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Level 9 News on GEOINT and JADE HELM 15


We will be talking in depth with D. J. of Level 9 News for an extensive look into the quantum computing goals for the people who put our military up to conducting the JADE HELM 2015 exercise this summer.

D. J.  is now speaking with me and is happy to lend her knowledge for all Oath Keepers in coming articles. (I did not know, but was delighted to learn that  D. J. is already a member in Oath Keepers.) While she and I are working on this, D. J. has invited me to make use of her video presentations for readers here at Oath Keepers. So let’s just start with this one.

This video is a look at GEOINT — the National Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. Get your pencil and paper, and note down the keywords for your own searches later, okay?  Oath Keepers salutes D. J. of Level 9 News for an outstanding presentation on the background behind JADE HELM 15.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

Readers who may have missed my series of articles on JADE HELM 2015, which are important background info about how things have progressed to the state of affairs revealed in D. J.’s above video may catch up with the overview provided in this series.

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:
My article on Pat Wood w/ JB Wells of April 02 2015:
Mystery Lady “DJ” on John B. Wells exposing JH15/quantum computing AAAAA


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  1. Oath Keepers- The original Constitution was lost to the signing of the Second Constitution in 1871,…shortly after we lost all Common Law, only to be replaced by Uniform ‘Commercial Codes’,…True sovereignty lost long ago.

    1. Pat, that “Act” of 1871 is not a “Constitution”. There is only one Constitution. You are right in thinking that our federal government went south on us in 1871, but that act was only an “act”, not a Constitution.
      Elias Alias

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