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GcMAF is produced in the bodies of healthy individuals. It is vital for the operation of the body’s immune system.  People with cancer, autism and other diseases have an unnaturally low level of GcMAF.  It has been found that introducing GcMAF into the body of diseased individuals, in a very high percentage of cases, reverses the cancer, autism and at least 20 diseases. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You’d think Doctors and the Big Pharma companies would be  tripping over themselves to jump on the GcMAF bandwagon. Such is not the case, as GcMAF would, while saving lives, reduce the profits of Big Pharma. It would also expose the deadly effects of a compound in vaccines called Nagalase, which destroys GcMAF in the body. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

Please watch the following two videos.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. GcMAF, absolutely amazing! There are so many alternative natural cures for the cancer epidemic and other diseases but the corrupt pharmaceutical corporations along with the corrupt government agencies suppress the truth from those seeking real solutions for their health. The Creator in His wisdom gave us amazing bodies and a way to keep ourselves healthy with the richness and abundant plant life on this planet. There are truly evil men that have no respect for life whatsoever. This was a great vid Shorty, I am going to share this…thanks!

  2. I knew Dr. Bradstreet. Compassionate, brilliant guy with a staff excited and dedicated to helping others. Spread this information far and wide! Let his legacy be a revolution in healthcare and healing…..

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