate or assist in any way they can (it is, of course, not mandatory for members, but they are strongly encouraged to take part.  It IS mandatory for leaders though).

recruiter op 2

United We Stand.

We will stand guard at recruiting stations and other exposed military locations until the DOD changes its idiotic policy of insisting that recruiters go unarmed, while they are in uniform, in a clearly marked public office, open and accessible to anyone who wants to walk or drive up.     Even after that, we offer assistance in protecting our local schools and shopping malls, which are also “unarmed victim, free-fire zone” soft targets where any terrorist can be assured of unarmed victims – unless we protect them.

Coordinate with the established state and local chapter leaders, if you have such in your area.   If you don’t already have direct contact to your local or state Oath Keepers leadership, use Facebook to reach them, or send an email to us at national, using our “Contact” form and we will put you in touch with them.

If you don’t have an established chapter in your area, then organize a team yourself, in your local community.  Contact us here at national for help with that.

Other patriots, whether Oath Keepers members or not, are also encouraged to step up and protect our recruiters.   If you are the leader of another group who would like to work with your local Oath Keepers chapter on this, please contact them, using Facebook or by emailing us at national.

We need you to do the following:

A.   Reach out to local military recruiters (and Reserve/National Guard), schools, malls, and police

  1. Send an outreach team to your local Recruitment and Reserve Centers, and visit High School Principals and Mall Security offices to:
  2. Let them know what we are doing and that we are Oath Keepers
  3.  Tell them they need to add security for malls and schools; that OK can help, if they wish.
  4. Tell them that we will be coordinating with local police stations for added support at or near recruitment centers, and that we hope to work with the police on assisting with protection malls and schools as well.  They are at serious risk of being overwhelmed by a coordinated attack by terrorist teams on multiple soft targets.  We can help.
  5. To recruitment centers:  that we are there to deter attacks on their site and their persons.
  6. Also reach out to National Guard in your area to offer assistance and coordination in case they are attacked (their personnel are under similar idiotic restrictions on being armed).

B.   Form teams:

  1. Volunteers (minimum 2 per recruitment center) on duty at each designated site with its own duty roster.  Best to have additional covert team to back them up.
  2. Need state leaders to draft email to all members in their state asking for volunteers and then organizing and coordinating them while maintaining OPSEC.  This can also be done via Facebook but again, think OPSEC.
  3. Uniform:  OK cap or shirt (or other way to ID team, such as arm-band), body armor suggested, and weapon(s).  See below for guidelines on weapons.
  4. Duty:  preferably 4 hour shifts per day; 8 hours if insufficient volunteers.
  5. Coordinating instructions:  sufficient ammo (min of 4 mags per AR, for example) to suppress an attack, Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), phone, camera, camel back, cooler with drinks/snacks/lunch (stay hydrated!).
  6. A courteous and professional disposition to all except Islamic jihadists.

Additional Preliminary Guidelines:

