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Oath Keepers Can Take Lead on Protecting Public from Mandatory ‘Smart Guns’

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Gadgets may work in the movies for James Bond (portrayed by hoplophobe Daniel Craig), but in real life, how many of us have ever pointed a remote control at the TV and had nothing happen? — SKYFALL – Official Trailer: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Washington Ceasefire Director and citizen disarmament proponent Ralph Fascitelli says there’s “one thing the president can do now to reduce gun violence,” and Oath Keeper peace officers are in a unique position to bring some rationality into consideration.  That’s because his proposal subjects officers to becoming guinea pigs for “smart guns” in the field, and a preemptive refusal can stop such moves before they’re made.

“The president can make his move by encouraging the various federal law enforcement groups, from the FBI to the Secret Service, CIA, TSA and U.S. Border Patrol, to test and ultimately validate smart guns,” Fascis… uh, Facitelli volunteers (others). “Overall these various federal national security groups represent well over 100,000 officials and can generate irrefutable legitimacy to smart guns. Such validation should in turn stimulate state and local law enforcement across the country to use smart guns and eventually a consumer swap out of traditional firearms to safer smart guns.”

Notice how ultimately, choice is eliminated. It’s also curious how Facitelli makes much of his case using suicides — as if personalizing a gun would have any impact on that

As for his grand strategy, it’s not like he’s proposing anything original. The first attempts to make personalized firearms were prompted by police takeaway incidents, with a National Institute of Justice grant to Sandia National Laboratories to look into using radio frequencies to come up with a “solution.” But even though that was the impetus for experimenting with the technology, state laws requiring “smart guns” once marketable products are available pointedly exempt police.

Typically, I’ve opposed such special exemptions for law enforcement, considering them part of an “Only Ones” phenomenon that denies essential rights to We the People and further widens the “us vs. them” mentality divide. In this case, due to an admitted plan to exploit officers in the field in order to ultimately outlaw non-compliant firearms, such an exemption can actually help thwart that by denying the anti-gunners the “validation” they seek.

Any chair in a bar fight, I always say.

Oath Keepers who are members of any representative organization, such as the National Border Patrol Council, or of a police union, can urge leadership to issue resolutions opposing putting members and the public at risk by deploying with “smart guns.” Oath Keepers who are in “management” positions can likewise encourage the administrative hierarchy to adopt similar protective measures, as can Constitutional sheriffs and peace officers.

If you refuse to be test subjects for some anti-gunner’s not-so-bright idea, they won’t be able to impose it on your family members, relatives, friends, neighbors and countrymen who don’t wear a badge. Your leadership now can help thwart another infringement on our right to keep and bear arms.

Conversely, your silence will allow the antis and their media allies to continue promoting the idea to gain public acceptance followed by demands.  And while they’re playing coy using a “reliability” rationale, National Association of Police Organizations Executive Director Bill Johnson, and James Pasco, Executive Director of the Fraternal Order of Police’s Washington advocacy center, haven’t said “No.”

If you’re aware of a department or representative organization that has come up with a definitive statement rejecting “smart guns” in the field, why not share it so others can template off it? If not, and if you were asked to write a model resolution, what would you say?


We are proud to announce that the exceptionally talented and courageous gun rights/liberty writer and blogger David Codrea has joined the editorial staff of Oath Keepers, as an Associate Editor and Staff wrwiter.   David, along with Three Percenter Founder Mike Vanderboegh, was instrumental in exposing the infamous ATF Fast and Furious “Gunwalker” scandal.

David is a good friend of mine, going back to before I founded Oath Keepers, and he has my full confidence and trust as a writer with conviction, courage, and intellectual integrity.  Therefore, he has full discretion to publish here on any topic related to fighting for liberty and defending the Constitution, and unlike The Examiner, we will NOT be micro-managing him or attempting to censor him and cram David into a politically correct box that doesn’t offend the delicate sensibilities of Second Amendment quislings.   David still writes on his own War on Guns blog (which should also be a daily stop for you) and he will likely be writing for other outlets (if they are smart, they will jump at the chance to have him write for them).  I am just happy we here at Oath Keepers can do our small part in helping to keep this excellent liberty journalist in the fight, where he belongs.  – Stewart Rhodes



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



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      Another site is offering 500,000 for
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  1. Glad to see your writing at Oath Keepers, David. Good move, Stewart and staff.
    Thanks in advance to Oath Keepers in LE who push back on these so-called “smart guns”, which are really nothing but guns that government can disable. Nuts to that! Carry on.

  2. Thomas Jefferson sent a letter to Thomas Paine in 1796, in which he wrote: “Go on doing with your pen what in other times was done with the sword.”

    Welcome aboard David Codrea! We need good Patriotic writers in our Country now!

  3. Being a techno-geek, i love the idea of having my own gun keyed to mine or my wife’s bio-metrics. Take my gun from me and its useless to you.

    Conversely, I whole-heartedly disagree with any kind of “remote access” to that same firearm. And, if the guns work on “radio frequencies” whats to keep me from getting close to you with your gun so it activates and then shoot you with it point-blank?

    Further, what type of power source would these toys have? I really liked the analogy of the TV remote. If the battery dies, will my gun NOT fire? horrible idea at inception. Some things shouldn’t be turned into an iPhone app…

  4. The first “smart gun” will be shortly followed by the first “dumbing device” that will disable it (think cell-phone jamming). The first time a cop or warrior is killed because of it should occasion the first prosecution for manslaughter of whoever mandated its use.

  5. David, I’m very pleased to see you on board. It’s been a while since getting to talk with you, I think the last was at your house while Stewart and Richard Mack were staying there Your writing skills and attributes will be an excellent addition to this organization. Good Luck.

  6. Welcome David. We need to learn more about what Thomas Jefferson called nullification . “We the People” Created the federal government and delegated to them 18-21 specific duties and only those duties. Over the years Wilson,FDR,Johnson have expanded those duties without permission. We as States and individuals (see the 10th amendment) must Nullify those Departments, Laws and regs that do not exist as enumerated powers to the federal government. If it aint in there it aint. it is that simple . Educating the public is the key. And we must know the Declaration and Constitution in such detail that we can know what is and is not a power of our creation the federal government ,.

  7. Welcome Brother David to Oath Keepers! Keep the fight up and going. Updates and laws that infring on our God given rights need to be told about to us as quickly as possible. Give us ‘orders” when needed.
    GOD BLESS the USA!

  8. First, welcome David to Oath Keepers . Mr.Fascitelli , I suppose criminals will have smart guns to keep them from shooting their victims, correct? What you fail to admit even when the facts come from the FBI most deaths are non gun related. people die from many other types of home made weapons. Over 1.4 million people used guns successfully last hear to protect themselves. Yet, you offer no credible alternative or evidence to justify your smoke and mirrors attack gun rights..

  9. Thanks for making the decision to have David join your team. I refer to him, and Mike Vanderboegh, as the Thomas Paines of our time. They have both been, and continue to be, front line soldiers in our war to protect not only our right to keep and bear arms, but ALL of our rights.

  10. I seem to find another follower of islam causing hurt and damage, death and distruction. Then Oath Keepers declares islam is protected by the rights of religion. I find that no where in the Constitution of the united States of America. Certainly not in 1st amendment. Islam is a geopolitical organization with a manifesto named koran. ; Look here for starters

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