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Chattanooga Shootings Show We’re Up to Our Necks in It

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Any questions? –Michael Ball/Twitter

“And they could have done what if armed? It was a drive-by shooting,” a comment poster at The War on Guns wrote as a response to  the “No Guns” sign on a Chattanooga armed forces recruiting center.

The statement reflected either ignorance or intentional trolling.  Of course no one can predict the outcome of a hypothetical—but that doesn’t mean it’s preferable to remove self-defense choices from potential targets. And Dean Weingarten at Gun Watch makes a compelling case that “there was significant time for the Marines to defend themselves, if they had been allowed defensive weapons.”

The antis have no rebuttal to the fact that men who were trained but intentionally unequipped were slain, and that it took armed men to stop the killer. Besides, such absurd objections are only made to mask the true gun-grabber goal: universal “gun free” zones.

It is curious how there’s no national outrage being ginned up by “progressives,” from Obama on down, over the immigrant killer’s Islamist tie-ins that’s comparable to the all-out ideological “cleansing” they’re trying to impose following the South Carolina church shootings. It’s curious; it’s just not particularly surprising, when you realize another goal is cultural terraforming, by hook or by crook, and if that doesn’t work, by force.

“Disobey posted death zones and understand that jihadi fourth generation warfare means we are all at war — everywhere, all the time,” Mike Vanderboegh cautions readers at Sipsey Street Irregulars. “The Jihadis have determined that they are in a global war with us, all of us — our families, our friends, the innocent, wherever we live and whatever we do. We cannot opt out of it because they will not let us.”

“[Y]our bystanding days are over!” Vanderboegh quotes Gregory Peck’s Captain Mallory character from The Guns of Navarone. “You’re in it now, up to your neck!”

“’Gun-free zones’ are nothing but death zones for the innocent,” Vanderboegh explains. “As an American at war, whether you chose to enlist in that war, you’re in it, up to your neck. You MUST disobey such posted death zone signs just as you wouldn’t enter camp gates unarmed with that other big collectivist lie of history posted on them – ‘Arbeit Macht Frei.’”

As an Oath Keeper at war, you’re in it up to your neck, too. Only you can decide if complying with or enforcing such zones invokes orders you’ll obey.

As a bit of late-breaking unverified information, a poster claiming to be a sergeant with the Chattanooga Police Department left a comment on SSI further claiming one of the Marines was armed in violation of policy “and fired at the cowardly bastard who then retreated behind the facility. There he began firing on the others.” With the understanding that this could just be anonymous disinformation, I will do what I can to reach out and corroborate or debunk this claim.



Here we go again.  Just as with the soldiers at Ft. Hood, these Marines died unarmed, with no chance to return fire against their killer, directly as a result of a perverse, idiotic policy that mandates that even our military warriors must go unarmed under this “Commander in Chief.”   This is the same “Commander in Chief” who required soldiers and Marines to be disarmed even in Iraq or Afghanistan whenever he or one of his minions (such as his Secretary of Defense) came in for a photo-op with the troops.   No troops were allowed in the tent, or anywhere near them, unless first disarmed.    And this is the same “Commander in Chief” who made sure Marines marching in DC had their bolts removed from their M1 Garand rifles (clearly, he doesn’t trust them to be armed around him).

No American, in service or out, should ever be disarmed, and no American should ever go unarmed.   As I said in my message on July 4, 2015:

Anyone who is trained and competent with their weapons should have a rifle and a rifle bag or chest rig with sufficient loaded magazines in their vehicle, at the least, and also a pistol on their person, at all times. But not just this weekend, and not just because of any particular threat – because that is our standing duty, day in, day out, 24/7 and 365 days a year. We the People are the true first responders. That’s how we should all be, all the time.


You should all be armed, ready, willing, and able to defend liberty anywhere, anytime, against any threat, because that is what it means to be a free people, and that is what it means to be Americans.

As Robert A. Heinlein put it so well:

“The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness.”

