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Yakima – Arms Expo: June 20-21, 2015


June 20-21 promises to be a great Patriot gathering.Visit their website HERE for directions and more information.

Arms Expo 2015
1 N. Fork Ahtanum Rd, Yakima, WA

The two day event will feature:

Liberty Market & Gun Show

Food, drink, artisan crafts, prepper supplies, firearms and gear; that’s what you’ll find at the Arms Expo Liberty Market & Gun Show. Vendors and citizens are free to buy and sell as they please. No constitutional infringement!

Classes & Demonstrations

An AR-15 build class, food storage and canning, patriot networking, self-defense, how to apply liberty to your everyday life, and much more!

Liberty Speakers

Cope Reynolds, Mike Vanderboegh, Rep. Matthew Shea, and many more prominent names in the liberty movement will be with us to talk about the things that matter to us as patriots.

Plus: Camping for the Family + Activities for the Kids



Shorty Dawkins