  • Work in at least teams of two.  If at all possible, avoid having a single Oath Keeper standing guard.   The more the better.
  • All those actually standing guard should be armed.  That is the whole point – to be armed to defend the recruiters who are under threat of UCMJ prosecution and discipline if they dare to go armed.   An unarmed guard is just a bullet catcher and another victim.
  • Be sure that those on the armed teams belong there.  Are they cool, collected, trained, experienced, competent and safe with their firearms?   Do they have the right training and/or experience to be on an armed team that may end up in a close range fire-fight with a suicidal terrorist with an AK?  If not, then they don’t belong there.  Remember, there may well be a parking lot full of innocent bystanders there when an attack is launched, and your team needs to be competent and calm enough under pressure to minimize the risk to those bystanders while stopping the threat.   We are looking for the quiet professionals.
  • If someone is not suitably trained or willing to serve on the armed detail, they can still serve in some support capacity.   Work that out among your chapters and CPTs.   Support is critical, as you will find out.  That is the whole point of the “B” or support team on a CPT.  This is a good time to get that organized.
  • The security teams can be openly armed, or covertly armed, at your discretion, and depending on your local situation.  You know your own AO best so you need to assess and make that decision.   An overt presence, where possible, does help to deter attack (though don’t count on it).   If you have good enough relations with your community and local police that you choose to make an overt presence, we strongly recommend that you also have a covert element on scene as well, to back up that overt team.   If attackers decide to move on a recruiting station guarded by an overt team, they will target that team first, so having a covert team to back them up will be essential to spoiling the attack.
  • Teams need to be close enough, and ready enough, to respond instantly and stop an attack at the very outset.   The longer it takes a team to respond, the more victims there will  be.   Use your discretion on how to make that happen.
  • Use your own best judgment on whether to use hand-guns or long guns, or both.   As for me, I would bring a rifle to what is likely to bee a rifle fight if a terrorist attacks, along with my pistol.  Again, depending on your environment, you can choose to have long guns visible, or not, and, likewise for handguns.  But always have a covert reserve of some kind, regardless.  Consider the utility of shotguns or frangible pistol and rifle rounds to minimize danger to bystanders.  But have  the ability to also shoot through obstacles, if needed.
  • Body armor is highly recommended, and since you are likely to face a terrorist armed with a rifle, rifle plates (steel or ceramic level III or above) are highly recommended if at all possible (Come And Take It! Armor has graciously offered all Oath Keepers who are serving on these security teams a 25% discount.  We will give the discount code to our leadership teams).
  • Be sure you notify the recruiters of your presence, so they know they are being protected, and so they don’t inadvertently mistake your security team for a threat.  Also, if for any reason you are unable to provide protection for any period of time during their business hours, be sure to notify them so they can make other arrangements and so they at least understand their exposure.
  • It is best that you also notify the local police and coordinate with them, if possible.   That will depend on whether you have friendly local police or not.  Some of our chapters that have already been standing guard have excellent relationships with local police and have coordinated directly, including letting the police know exactly who will be on guard, when, where, and what they are wearing.   Other chapters are in locales where the local police are not supportive and they are unfortunately not able to coordinate like that.   The more coordination you can do, the better, to avoid being mistaken for a threat, and to avoid a blue-on-blue tragedy.   But protecting the recruiters comes first.  So, if the local police are not supportive, or even hostile, deal with it and work around it to be sure the recruiters are protected (but be sure to at least notify the recruiters that you are out there).
  • Teams should notify the police if they spot suspicious activity that is not an immediate attack, such as is consistent with someone casing out a recruiting station or other actions consistent with preparation for a future attack.   let the police handle such situations, and just spot and report.
  • However, if an attack occurs, of course you must stop it immediately yourself, while minimizing the risk to bystanders as you do so.   Once an attack is launched, every second is critical and the longer the threat is up and running, the more casualties possible.
  • We will provide some more guidance and some ROEs on our members forum, or your team leaders will do so when you form up your teams.   Be careful to not put your SOPs, TTPs, or ROEs on the web, such as on Facebook or elsewhere on the open web.  And even be careful about putting too much detail on our member forums, which are also really not secure enough.
  • Avoid publishing too much details on which recruitment centers are being guarded, and when.   When contacted by media, you may want to give them one or two examples where an overt team is present that they can interview, but make sure they know those are only examples, and that other stations are being guarded as well, and they may be guarded by covert teams.   Do not give complete lists of stations being protected, or of total head count of personnel doing the protecting.  Keep that unknown to all except those directly involved and also the recruiters and friendly local police.
  • Work to coordinate wherever possible with local police to avoid a blue-on-blue incident. 
  • Be sure to get the consent of your team members before any media is allowed to photograph them, and be sure to have that covert reserve that the media never even knows is there (and cannot photograph).
  • You need to make contact with the administrators and security staff of your area schools and shopping malls also.  Help them to conduct a threat assessment, and offer you help and assistance in protecting them.

As said above, we will do this until the DOD changes its idiotic policy of insisting that recruiters go unarmed, while they are in uniform, in a clearly marked public office, open and accessible to anyone who wants to walk or drive up.

They may as well order the service-members to walk unarmed, but in uniform, down the streets of Baghdad.   The exposure is the same because any jihadist can simply look in the local phone book and find unarmed military service members to attack.  In fact, it may be worse to be unarmed in a recruiting or Reserve station in the US, since they are sitting ducks, in a stationary position, throughout their shift.  If they were walking down the streets of Baghdad, at least they would be moving.   This policy makes them sitting ducks, and unarmed sacrificial lambs, on the alter of anti-gun political correctness.

The DOD policy, which Obama has not corrected, even after this horrific terrorist attack, is an indication of the anti-gun insanity that has taken over in government circles in this country in recent decades.  It started under Bush the elder, back in 1993, and has been continued through all Administrations thereafter, of both parties.  It is foolish, irresponsible, and insane, and needs to be changed.   American police are not required to go unarmed as they do there work, and neither should American military personnel, and especially those who are ordered to work out among the public.

