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Gary Franchi Next News Network Reports Talisman Sabre 15

Does the Military Industrial Complex really want to pick a fight with these guys?

Chinese Troops

Talisman Sabre 15  will involve 33,000 troops from Australia and the United States. It also will involve the FBI and some other Federal agencies, such as DIA. Worse, it will also involve the United Nations, reports Gary Franchi.


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Editor’s Note: If you click that little YouTube thingy in the bottom right-hand corner of the video it will take you to this video on Next News Network’s YouTube channel, where you can click “show more” to read the text of Gary’s  audio for this video. Recommended.


Elias Alias

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  1. Elias,, this has got to be a record for the most wordwide troop movements in a two month period since Vietnam.. I dont know about you guys but i sleep with both eyes open now!!!

  2. Elias is there any place I can read about this article, I have dial up so I can’t watch U-Tube.Thanks, CB

  3. Just went into Livingston Walmart under guise of looking for work.just pass the second set of doors was white washed press board walls extending to the celling.
    To the right a corridor almost to second set of entry doors. The store was gutted
    As far as I cold see

  4. I have been in touch with many modern day prophets who say that we will soon be experiencing an economic collapse and world war 3. Therefore, Gary Franchi is confirming this unfortunate prediction from a secular point of view.

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