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Gunco Patriots and Oath Keepers PTP Lists

OK PTP July 2015(Photo credit: Rose Baca/The Dallas Morning News via AP)


Stewart Rhodes, Founder and national President of Oath Keepers, has issued a clarification for all members and supporters regarding our Operation Protect The Protectors.

He began that article with this paragraph —

Our Operation Protect the Protectors has been a phenomenal success nationwide, with many Oath Keepers in every state answering the call, and we have seen other groups and individuals also step up, in true American spirit, to do likewise. The response from the recruiters, from the local police, and the local communities has been overwhelmingly positive. They are grateful and touched by our willingness to take a stand in defense of our current serving military who are not being allowed to arm up in self defense even after the horrific terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN. And by doing so, we are making long overdue connections in our local community that will pay important dividends as we work hard to get our communities better prepared for whatever is to come.

Several days ago Stewart found a list of news articles about Americans of all stripes volunteering to stand watch over military recruitment centers around the nation. Many of them are not Oath Keepers, but are Patriots who saw the need to protect our defenseless recruiters and stepped up to help guard their recruitment centers. That list, posted by “Black Blade”, is at Gunco’s forum, here —

Our Operation Protect The Protectors has moved many to do likewise in response to the glaring need for security.  To Gunco’s list below I have added specific Oath Keepers who have made the news and revealed the public’s overwhelming support for their gesture of protecting our protectors who have been disarmed, have been prevented from carrying their own personal defense weapons. We now can see on the public record that, at the local level, Americans appreciate good Americans stepping up to guard the defenseless recruiting stations. Some Governors are stepping up and calling for changes. Citizens all over America are being supportive of those volunteering to stand guard to prevent another Chattanooga-like incident of terrorism.

We may also note that local news stations are reflecting their viewers’ sentiments on this, while the national media/press is harping the Federal government’s disapproval of what we’re doing. Think on that for a moment, yes?

These recruiters are military men and women who have all received the best gun-handling training available in the U.S. military, yet because of “political correctness” they are forbidden the right to be armed while on duty.  That strikes me as shameful treatment of our military. In my mind it brings up a question about “why” all Americans are not going around armed, as our forefathers did. I lament that the absence of arms-bearing Americans all over the place is a far cry from the customs of the people who founded this nation of States. Worse, I note that along with the absence from “proper society” of openly carried firearms (with the exceptions of some States, like Montana, where “open carry” is still common if not pervasive), we today also see an absence of personal dignity. Yes, personal dignity has waned from our culture in parallel measures matching the gradual loss of personal responsibility and the basics of self-governance. As Lao Tzu once (reportedly) said, “When mankind lost sight of the way to live, came codes of law and order“.

And so we have lost much, especially since the Dick Act of 1903. America needs to reclaim her heritage. Our nation’s founders brought their guns to Church on Sundays. They took their arms wherever they went, and modern-day Americans should be expected to do likewise. No “law” or statute or code or rule to the contrary can be Constitutional. I am greatly encouraged to see Americans stepping up with their arms to provide security where the government has failed.

The Gunco list makes a fine salute for Patriots across America, so I have replicated their list but have followed their list with a list of specific Oath Keepers, for readers here. Gunco’s list precedes our new additions posted below, so scroll down to see reports about Oath Keepers around the nation.  As more news stories come in I will  edit them into this article.

But I must add one thing — a new current is now moving across the nation, unseen. That move is to take the PTP program “covert”.  Think about that, eh? There are a lot more Patriots ready to stand up for America, without talking to the news stations or revealing their presence, as daily the face of government is revealed more and more.  God bless America.


From Gunco Forums


And in New Hampshire …

Armed Volunteers Guard Military Recruitment Centers In NH « CBS Boston

And in Washington …

Armed civilians stand guard outside Spanaway Army recruiting… |

And in Alabama …

Armed volunteers guarding Dothan military recruiting offices ?

And in Ohio ……t_centers.html

And in Wisconsin …

UPDATE: Civilians guarding local military facility pleased with – WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

And in Idaho …

Armed group guarding military recruiting centers throughout Idaho | Local & Regional | Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Idaho News, Weather, Sports and Breaking News – KBOI 2

And in Nevada …

Armed veteran guards Las Vegas recruiting center – FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

And in Pennsylvania …

Armed civilian guards local military recruiting center

And in Iowa …

Armed Militia Protect Metro Recruitment Centers |

And in Virginia …

Man Armed With AR-15 Stands Guard At Virginia Military Recruiting Office : News : Headlines & Global News

And in Florida …

Navy veteran is standing guard at Ocala recruitment center – FOX 35 News Orlando

And in Kentucky …

Laurel County Resident Guards Military Recruiting Office – | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather

And in Kansas …

Volunteers offer armed patrols outside recruitment centers | Local News – KMBC Home

And on and on in every state it seems.