They are being forced, against their will, under orders, to go unarmed and they are at risk of prosecution and disciplinary action under the UCMJ if they dare to attempt to arm themselves against terrorist attack.   So long as they are under that false choice, we will defend them.   Thankfully, we veterans are no longer under the UCMJ and can tell the DOD and Obama to pound sand and they can’t do a damn thing about it.  So, we the veterans will go armed and we will protect our brothers and sisters in uniform until that evil policy is changed. – Time to step up.   As a SC Police Chief put it:

“We are not going to wait for the U.S. President to issue a directive for our U.S. Military recruiting stations to be able to arm themselves as self-defense. We have our local military recruiting office on extra patrol and a group of law abiding citizens, who just so happen to be former U.S. Military and pro-constitution advocates, that have vowed to stand guard to protect these offices. As long as the office is open for business these men are on watch duty!

This …is not vigilante justice! These men are law abiding CWP holders and former U.S. Military who will call 911 and allow us to do our job if they see something suspicious. But, they will also not hesitate to act if a terrorist with a gun approaches the recruiting office shooting. I would like to thank the Oathkeepers for stepping up to assist us and ensure that our U.S. Military are safe! As police officers we cannot be there every minute, so we appreciate these extra sets of eyes and ears that will notify us if anything is out of the ordinary.”

Keith Grounsell
Chief of Police

 recruiter and chief 2

Talk About a Team Effort!  Veterans, Current Serving Military, and a Constitutional, Stand-up Chief of Police in SC. 

And when it comes to our schools, we need to confront and deal with the reality that each and every school in America is a very soft target, full of unarmed teachers, and children who are being intentionally left undefended by the domestic enemies of the Constitution who control our federal government.   all of those children are at even greater risk than the recruiters.  If a lone jihadist can kill four Marines and a Sailor, imagine what they could do to class-rooms full of undefended or poorly defended children.  Imagine what a terrorist team could do.  See the recently released novel, Day of Rage for a graphic example of what that would be like.  We need to step up there to, and make sure they are protected and to make it clear who has their back and who doesn’t.

Not on our watch!

Stewart Rhodes

Founder and National President of Oath Keepers


PS – any questions, post below in the comments and I will do my best to answer them, so long as they don’t violate OPSEC.  Or email us.

For those who may somehow think this is “off mission” for Oath Keepers, let me remind you of your oath, which was to DEFEND the Constitution, and of the FACT that our mission statement in our bylaws is simply to “Defend the Constitution,” which is fully consistent with that oath.   You don’t defend the Constitution by merely encouraging others to defend it.  Sometimes, you have to step up and stand in the breach yourself.  This is one of those times.  By defending these recruiters, who are disarmed by an evil and unlawful policy, we have a superb chance to teach both them and the public about the necessity of an armed population and the wisdom of our Founding fathers (talk about awesome “RTI”), and we also have a chance to defend our Constitution directly against enemies, both foreign and domestic.  It is hard to imagine a more righteous cause.  And that goes double for doing the same at our schools, if we can coordinate that.  It may be we are unable to directly coordinate with school admin or local police, because of a negative political environment, but we can at least form up veterans and patriots into local QRFs to respond at a moment’s notice – we need to be modern minutemen.

If we don’t do this, we will leave the field to the domestic enemies of the Constitution who can’t wait to dance in the blood of more unarmed victims and use that as a rationale for further destruction of our Constitution.   They will never let an emergency go to waste, and it won’t just be the right to bear arms that they further destroy.  It will also be the rest of the Bill of Rights.  We already see traitorous retired generals like Wesley Clark joining with equally traitorous politicians to call for “interning” disloyal Americans after this attack.  Remember, whatever illegitimate powers they claim or advocate in response to jihadist attack will not just be used on U.S. Muslims.   They will eventually also be used against you, the patriots, veterans, and Christians.   Count on it.  You know that the domestic enemies of our Constitution are not really much interested in fighting or stopping jihadists.   Their actions make that abundantly clear.  But they sure are interested in you, and in preparing to fight and kill you, because you are the real threat to their agenda.   Always keep that in mind, and let’s screw up their plans by acting as the Founders intended a free people to act – let us become the security of a free state – the militia of the people – again.  God bless our Republic.



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. Thank you, Oathkeepers! It is shameful that this country has devolved into such a condition that an action like this is even necessary. But again, thanks for heeding the call on our behalf !!

