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Chief Of Police Thanks SC Oath Keepers For Guarding Recruiting Centers

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Across the nation, Oath Keepers and others, are stepping up to “Protect the Protectors”, as the government, in its great wisdom, refuses to allow our valued servicemen and women to protect themselves, though they are highly trained to do just that. Go figure. We are proud to honor our military personnel by protecting them.

In South Carolina, a Police Chief thanked Oath Keepers for standing watch at a recruitment center. His letter is below, along with pictures of some of the participants. Well done, Oath Keepers!

“We are not going to wait for the U.S. President to issue a directive for our U.S. Military recruiting stations to be able to arm themselves as self-defense. We have our local military recruiting office on extra patrol and a group of law abiding citizens, who just so happen to be former U.S. Military and pro-constitution advocates, that have vowed to stand guard to protect these offices. As long as the office is open for business these men are on watch duty!

This …is not vigilante justice! These men are law abiding CWP holders and former U.S. Military who will call 911 and allow us to do our job if they see something suspicious. But, they will also not hesitate to act if a terrorist with a gun approaches the recruiting office shooting. I would like to thank the Oathkeepers for stepping up to assist us and ensure that our U.S. Military are safe! As police officers we cannot be there every minute, so we appreciate these extra sets of eyes and ears that will notify us if anything is out of the ordinary.”

Keith Grounsell
Chief of Police

Recruiter Simpsonville 2

Recruiter Simpsonville

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Once again the citizens of South Carolina and my home, Simpsonville, do the right thing. A big thank you to Oath Keepers and Chief Grounsel

  2. would like to join this group am retired AF 22 years vietnam vet 66-68 . live in simpsonville sc

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