GO ARMED.  Screw their stupid, unlawful orders, edicts, and pretend legislation.  Go armed, at all times, as free men and women, and be ready to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness.    That IS the price of freedom.

I am in Idaho, attending an excellent class on SHTF Intelligence by Sam Culper of Forward Observer Magazine.   On the drive over, here is what was next to me:


That is in the vehicle, and my Glock and spare magazines are on my person, at all times.   Go armed.  Be ready to be the “first responder” anytime, anywhere, and send any attacker straight to hell.

And step up and stand guard at the recruiting offices, if that is what it take to make sure they are not defenseless while they are STILL under threat of being punished under the UCMJ for merely doing what they are trained to do.   That is what our Arkansas Chapter is doing.   The Arkansas Chapter President, Rick Moon (a Special Forces veteran),  launched “Operation Protect the Protectors” at 13:00 hours yesterday afternoon, and our members there are guarding recruiting offices.  I urge all Oath Keepers, in all states, to do the same.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes






David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. The liberals and the leftists fail to see that they too are targeted. The Jihadists don’t care we’re all doomed to death in their eyes.

    1. They will see when it is directed at them. Then the pissing and moaning will really start. They will want guns hanging from street signs and every bathroom wall in WalMarts and Macy’s.

    2. “The liberals and the leftists fail to see that they too are targeted.”

      Not fast enough, unfortunately. (The targeting, not the seeing.)

    3. Anyone notice that this has all the earmarks of another False Flag event?

      The Chattanooga Event Is a CIA/ISIS False Flag Operation

      Chattanooga Shooting Another Phony Fake Show: Follow The Many Government-Sponsored Hoax Signs
      – Shooting spree unfolded at two military sites – all within 30 minutes

      – “Lone gunman” with Moslem name (24-year-old Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez)

      – “Lone gunman” had no apparent connection to the two military locations attacked

      – Four Marines killed at Naval Reserve Center in Chattanooga, TN

      – Lone gunman dead

      – This happened on day #2 of Jade Helm

      – This happened on the same day the “guilty on all 12 counts” verdict was read for the 100% hoax Aurora Batman Theater shooter

      – FBI, ATF, and DHS in the area at the same time as this “shooting” – all are involved immediately

      – Media (suspiciously) had immediate access to both exterior and interior of crime site to photograph “bullet holes.” The inside of the crime scene should have been sealed OFF because it is a crime scene with casualties

      -The attack came on the last day of the holy Muslim festival Ramadan, a period during which leaders of the terrorist group asked for more lone wolf attacks.

      – What aka Obama had to say about the Chattanooga story: “It is a heartbreaking circumstance for these individuals that served our country with great valor to be killed in this fashion.”

      Witness account:

      Gina Mule, a server at a restaurant, said she saw a man who’d been in a silver convertible Mustang, firing a “high-powered rifle” at the [Naval] recruiting offices at about 10:50 a.m.
      She said she first heard “Pow, pow, pow!” She then went to a window, through which she said she saw the man firing shots.
      “I don’t know how many shots he fired, but it was a lot,” she said.

      Crisis actors (“witnesses”) interviewed by CNN: Too many smiles, such calm testimony after they say they believed their lives were in danger: …

      from commenter: THIS LINK WAS DATED JULY 15 which was WEDNESDAY IT WAS UPDATED TODAY AFTER 11am,and MOST LIKELY TOO SOON AS CNN was on the story HOURS .

      “Also, where is the NSA???? I thought their spying was supposed to prevent terrorism and they haven’t been doing that at all. ”

      (Video) 1:11 NEWSCASTER CLAIMS

      God Bless those who were injured or killed IF this is real.

      If not, those who are assisting in this as a false flag event to destroy our nation and sovereignty will one day pay and be prosecuted for treason, and that does include all actors.

      I would consider actions like these “real” only if American patriots are murdered, taken, injured; or etc.