Private Citizens Taking up Arms to Protect Military Centers |


>  End Gunco Forum Listing, Begin Oath Keepers Additions <


Ft. Wayne, Indiana ABC affiliate 21 Alive News —

People show their gratitude to Oath Keepers standing guard at recruiting center

WYFF News 4 Greenville South Carolina —

WYFF 4 Greenville SC: Oath Keepers guard Upstate military recruitment centers

YouTube for above in SC –

In Georgia —

Retired Marine Stands Guard Outside Ga. Recruitment Center

Souix Falls South Dakota —

Oath Keepers Among Those Standing Guard in Sioux Falls

Fulton County New York —

Fulton County ‘Oath Keepers’ stand guard to prevent future military attack

Clarksville, Tennessee —

  Armed residents don’t see themselves as security threat

Lancaster Pennsylvania —

On guard: Armed civilians take up posts outside local recruiting office

Also Pennsylvania —

Growing number of armed civilians guard military recruiting stations

Johnstown / Albany New York

Oath Keepers surrounding Johnstown military center

Tallahassee, Florida:

Oath Keepers Asked to Leave Property While Standing Guard at Recruiting Offices

Kalispell, Montana

Guards stand watch at local recruiting office

Grand Island, Nebraska

Volunteer standing guard outside Grand Island recruiting center


Elias Alias, editor





Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net


  1. I commend Stewart Rhodes’ Oath Keepers and Elias Alias, Editor, stand on Protecting the Protectors and “Keeping the Free, Free.”
    We haven’t seen such grass roots patriotic action taking place in America for a long time. What distinguishes this protective action from “left-wing” activities, is the volunteerism. Every participant has volunteered to do this own their own. They do so at their own expense and they were not “ordered” nor are they “paid protesters” as some are for liberal causes.

    May God richly bless each one who takes liberty seriously and may “the peace that passes all understanding” be theirs.

  2. This SHOULD be the first step in RE-ORGANIZING the States Militias…as required by the Constitution….since the states have chosen to use the National Guard in place of MILITIA’s…..Time to change this mindset….Oath Keepers might be the lead organization in this …followed by the NRA, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation…you get the drift….Semper Fi

  3. I want to be doing this but in SC we are not allowed to open carry and I cannot get a comment from our Governor Nikki Haley on the matter. Her recent attacks on our rights and her activist reactions since the shooting in Charleston are all motivated towards appeasing radical minorities instead of serving the majority. Which is a kind way of saying BUYING VOTES.

    1. Visit to see what you can legally carry in the the form of knives where you live. For example, here in New York we can carry bowie knives up to 15″ long openly. I wear one everywhere i go except to bed. And, short of a miracle, you can carry archery equipment. Terrorists look mighty pretty with feathers sticking out of their bodies. I have some major nerve damage that restricts my ability to shoot what I am aiming at so I wear the body armor from hell, and carry a pocket full of large washers. I can throw a bunch of washers to distract and possibly injure them, and charge the terrorists. If they hit me anywhere from my neck to my waist then they will need something bigger than a .50 Cal to hit the youngsters serving in the recruiting center behind me. You can do likewise. Be creative.

      1. may have further information. I teach combative hand,knife and stick skills, and anything can be used a weapon but in a clinch, knowledge is power, so find a place to learn combative skills, guns are a must, but unarmed what you know can save you.
        Keep a blade handy and your powder dry.

  4. – as an Oathkeeper, [ unfortunately, and due to poor logistics -and not enough OK’s for the very broad area,..] I have been working, ( quite ‘incognito’, with CC…) in conjunction with NYR [New York Revolution] in their efforts of similar defense watch in south central NYS…. Specifically, in Oneonta, and Vestal (near Binghamton) keeping an eye on the recruit centers at both places 55 miles apart… Today however I decided to wear my black / yellow OK shirt ( under a ‘dressy shirt with collar ) just to ‘advertise’ just a bit …. 😉

    My experiences have paralleled others – except my interactions have been …100% positive!

    And I have had conversations with many, both military AND citizen alike. Many citizens have provided goodies, water, even the offer of air conditioning inside their store,,, it’s been gratifying. One lady last week showed up one morning with $50 worth of a ‘large’ cooler…packed full of berries, candy, fruit, and many assorted bottles of something cold to drink, and said “This is for you guys, I’m so proud of you..” She must have read about the ‘citizens’ operation from the local paper the day before -complete with photos…

    Today another gal walked up out of the blue, and handed me a 2 quart bottle of cold water and expressed the same sympathies… Upon closing a bit early tonight, at 5:30, an Army Officer went looking for me (I had gone next door to the burger place, on a 2 min. nature call…) And when I came out he said : ” Oh, there you are… we’re done for today, and when I didn’t see you by the door, I went looking for you because I didn’t want you sitting outside for another 2 hours( in the heat) …with us already gone…” I was struck by his kindness, and then he added “we appreciate you guys” -which of course made my day. I replied, ‘we appreciate you guys too, and that’s why we’re here’… It was a very good conversation… He left for home with a handful of OK business cards to “give to the boys” -as I put it…

    yes, I would say… It was a very good conversation.

    Stewart’s observation of ” we are making long overdue connections in our local community that will pay important dividends as we work hard to get our communities better prepared for whatever is to come. ”

    -is SPOT ON. ~ I fully agree ~

    Problematic however in these parts is manpower; I learned that NYR is “pulling the plug” -as of today.
    In fact the NYR guy who initiated the Vestal detail was -not there- when I arrived today @ 2:15… not good…

    So there is quite a disconnect in South Central NY.
    HOWEVER, I plan on continuing, as much as one crusty ol’ cur can…

    Anyone reading this that wants to help on this important defensive -and- PR detail,
    get in touch with me & we can coordinate. Please DO.

    [ either through leaving a msg. here, or contact Elias Alias to ask for my contact email ]


    1. Hey there. Im looking to relocate back to my roots of NYS. Please shoot me an email. I would like to assist where i can if possible.

  5. I am torn between being out in the open or being covert. Being out in the open is in a big way putting a target on your back. Not so much by terrorist but by locale law enforcement and our government. My biggest fear is what our government will do and not the foolish terrorist.

  6. Sometimes seems hard to tell the difference between the “bad guy” and our government. Most of our “leaders” shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches. Sorry to say.

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