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Arkansas Oath Keepers Guarding Recruiting Offices In Wake Of Shooting

ARKansas map

Arkansas Oath Keepers initiated “Operation Protect The Protectors” at 13:00 hrs CST, 17/July/2015. Operations were conducted at recruitment stations around the state without incident. Stations are closed for the weekend and operations will be reevaluated on Monday. Missions will continue until Congress passes a carry revision or recruitment centers feel they no longer need our protection.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed an Executive Order authorizing AR active duty personnel to carry firearms at their duty stations.

I would like to thank everyone for their immediate response and desire to protect our brothers and sisters in the military.

Thank you everyone
God Bless the Republic

Rick Moon


Shorty Dawkins



    1. An Old Solution to a New Problem

      Duri9ng World War II when it was feared that German saboteurs would enter the United States of America a civilian defense organization called the Sheriffs Rifles was organized.

      This consisted of qualified civilians under the guidance of the County Sheriffs organization and local law enforcement agencies. The qualified candidates were military veterans, former Law Enforcement officers, game wardens, hunters, and target shooters.

      It was a volunteer organization that had weekly meetings, where the members furnished their own arms and ammo. They were issued vests and caps that identified them as members of the Sheriffs Rifles Association—a citizens self-defense organization. The purpose, mission and meeting schedules were published in the local newspapers.

      At the meetings there were discussions on saboteur identification, potential targets such as bridges, airports, power plants, airports, steel mills, dams, water purification systems, electric distribution networks, transportation centers, etc.
      Field training and drill was practiced.

      Since most of the able young men were in the military this was a vital home defense unit.

      The same concept could be enacted today on a local level with the purpose of defending soft targets against foreign and domestic extremists of the nature that we have experienced at the Boston Marathon and Chattanooga TN Marine Corp recruiting station attack against un-armed Military who are not permitted to carry weapons and defend themselves on American soil.

      This should be done at a State and local level, not at a Federal level where the bureaucracy will bog it down with politics.

      It would be reminiscent of the early Revolutionary War period organizations that developed to win our Freedom from British domination—local patriotic involvement before any national government existed. An organization By the People For the People

    1. You do know that in order to get on base you need to show an ID ., So with that in mind how many potential enlistments do you think Your recruiter will get. Plus if you watch some of the Road marches with our Military carrying a 60 pound Ruck sack on their back will be a deterrent . This person who’s father was on a watch list and the fact that they knew he went to Jordan to be radicalize and soon shot up that Recruitment Center . Until we do like Norway deporting these Muslims out of our Country it is a good chance they will just fine another way.

  1. every place that has one of the dumb ass signs hanging in the window should only be for any dumb ass coming in off the street, not the ones doing there jobs in side of an office,

  2. It’s past time we protect these young men and women since our PissAss Potus won’t let them protect themselves.
    @Rick Moon- I live in the Batesville Area. Email me at:
    I’m a liberty tree member and will help anyway I can.

  3. Way past time to nutup and pay attention ! This attack is no coincidence with JH15. We will see more shortly. This reminds me exactly of waiting for the NVA to attack and thinking bring it on, lets get over with !

    KUDOS from eastern Oregon in spades.

  4. We’re performing the same duties in South Carolina and will be back at it on Monday. If you are in an area within the state and want to help, contact state leadership through the forum for assignment. If there isn’t a chapter near you, form your team with like minded patriots and stand watch for our warriors. They have no legal means to defend themselves and are counting on us.

  5. we want to get this started in ct, can\should our members wear BA if they have it. what are other chapters doing, who did they contact, should we work with our local LEOs.

  6. This is a great idea ; This let’s the U.S. Military Know that the Oath Keepers got their back ; This is very important and a necessary move too win the hearts of our military as we push to unite our country against a very real threat to the Republic and it’s very existence .

  7. This is a great Idea ; This let’s the U.S. Military know that the Oath Keepers are watching their backs ; This is a very important and a necessary move to win the hearts of this great military in the push to unite our Republic against a very real threat too our freedoms .

  8. This is what I’m talkin about. The good citizens of this country are honorable, and are an asset to this nation, and they love their solders. We are willing to lay our lives down for our brothers, and sisters. Our government should not be so eager to demonize our rights to be armed. We are what stands between the innocent and evil when all else fails. We make this nation a safer place. It is the evil ones that are the danger. When ever the government wants your guns it is a red flag that has been proven throughout history to be an attempt to seize power over the people, and enslave them. God bless you awesome patriots! Thank you for your selfless act of support for these our brethren.

  9. That is an example of a great governor. Bill Clinton should never have signed this into law, but it shows just how the Bill, and hillary feel. Our military members are highly qualified to carry a sidearm, and should always carry while on duty.

  10. God Bless the Arkansas Oath Keepers for doing what we ALL should do! As long as our protectors (troops) are forbidden from being armed & defending themselves, we Oath Keepers should insure that no harm comes to them while serving their country within the USA. Thank you Arkansas Oath Keepers!

  11. There have been so many unConstitutional acts by this administration I can’t believe that the Oath Keepers have let them pass. I applaud this one effort and the efforts at the Bundy Ranch and Galice, Oregon Sugarloaf Mine but those are in fact minor compared to what is really going on in our Nation. Is it time to really stand up for our Constitution yet? Emphatically YES! Where are the Oath Keepers on this issue? Who else can we call on? It isn’t going to get done at the polls. We will get more for the same and you, each and every one of you know it.

  12. Everyone knew there would come a time when it’s us versus the daesh scum here at home. I pray I’m wrong but the tragedy that struck Chattanooga is most likely the beginning of longer list of dead American hero’s.

    If the POTUS continues to ignore the threat that is the radicalized Islamist in the middle east they will continue to grow emboldened here in America. I am not fearful of this enemy I’ve been tested by them before, they had home field advantage and they came up short every single time.

    What I am fearful of is what “the war on terror” will look like here at home now that it’s been allowed to get so far out of control. I fear having to fight that same fight here and the horrors that entails. I fear the continued erosion of free Americans Civil liberties in the name of security. I believe there is hope for our great nation because of men and women willing to lay down everything for a sacred oath regardless of the presidential agenda. The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. I’ll stand watch if called upon. Always Faithful.

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