      Otherwise, until proven otherwise all other “events” to me are quite possibly false flags to manipulate the people and make feelings run high, maybe even cause an event that could be used AGAINST those who stand FOR our nation and its people.

      Though I can see how that also can be used to manipulate us (not believing…), a real conundrum caused by technocracy…

  2. I am so upset/outraged that our brave men and women in the Military are DISARMED on American soil when on duty. I called both my Connecticut Senators and Rep. and STRONGLY stated that immediate action be taken to change this absurd policy. Perhaps Oath Keepers or other Patriots in the more free states with liberal gun laws will stand outside recruiting stations – ARMED – with a sign to the effect “that we WILL protect our disarmed Military”. SEND D.C. A MESSAGE!

    1. Arkansas’ Governor just passed a bill allowing full-time AR National Guard soldiers to be armed in the course of duty. Great first step.

    2. This has started today in Tennessee at the recruiting station that was attacked. What an amazing and resounding statement that will ring through the nation when people become aware of the necessity for common lay persons to protect our armed forces because of the ridiculous folly of our national leaders !!!!! On my days off this week I am contacting the commanding officer at our local Guard and Reserve unit to request permission to do exactly this !

  3. We need a NATIONAL Neighborhood terror watch where neighbors watch out for their communities just like neighborhood watch..**SPREAD THE WORD **
    They say not all muslims are terrorist but MOST terrorists are muslim both here & abroad and I can’t tell the difference so protect your family…
    1) Do “moderate” muslims believe “moderate” infidels exist?
    2) When islamic radicals hits a normal American neighborhood will muslim neighbors stand with their American infidel neighbors or with their islamic radical brethren?
    3) If muslims are willing to kill their OWN child in what they call “honor killings” should we still believe that they care about us and our children?
    4) Why is it that EVERY religion on this planet can coexist with each other EXCEPT for islam as muslims attack people in their own countries for their own beliefs?
    5) This video answers question # 2…

  4. It’s us or them… I choose us.. I recently went to a graduation ceremony… There were hundreds of people there… I’ll be very honest… It made me very nervous seeing woman wearing burkas… I knew exactly how many there were and where they were until we left… I was packing… And if the need arose I would have acted…

  5. Hey David .. I’m a pretty level headed man .. But I got to tell you brotha .. that terrorist bullshit dog just don’t hunt for Me anymore after the nation learned 10 minutes after we got there that the whole WMDs story was a Hand job and a pretty lame one at that . so I’m sorry my brotha.. I have ZERO faith in anything spoken typed texted or said on the News Media with regard to terrorist everything .. in fact anyone who still believes we were “attacked” on 9/11 need’s to spend some time on the reality sofa …

  6. Like the Israelis, our military personnel should be armed at all times, and that includes off duty as well as on duty.

    This might also be a good time to repeat an ugly chapter in American history, and round up all of the Muslims to be put in internment camps like was done to the Japanese, but only if it can be proven that they have ties to extremist groups. Thanks to social media connections, that should be easy to either prove or disprove. It would not be pleasant to see happen, but we are in a war with these people, and now that war has come to our shores. That is our reality, and we need to accept it, and act accordingly.

  7. Patriots should be fully dressed for all social events at all times, regardless of posted notices. It’s the right thing to do. Hopefully, 50 state, CCW, reciprocity will ensue. Whatever Oathkeeper leadership has previously published about preparedness, let’s pitch in and be responsible.

  8. A sad day in the USA. I hope but do not expect the politicians in he federal government to take the steps needed to allow the military or the civilians to adequately prepare a viable defense. Political correctness trumps rational, logical thinking.

  9. Last report I saw we should know where at least 30 of these training camps are around the country. Time to make a house call, round em up and send em packing. When will we say enough is enough. How many more targets do they get in gun free zones. How asinine, how stupid. Next will be women and children. They need to go back to hell where they came from.