  2. Unfortunately the guarding of our protectors in nj is out of the question. We would be considered the terrorist in this state of ignorance if we stood there armed to protect our soldiers. Pathetic

    1. Agreed! I am more than willing to stand guard but like CA suggests we would be arrested as terrorists. Any suggestions ?

  3. Well,, regarding “citizens arrest” and others in commie controlled states: how about your Oath Keepers chapter(s) purchasing bullet-proof front windows for the recruiting offices. In the recent attack the individual fired through the front windows from the outside, beginning in his vehicle. Being armed inside may well not have helped much?

  4. Anytime anywhere for brothers and sisters in arms..been there done that . and we all most step up to keep the rights we fought for .The one serving now are faced with threats here at home . I’ll be where ever needed.. Far north wisconsin

  5. My Hubby (Veteran Marine) and me (an Oath Keeper new Member will be more than Happy to stand a watch in our Area of Kingman, AZ!) We can be there tomorrow! Thursday and Friday are out for us, but Saturday is okay and depending on his schedule next week is also fine!

  6. I will commence guarding my local center this coming week. Thanks, Oath Keepers for your instructions and guidance. No one will stand up for what’s right like OKers!

  7. available for guard duty most days…in the Phoenix Az area, Chandler, Gilbert, Maricopa,, will look into it with recruiters,,, also feel a need to inform local PD about our status there

  8. This i a good idea. However it pains me that here in california the government insists that tens of millions of us be victoms by not alowimg us the god given constitutionally recognized human right to bear arms (no open carry) on public property. And in most of the most populous, and therefore liberalized counties, concealed carry is not possible either. Therefore, future would be attackers will probably be coming here next. Best of luck on this opperation.

  9. I would like to know what I can do, but I never get a response from e-mailing National or my local chapter. I live in Joplin, MO and I am a Life Member. I am also the Senior Vice Commander of VFW Post 534 and have members who are Active Guard with same ideas and thinking. Please contact me at the e-mail provided.
    Thank you and God Bless.
    Jeff Wehr
    U. S. Army (Ret.)
    Life Member OK
    Life Member CSPOA
    Life Member VFW Post 534
    Life Member DAV

  10. As a retired police officer, bodyguard, security officer, etc. I would like to reiterate how important it is to coordinate with local law enforcement first.

    Most states have laws regarding private security, firearms, etc. For example; in Danville, Va. it is a city ordinance violation to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun. Also, the mall where the recruiting station is does not allow firearms.

    Please tread lightly until you have local police blessings or things could get ugly real fast. Unfortunately, I have been involved in similar situations on both sides of the badge on this. It can get tense.

    I think this is a great idea but I agree that you should take the time to meet with local LEO’s before implementation.

  11. USAF law enforcement Veteran, Las Vegas in the late 70s. (Las Vegas NV is tough duty but someone had to do it 😉 HA!
    Sheriff office not open yet this morning but I am contacting them to see how they would react, what their opinion is of armed citizens defending recruiting stations, malls &etc. As a former cop,(unlike most soldiers) I know one always has to look at what’s behind your target so civilians don’t get shot up. Sometimes it’s a parking lot or there may be a school or homes in the background and one must have situational awareness. You make a good point about having the overt and covert team but we don’t have the manpower for that, most places. Especially in rural Ohio. And I wouldn’t trust most volunteers to not mess up and get trigger happy. They have not been properly trained. Most of them are deer hunters but have no knowledge about crowd control.

    This is Ohio, an open carry State.
    Your email is well crafted and thorough, well done!
    I will investigate if there is a local chapter of Oathkeepers here in hillbillyland. I spent most of my adult life in Los Angeles working in the ghetto so this is not my first rodeo.

    Most people would not understand your lingo, like COMSEC. I do, but you might want to explain better without using acronyms, so as to reach a wider audience. Many of them have no military experience so it’s just letters to them.

    Thank you for your excellent work. I will do what I can.

  12. I got out that gun I bought for the collapse and went to the range with the local Community Preparedness Team. I’m learning how to load it and fire, but I’m going to have to go back to the gun shop and ask,
    ” this thing didn’t load the ammo “. Preps are not any good if we don’t know how to use them.

  13. Regarding John, LTC, USAF (Ret) I think that all recruitment offices should have bullet proof glass not just commie controlled locations. Also do not be surprised if numerous non oath keepers decide to help guard the place on a whim. If reporting how many are guarding to law enforcement make it clear that you can not keep count of how many non oath keepers are presently guarding a facility.

  14. In response to citizens arrest I suggest that anyone interested in guarding a facility in New Jersey approach a sheriff and request to be deputized. By being deputized you would be able to carry as a law enforcement officer.

