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Oath Keeper Testimonials

American Flag


Testimonial: Oath Keepers is my group cause it supports something I hold sacred: my oath to America, Not our crooked politicians who are ruining our country.



Testimonial: The reason I joined Oath Keepers was due to the fact that I gave an oath to fight and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. I proudly served our country, with honor, for twenty years of my life. In 2009 I found Oath Keepers. I realized quickly that I was in good company with people who are like minded and also took the same “Oath” and are willing to do whatever it takes to continue to stand firm by that “Oath”, an Oath that we gave with our right hands raised to God and to date I have nor will I ever retract it.


Joe N:

Testimonial: The government is recording everything (phone/digital/communication), archiving, and storing all of it for future access.

The government has created a dossier on everyone, including foreigners for
information exploitation.

The police and military are trained to kill and violate civilians.

There are cameras and microphones everywhere, you better believe it!

In order to shut down the system, you have to remove the foreign occupiers (entire corporate-government administration) of America…and that will never happen…



Nick Russo:

Testimonial: My Oath was very special to me because I made the same promise my father did back in late 1938. From the Oath we both took, we shared something very special:  Defending the Constitution of The United States of American.



Testimonial:  On March 17 1987, I swore to God and my countrymen that I would defend the Constitution of these United States of America against all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

I swore to uphold the ideals that the American Flag represents as stated in the Constitution.

As a serving member of the Armed Forces, in two wars and many other state active duty missions here in Oklahoma, I have witnessed first hand, the treacherous and abominable behavior of despots, tyrants and the havoc they wreak on a subject people.

I am appalled that my elected representatives would even entertain the idea that Constitutionally aligned thinking is in any way contra to the well being of the people of this country OR a threat to the Government of the United States of America.

I am not an extremist. I simply love my country and wish to honor the tens of millions of people that have died defending this republic.



Tabitha Strickland:

Testimonial: I enlisted at 17 years old with my parents consent into a 12 year contract with the Reserves. I still had a year of high school left after Basic, and when I came back my eyes were already opening to the corruption of the government in the schools. After being told that I was defending the freedom of my people, country, and home. I was astounded to see certain books being banned in school, how our 9/11 prayer at the pole had to be approved by the school board, and how anything that spoke against the government was considered wrong. Shortly after graduation, I reclassed to 31E and went active duty. My first duty station was GiTMO, where more corruption of the government was evident. I met my ex-husband there, as he was a 31E as well, and what the government calls a “conspiracy theorist”, but after he showed me evidence upon evidence, I had no choice but to open my eyes.

I was medically discharged when I was 21 and now I can openly speak without fear of reprimand from my former command. The laws and bills being passed, such as the Detention and Torture law, violate the direct rights of all Americans, embodied  in our constitution. The constitution that our forefathers shed sweat, blood, tears, and prayers for. Most of Americans are either too ignorant or blind to what is happening or they are content enough to swallow the honey-sweetened lies that our congress hands them. The time to act is almost upon us, and I know where I stand.This I’ll Defend.


Andre Lefebvre:

Testimonial: My name is Andre Lefebvre. I immigrated, from Montreal, Canada, to the United States, in June 1964 to specifically enlist in the US Navy. I am also a Vietnam veteran. After two years of broken service, I became an American Citizen in 1970 and reenlisted into the US Navy. After 31 Years of service, I qualified in Surface & Submarines (SSN & SSBN) and as a CARCE, for any French country in the world., I retired, in February 1997, as Lieutenant. I ran a civilian,Contractor Logistics Office, in support of PMS 396 Trident Submarines. After five years, I then switched to a completely different field, into Recycling Plants. I fully retired on June 06, 2011.

I found the Oath Keepers Web site,by pure chance and proudly joined the Organization. Educating Americans Citizens and raising the understanding & responsibilities, for those of us who took our sacred oath, is a priority.

Restore our Constitution and Republic.




Matthew Samborski:

Testimonial: Coming from a military family, my grandfather a Korean army vet, my father and Bosnia army vet, my uncle a Desert Storm marine vet, my aunt a naval officer and other relatives still active and those who passed on, I enlisted right out of high school on September 11 2006 into the Air Force as a vehicle mechanic with expectations of going army infantry after my 6 years was up.

Unfortunately I was medically discharged as of 2009 after failed surgery to help repair my worn and battered knees from working on vehicles as well as a security forces member. Every day I think about my time serving and I often think that it wasn’t enough, that I failed my brothers and sisters still fighting the fight.

Talking to my buddies still serving, as well as those recently separated, helps me to cope with every day sadness and despair that I witness. To this day the military is the only thing I know, and I am still trying to cope, but am having a hard time watching my country fall to pieces from tyrants here and abroad. I once swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution, now I find myself watching our government go against the American people and what we stand for, and for what our forefathers once did for us. It hurts knowing that this is happening and I will not stand for it. I bore that cross with honor and I’m still willing to do whatever it takes to protect this country and my brothers and sisters. I’m by all means not afraid to die for my country, and the people of the United States, despite being out of the military. I have always and will continue to live my core values. That flag that flies overhead to me is worth more than my life and I will do whatever it takes to defend it. Bottom line is I won’t watch my countrymen lose our freedoms and our dignity anymore.


Shorty Dawkins