  10. I personally will always be armed when I go in a death zone. I will only go there when there is no other choice but I will not support any business the has gun free zone on the building. Actually, I always think, “what idiot put this sign on his building?” It’s like a wacko magnet. We seem to be raising a bunch of fools who are like the dead walking and cannot think for themselves.

  11. There is plenty of objective information which indicates that “gun free” zones are crap. Unfortunately, arguing that with the anti-gun zealots is about as productive as arguing that Muhammad was full of crap with the Jihadis.
    These days I simply don’t go places where I can’t carry my firearms.

  12. I live close to Chattanooga (30 miles away) and Monday I intend to be in front of the recruiting office in body armor and equipped with an AR-15 and LOTS of ammo. While these service members cannot legally defend themselves, I can.

    Perhaps if enough of us do the same, the ridiculousness of these DOD directives will become apparent to all.

  13. Why are we putting up with this treason? All we got is Repentance, then Recall or Revolution. Period. Surely some one in this country has balls enough to organize a Christian Militia. The founding fathers and the South didn’t put up with this abuse. I’m in Missouri, by Laura Ingalls Wilders house in Mansfield. I ain’t no troll or Fed, I’m pissed off. Why is this government in office? What will it take to get “MEN” off there ass? By God we must stop this insanity.

    1. “I’m pissed off. Why is this government in office?”
      The politicians and judges are acting out the positions they hold for the corporate US of A. We have been in “State Capture” for some time by the banking cartels.

  14. is the source for the news, suggestion, information that both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have filed or will file legislation “that will allow members of the military to carry personal sidearms to defend themselves against terror attacks in the US”

  15. Yes our country has been compromised and all they see is a bunch of sheep ready for the slaughterhouse. I say it’s time to change that !!! everyone should be able to carry a gun the hell with the laws and the permits they don’t need them why should we. This is not the old west those days are gone this is our country and our lives our kids and our family’s so lets not be the sheep’s lets be the wolves in sheep’s clothing and take our country back cause no one else is going to help us all we have is each other.

  16. Why are we putting up with this? I’m a 54 year old vet. Born and raised in the Army, I am ready to fight this treason, where are the leaders? I’m in Missouri, we must Repent and then, it’s RECALL or Revolution, now. This Fraud in the white house and the sellout congress are traitors, WHY ARE WE PUTTING UP WITH THIS?!

    1. Because we don’t have anyone to organize us, simple as that. It will take a untied front of a large number of Americans to put an end to what is and has been taking place. To date, we don’t have a leader and we don’t have the financial resource.

  17. I must ask you all. What are you gonna do, the first time you hear Allahu Akbar yelled loudly, while you’re at the mall with family or friends? What are you all gonna do when you hear that phrase, those first pops from a semi-auto long gun or a pistol? Those of you who are anti-gun will be wishing you had one. Those of you that are carrying will raise up from the cover you just put your family and friends behind and find the source! Don’t worry leftists wimps..we got this. I didn’t spend 23 years in the Navy, learn Arabic and study the culture of Islam to let you cowards die. We got ya…and yes, this retired chief is packing these days-everywhere I go!

  18. 1. Even the most ardent liberal, wouldn’t deny that deer have the right to defend themselves against the wolf with horn and hoof, yet they consistently deny the same natural right to members of their own species. Bees have stingers for a reason.

    2. Not all Muslims are evil. There is, however, a seemingly large number of them who take a radical view of their religion. Those are the ones we need to be aware of and defend ourselves from when confronted.

    3. As far as a motive for the shooting, the young man in question was a devout Muslim, who in April was arrested for DUI. He was scheduled to appear in court later this month. I think that his guilt and his internal conflict caused by a bad decision, along with the fact that the shooting occurred on the last day of Ramadan all came together in such a way that the shooting was his way of demonstrating his devotion. And that should disturb anyone who thinks about it.