  15. I have been told the nearest chapter is in Colorado Springs. I live two hours from there in Howard, CO Fremont County. Looking for OKs to for a Fremont County Chapter. Also, need info on forming a chapter and CPTs. Please, someone let me know something. I have asked multiple time via comment box and emails. It seems like Colorado OKs are not very organized like some other states.

    I would like to find folks that want to protect the recruiting office in Canon City. Please call me at 719-239-8010 or email Thank you.

  16. Arizona Responds to the Call

    Spoke with Army Division Commander this morning and awaiting communication from AZ State Chapter President to relay positive results. Doc – shoot me an e-mail at: please and I’ll fill you in.

    It isn’t going to be easy in this heat.

    Ed Vallejo
    Arizona Events Coordinator
    Arizona OathKeepers

  17. Really appreciate what you are doing. Can’t find adequate words to express my admiration for this effort.

    I have started a petition on the white house site to call on our leaders to restore the 2nd amendment rights that we as civilians have so they can carry in their own protection. Here is the site, please spread the word.

    I can not stand guard as you are doing as I am the primary care giver for my 94 year old WWII veteran dad, but we can all put the pressure on our leaders to fix this injustice to our service members and their families, on and off installation, in and out of uniform.

    Mike Duke
    Lt. Col, US Army (ret)

  18. A certain school in NC or a few certain schools in NC are going to be attacked.

    And not necessarily/probably not by muslims.

  19. I live in Walpole, NH, 14 miles north of Keene. I have some time to volunteer at the Keene recruitment center but don’t know who to contact in this area…any contact info greatly appreciated.
    Semper Paratus!

  20. I have a different take on this. The military should be standing up for themselves. Who is Washington to tell these men they must accept LGBTQs, and fly rainbows, or stand there defenseless and take whatever happens! This is silly! The white house says? The pentagon says? They treat the military like dogs. Do as we say. Cut their pay, and benefits. Give the worst treatment in their hospitals. PTSD, depression, homeless, Washington could care less! You should be top priority, and not out fighting wars for worthless polititions, who screw it all up years later, anyway! So, who the hell cares what they say, when they say things like “you will not have the means to defend yourself”! The military should be standing up for themselves! What are they, a bunch of pansies, or are they fighters! Do we want pansies fighting our wars, or real men! LGBTQs flying rainbows, or men who aren’t afraid of anything! How about fighting for America (and each other), and setting things right! How about you stop fighting for the NWO folks, and start fighting for America! You swore an oath — to America! It’s our duty to fight wrongs, and to rebel against evil, it’s your duty too!

    Go read the Declaration of Independence. This came in the first year of the Revolutionary War with Britain. Let it now lead us to revolution again, and let us abolish the leviathan that has become our central government. Let us reset it to its Constitutional limits, and values. We have come full circle, and now have a central government that is infinitely worse than Britain ever hoped to be. Washington has failed to live up to its part of the agreement. They have failed to uphold the Constitution. They abuse our rights, and subvert the laws, with armies of lawyers. They fight wars we don’t want. They represent everything perverse, and corrupt, but not the people. They refuse to protect our borders. They tax us to death. They have created so many ridiculous laws, that control every aspect of our lives, that the terms “freedom”, and “liberty”, are now an embarrassment in the context they are used. They gave God the boot, and now proudly fly rainbows. The sign of the covenant between God and Noah, is now a total slap in God’s face. Caitlyn, and rainbows, are now the new face of America! We export immorality to the world in tv, movies, music, and porn! How much worse will it be for us, than sodom, and gomorrah?

    Why do we continue to feed this machine that no longer has any interest in representing us. The military should take a break. A week of insubordination! Let washington know were it stands! Let it serve as a warning! Yes, it would ruffle some feathers, and be the talk across the country. But this is what’s needed. Washington needs a slap in the face! The commander and chief might actually have to start acting like one, and display, and convey, the respect these men deserve, and should require! But, we need more, far more! We absolutely need to reset fedgov!

    1. Looking for one myself, but haven’t managed to find anything. I am contacting the Texas Oath Keepers to find out our options.

  21. Okay, you called us out about 11 weeks ago, and Indiana Region #1 has been, and still is, standing guard at the Fort Wayne Armed Forces Career Center, but we’ve heard nothing more about it. We feel committed, but judging from the web site, it no longer seems to be a priority. We’re starting to feel forgotten out here. What is the status of this project?

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