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Oath Keeper Testimonials


Adam Boyle:

Testimonial: I wish all of my fellow Patriotic Oath Keepers out there a wonderful Independence Day weekend.

Those who call themselves Oath Keepers know more than most in this country what the 4th of July truly represents.

The same as it was all those years ago in 1776, it takes brave souls to stand up and speak out against tyranny, when so many weak minded individuals will blindly back down and defend those who oppress us, and wish to take away our God given rights.

I ask that this weekend, we all reflect on the sacrifices our fore fathers made signing the Declaration of Independence, blazing the trail that allowed our nation to be free and to write our American Constitution. Reflect on all those that made the ultimate sacrifice to keep their Oath to the Constitution.

Our fight for freedom this day does not require bullets. It requires a different type of bravery. It requires us to have the bravery to stand up against waves of criticism and say:

“ENOUGH! My rights are given to me by God, and PROTECTED by the CONSTITUTION!”


If we can all stand up for our rights, and speak with one voice, than we should never have to fight the battles for freedom that our nations founders did.

Reflect this day on the bravery in 1776, and reflect on the bravery of those speaking out this day.

Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow Oath Keepers!


Steven Jeffrey Cull:

Testimonial: Declaration of Federal Cleansing of America

In America this 4th day of July in the year two thousand fifteen.

We the sovereign people of the United States do hereby give notice of our revolution to expel, arrest, and hold “Constitutionally” accountable those elected or appointed and tyrannical and treasonous in federal position.

Notice to Congress, Presidents, Supreme Court and Federal Agencies of the United States,

We Americans have stood patriotic and patient awaiting our elected representatives to “Honor their Oaths” and defend that which is the republic of the United States. Decade upon decade has faded as your abuses now escalate a critical terrorism upon us all. Your oppression has grown exponentially with your treason and now strangles the people, their laws, their lives. We have passively endured your federal abuses time upon time, again and again, and at every aspect of our existence. We the sovereign people of America, with deep regret and with no other course of action, do hereby give all federal elected and or appointed officials notice of the classification “Tyrant”; barring Patriots. That their tyrannical action be considered “War” against America,  the people of America, and the founding documents and laws of the United States. That engaging in war by legislation, financial manipulation, war against our founding documents, terrorism by force or perception, oppression of freedom or liberty, and or war by any other means or action affecting negatively the well being of America and its States, and its people, shall be considered “Treason”; Constitution of the United States, Article 3, Section 3. We the sovereign people of the United States do hereby list below your treasonous oppressions against the American people and our great nation and with the collective powers of sovereignty do hereby relieve you of all federal power and or authority and direct that those involved be arrested and tried by the laws of the land as specified by our founding documents and by those that abide by same.

• Presidents have declared war on sovereign countries without Congressional approval.
• You have militarily attacked sovereign countries without consent of Congress contrary to law.
• You have financially declared war on sovereign countries to manipulate your power and profits.
• Congress has passed laws in conflict with founding laws.
• Congress has manipulated laws to destroy founding laws.
• Congress has passed laws based on previously known unconstitutional laws.
• You have created a massive military to terrorize the world for your profit and power.
• You have surrendered the wealth of America to banking enemies for your benefit and profit.
• You have allowed the President to commit murder for your profit and power.
• You have allowed our federal government to terrorize the American people.
• You have allowed federal government to terrorize with 9/11 that you might alter founding law and documents.
• You have allowed “The Patriot Act” to continue terrorism against the American people.
• You have financed “Al Qaeda” through federal operations to terrorize America.
• You have financed “ISIS” through federal operations to terrorize America and world.
• Congress has allowed the “United Nations” to dictate law to America.
• Congress has bailed out banks etc that profited by collapsing our economy.
• You have militarized the American police and programmed them against the people for your power.
• You have perpetrated “False Flag” terrorism against America to manipulate fear for your benefit.
• You have conspired with the financial institutions to manipulate the economy for your wealth.
• You have conspired with food producers to promote disease and death in the
American people.
• You have censored and manipulated information through controlled medias to manipulate America.
• You have starved to death 100s of millions of people in third world countries for your profit and control of their natural resources.
• You have promoted race war conflicts to separate the American people for your federal controls.
• You have promoted retention and tortured in contempt and in violation of 5th and 6th Amendments.
• You have promoted illegal searches of Americans in violation of 4th Amendment.
• You have promoted illegal drug trafficking to “Dumb Down” America while you liquidate the wealth.
• You manipulated through bribery and extortion a “Police State” in law enforcement of America.
• You have manipulated laws to destroy “Freedom of Speech” in violation of 1st Amendment.
• You have passed legislation that your police tyrants might repel protest and
peaceful assembly.
• You have prevented the people from redress of their grievances for your control and profit.
• You have passed laws regarding religion for your control of the power and wealth of America.
• You have funded “Internet Censorship” in contempt of 1st Amendment.
• You have funded cyberspace espionage of foreign country’s infrastructure while not at war.
• You have funded the assassination of leaders of foreign countries for your profit and power.
• Supreme Court has upheld unconstitutional laws in contempt and in violation of founding laws.
• Supreme Court has ruled to uphold laws that aid and comfort and profit the enemies of America.
• You have controlled, through funding, the schooling of our young to accept your treason as norm.
• You have spent a large percentage of the wealth of America on spending for your profit and power.
• You have created a massive federal system of government in violation of founding documents.
• You have created massive entitlement programs to control the people and for vote manipulation.
• President created a health care program in violation of free enterprise and in
contempt of Constitution.
• You allowed a president to take office that was unqualified per our “Constitution” Article 2, Section 1.
• You allowed numerous others to run for Presidency that were unqualified per our “Constitution”.
• You have financially forced the States to accept your “Rule” through your unlawful funding practices.
• You have used America’s monies to remove those of good character from office for your personal gains.
• You have taxed the people into poverty with your massive spending for your own personal gains.
• You have issued massive amounts of America’s money as “Grants” for favors to benefit yourselves.
• You have butchered our young in unnecessary wars for your profits and influence.
• You have purchased military equipment to be used by our enemies to attack America.
• You have spied on America and collected unwarranted information in violation of the 6th Amendment.
• You allowed and promoted the “Federal Reserve” banking system to steal the wealth of America.
• You have removed the immigration barriers, that votes of illegals might keep you in power and profits.
• You have removed immigration barriers, that overburdened entitlements might increase taxation.
• You have passed laws regarding gun control in total conflict with founding laws of 2nd amendment.
• You have passed into law the Patriot Act which is in total conflict with all founding documents and law.
• You committed murder by “False Flag” to manipulate the people’s fear that they surrender their rights.
• You committed fraud and extortion by “False Flag” that added taxation be imposed upon the people.
• You funded foreign terrorism against America to increase military budgets.
• You removed high ranking patriot military leaders that the military might be used to attack the people.
• You have allowed NATO forces to control our military.
• You allowed our embassies to be attacked and Americans to be murder for your profits and power.
• You have ordered our armed forces to stand down as our troops were slaughtered.
• You have ordered our military against the American people, in disregard of the laws of “Posse Comitatus”.
• You removed the banking laws of Glass-Steagall resulting in economic crash of America and world.
• You have used federal funding to remove States’ powers in violation of the 10th Amendment.