  19. Read the warning going Sign entering Redstone Arsenal located in Huntsville, Alabama!, a military base: NO FIREARMS ALLOWED

    THis sign is a bunch of bullshit. Why am I not permitted to carry a gun on an arms training military base. Get real,

  20. The ‘goal’ has always been the same. Control of the masses. Things were going good until those upstart Britons escaped the control effort (via Religion) and started the Great U S of A. That held for a while, but TECHNOLOGY finally caught up with the original effort, and the game was afoot once more.

    Number everyone. That’s the ONLY way you can sort people out. But what if the populous has an aversion to being numbered? Well, how about letting some troublemaking ‘bad guys’ in amongst the good people. That should stir things up to where, in fear of their ‘safety’, they will go along with a numbering system.

    You didn’t fall for it with the Hispanics, so what’s a tyrant to do? I know, lets ship in a bunch of other ‘third world’ yahoos that don’t exactly like us but don’t like where they are and how they are treated even worse. Oh yeah, by the way, THEY ARE COMMANDED TO CONVERT US TO ISLAM OR PUT US TO DEATH. Maybe that will get them all on board for the numbering system (in a ‘Total Awareness’ surveillance landscape), followed by the elimination of non-digital currency to close the iron fist that sets the velvet glove in fire…

    The time for ‘solutions’ are long passed. We are in the back seat of a flaming car going downhill at too great a speed to bail out. Those of us who had the foresight to don a firesuit can only ride it out and pray for survival after impact.

    The rest are destined to burn.

    Ed in AZ

  21. Dear Oathkeepers,
    Firstly, I would like to thank each & every one of you for standing up for our Constitution / Bill of Rights & trying to regain our Freedom through all of your hard work. I have been following you all for awhile. I have the utmost RESPECT for your organization. WE NEED MORE PATRIOTS LIKE YOU!
    I am saddened once again , regarding yet another tragic shooting of our UN armed Military personnel . My Uncle is a Vietnam Vet ( MARINE) and every man in my family ( as well as many friends) have served this Country .either in the Military or as a LEO. My Great Uncle (x3 was ) U.S Grant.
    More than just being saddened by the tragic MURDER of OUR Marines in TN ( as well as ALL the others) I am PISSED OFF! These men & women are expected to die for OUR RIGHTS and yet they are unable to protect themselves HERE in OUR COUNTRY!!! This is an outrage & has gone on long enough! I am totally disgusted by the statement of Gen. Ray Odierno playing this BS Political Game!
    I am no one special… 5’4 ..105lbs 40 something woman who Never joined the Military.. however.. I AM A PATRIOT and I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK! I am proficient in firearms & have some training in KRAV MAGA. I plan to stand outside my local recruiter office in West Palm Beach, FL with my CCW & my pistol and protect those who are unable ( thx to Clinton & BHO) to protect themselves. ALONE IF NEED BE! WE as citizens need to STAND UP for those who have sacrificed so much for us.
    This is the only action I know to take at this time. My health is not great but my trigger finger is just fine. I’m willing to die for what I believe in & for those who have died for ME!
    My hope commenting here is that other Law abiding gun owners/Patriots will organize & do the same. It’s time that we REALLY SHOW OUR Military that WE DO Support them & not just w/ pics on FB & yellow ribbons.
    STAND UP OR SHUT UP PATRIOTS b/c that is what its coming to!

    Thank You,
    WPB, FL

    1. Well said K.Turner and I admire your dedication! I am also a woman but twice your age so there’s little I can do except help to encourage others and get the word out.
      My late hubby served his country nine years in the USAF and my oldest son served in the US Navy. I learned a lot about the military and the people who serve in it during all those years and felt a real sense of belonging.
      God bless all Oath Keepers and those active in LEO whose patriotism and honor are not going to go unrewarded.

      1. I think women 70 – 80 in age can take out their CCP permit, arm up with their pistol(s) 24/7 and take an oath to protect and defend our country. No one is too old!

    2. Thank you, K. Turner! You are a true patriot Your love for our troops and country shows us all what needs to be done. I only wish I can do the same but here in New Jersey it’s impossible to get a CCW unless your life has directly been threatened or you become a LEO. We have the worse gun laws in the country thanks to the anti-gun hypocrite politicians who walk around with armed bodyguards.

      I just hope some of the local police will take it upon themselves to do what you are doing in Florida. Our Marines will then know who it is they trust more, their government who has disarmed them or the citizen patriots who will stand by them in their defense against any future attacks by Islamic terrorists Muslims or any deranged psychopath.

      God bless you and keep you safe along with our troops!

    3. Well said. One thing however, it was the RINO GWH Bush who started the “gun-free” armed forces policy in Feb 1992, Clinton implemented part of it, and “pro-gun” RINO GW “Guest Worker” Bush had 8 years to lift it but kept it . See my post below with link

  22. Our service members, men and women, need to be armed at all times. They are trained to defend us, whether it is in a movie theatre, a school, on a military base, or in a recruiting office. Where is the Secretary of Defense. SPEAK UP
    Ruey Zeigler

    1. I put this same info out today on various blogs. Our military is totally dysfunctional without any protection. America is trashed, hijacked. We must be in a survival mode with family and friends. Any other activites incl voting or political are useless at this point. We are headed for civil war with more uprisings by Muslims, yet most will sit back unprepared to fight in their communities.

  23. I live in LA , CA ! If I go armed to my local recruiting office , I’ll either be shot , jailed , or attacked by a mob of liberal minded assholes that haven’d a clue on any thing in current event’s . Swear to God I’ll be called some lone crazy person with a gun on a public sidewalk . These people are idiots who know nothing but self gratitude and being politically correct .

  24. Just a quick update on Muhammad, the jihadist that was involved in the latest killings. He actually worked for a short time at one of our nuclear plants. Verified from several sources but not on the national news yet. Pam Geller was the first to report on this I believe. He was let go at the end of the probation period. Maybe he couldn’t pass the background check? These animals are probably working in them or near them as I type this. Keep your powder dry.

  25. Excellent article. I am an old Korean War Vet, very patriotic, love my country and love the articles I receive from Oath Keepers. They are well done and provide a great service to everyone concerned and it keeps us well connected. I took a Pledge and an Oath long ago and it is still in effect as we speak and can assure you that “we Americans” that have the privilege to live in this Sovereign Republic will defend it against ANY adversary, either foreign, or Domestic. How unfortunate that “we”, the Vets, Patriots, Christians and lovers of our country are now considered a threat to National Security as we are being systematically dismantled from within. Consider this Jefferson quote : “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants”…..I stay ready to keep from having to get ready !! Thanks for the opportunity to comment on Oath Keepers.

  26. His failure to immediately issue an executive order commanding all military personnel to arm themselves immediately and remain armed at all times is yet another reason for the gutless House of Representatives to impeach Obama for treason, for the Senate to remove him from office and for what we laughingly call the Department of Justice to prosecute him for treason and to hang him when he is found guilty.

  27. I think it time to declare “The Islamic Faith” A terrorist organization. Thousands of years of history proves this to be fact.

  28. This nation had better set aside differences and UNITE as American’s or we’re doomed. Wether you admit it or not our country is under attack from an enemy within ALL branches of government and all branches of the armed forces.

  29. “No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. … which any fact is involved,) or they may act by representatives, freely and equally chosen; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed…

  30. Thank you to all who have been able to step up and defend our defenseless military. One of the first things I would do to help these men out would be to bullet proof the store front. There isn’t much else one can do to protect against a drive by shooter. I would also design the store front to deflect a bomb blast. Then make sure someone in the room is armed if not all of them to defend against some ahole walking through the door with the intent to harm or kill. These fine men and women are well trained and know how to protect themselves; it’s our panty-waist civilian government that sets them up for failure to do so.