You have allowed the Presidency to promote war with friendly nations antagonizing them that they might respond militarily. You and the Presidency have promoted such that American aggression might ignite World War 3; resulting in the destruction of America and thereafter your replacement of America with your “New World Order” government. This premeditated destruction of America is “War against America” and is your “Treason Against America”. War is war whether a gun or the stroke of a pen legislating a threat to the sovereignty of the Republic of America or the resulting damage to or death there of. Those involved that employ such are waging war against that which they swore oath to defend and are traitors to the Republic and are treasonous against all that is America.

Constitution of the United States, Article 3, Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in the levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, or giving them Aid or Comfort.

In every stage of these Oppressions, We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms. Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury and increased oppression. A government whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the government of a free people.

We the people of America by virtue of our collective power of sovereignty do hereby relieve all of Congress, all of Presidency, and all of Supreme Court of all power, control, and of any jurisdictions there of or there in, within our United States Federal Government; exempting Patriots. We the sovereign people do define you “Tyrant” and charge you with “Treason” and “Oppression” according to the founding laws as set forth in the “Constitution”, “Bill of Rights”, and “Declaration of Independence”.

We the people of America by our collective power of sovereignty do hereby instruct the States of the United States to employ the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and all United States County Sheriffs to arrest all elected and or appointed members of all branches of the federal government of the United States that have perpetrated tyrannical oppressions (Tyrants) and or treasonous acts against America, its people, or founding laws. Jail or retain “Tyrants” or “Treasonous” till such time as “Constitutional Law” and “Founding Justice” be again established and implemented by the States.

We the people of America by our collective power of sovereignty do hereby declare the United States at a “State of Revolutionary War”. Federal “Tyrants” and “Treasonous” are hereby ordered to surrender to the proper authorities as specified herein. Any refusal thereof shall be construed as “Levying War against America” and shall be met with the deadly force necessary to preserve our republic of the United States of America; authority herein granted to the people as their duty and right under founding law.

We therefore the people of the United States through our collective power of sovereignty do hereby declare and affirm that America belongs to its people. That the people shall be free of federal oppression and tyranny. That liberty and justice shall take precedence over federal self interest and treason. That to restore the peoples’ America of our founders it becomes necessary to declare that which divides and separates us. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of the divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Steven Jeffrey Cull


Donice N. Smith:

Testimonial: I entered the Active Duty Army in June 1974 as a combat medic. I was on my way to Vietnam for the “baby lift operation” but ended up in Korea where I spent 13 months. We Lived under Martial Law. I began to see how fortunate we were as a nation…and the older I got the more I felt the Oath that I had taken. I have served a total of 41 years of Combined Services….including National Guards in two States and Army Reserves. I have retired, knowing that the OATH is more important and more clear to me, now then ever before. My service taught me the importance of teamwork, that we are all an important part of the picture… and the importance to Respect all who give of themselves. We must Defend the Constitution at all costs.


No Littering


Earning community respect and support in Oregon.



Testimonial: I am a very strong believer in the Constitution, but yet it seems to me that nothing is being done about the politicians that are violating the Constitution. They seem to like using the word terrorist against the people that strongly believe in the Constitution. We the people need to stand up to these criminals that are in the White House and in Washington. I strongly believe that if we could get 5 million people to march in Washington this would definitely put a bug up their ass; and what we really need to do is get the word out to the younger generation and explain to them exactly what is going on. It seems to me that they have no knowledge of anything that goes on in Washington.


Shorty Dawkins