  31. As a Christian I am aware that Islam is a creation by Satan it is a cult and not a religion. Many other Christians sense this so we will have to be persecuted and eliminated. There is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim. The God they worship is false and pure evil and they will give into spiritual influence out of fear. This is not a mental disorder its a choice to choose who they serve. Many who have military backgrounds know what evil is and have seen it first hand. I would have no fear in all of them being armed and ready for they have a commitment to God and country. I have been an armed citizen for years and enjoy the freedom to protect my loved ones from the evil that is now prominent in this country because we removed God from our hearts and teaching.

  32. Communism, Fascism and ISIS have the same end game: Eliminate the Second Amendment and install total Government Tyranny. I am glad Oathkeepers is not afraid.

  33. I remember back when I came home from Nam all the Military bases had guard shacks at the entrances! Especially if they had more than one gate. Even the Littler Creek Amphib Base had a guard shack. Used to train there all the time. The fact that we are at war with radical Muslims should be a hint to the morons in Washington that guards are needed at all bases. Personally I think all military personnel should be able to carry on base! Now they’re telling the recruiters not to go in uniform, that sucks big time. Hell even a couple of the old LSTs I visited had an armed Petty Officer on the Quarterdeck watching the gang plank. This country is going to hell fast with this regime in charge. That’s why I joined Oathkeepers, there is a need for people who still obey and respect the Constitution.

  34. So who disarmed the Armed Forces by executive order?

    Comrade Obama?

    Bzzzzzz! Wrong!

    Bill Clinton?

    Bzzzzzz! Wrong!

    The correct answer is…

    George “Hip Walker” Bush!

    From Glenn Beck’s site:

    Who left the ban in place when he had eight years to order it lifted?

    GW “Guest Worker” Bush.

    The Bush Dynasty is a gift that won’t quit giving.

    In a “compassionate conservative” “act of love”, father & son welcomed in at least a million jihadis and jihadi sympathizers along with the rest of the “cheap labor”.

    Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez came in with his jihadi sympathizer parents under Clinton, but probably got his citizenship under “Guest Worker” Bush – who also invited the Boston Marathon jihadis in 2002, advanced Fort Hood jihadi Hassan and paid for his medical education.

    Everyone who wants more of this suicidal cultural terraforming should support “moderate Republicans” and left-“Liberarians” in the primaries.

  35. Like the enemies of Freedom once said… ” Don’t let a good crisis go to waste!”
    We can NOT stop from shouting from the rooftops… our own government wants to deny our own men in service to our Country, the right to defend them selves against a known enemy.

    This will go far in the further awakening of the men and women of our Armed Forces. Please stand and remember your OATH to the Constitution, thank you.

  36. I cannot believe that with sooooooo many Oath Keepers who have served in the military in here, no one has spoken up about this total distraction!!!!!! Please note ALL military bases in US are unarmed except one in Oklahoma. Even the Midway in 1996 (and I am sure a lot further back than 1966) is unarmed.

    Someone please stop this false naritive.and all TPTB false statement on this

  37. This may be a small point with some of you but it galls me whenever I hear a media person report a person was “allegedly killed by..” or even worse the common Islamic term “slain” (as in slaying infidels) instead of murdered. After all, murder is murder and they should be honest enough to say the damn word.

  38. I’m surprised and dismayed to see that OathKeepers’ new spokesperson promoting “War on Terror” propaganda. How can he, along with so many of the commenters here, not see that much of the GWOT is orchestrated by elements of the US government, NATO, Mossad, etc.? Most “Islamic terror attacks” or “thwarted attacks” in the US have the fingerprints of government all over them. See for starters The Terror Factory by Trevor Aaronson. Once you’ve digested that he might be ready to understand that 9/11 was an inside job. The clearest proofs of that are the freefall of WTC 7 and the nanothermite found in the dust from the WTC’s destruction. Google both.

    I agree it’s ridiculous that our military is not allowed to carry anywhere and everywhere, but people who support the Second Amendment need to know who the real enemy is. What we are “up to our necks” in, is BS propaganda from our own government and the forces behind our government, not “Islamic terror” (taken at face value). The propaganda needs to be taken out by the root, not have a few leaves trimmed.

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