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Washington Post: What’s behind Mexico’s military buying binge?

Soldiers keep watch on a military truck outside a ranch where a gunfight between gunmen and federal forces erupted in Michoacan on May 22, 2015. REUTERS/Alan Ortega
Soldiers keep watch on a military truck outside a ranch where a gunfight between gunmen and federal forces erupted in Michoacan on May 22, 2015. REUTERS/Alan Ortega


What’s behind Mexico’s military buying binge?


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The Washington Post * By Joshua Partlow June 15

MEXICO CITY--It started with 27 rail cars full of ammunition rolling down the tracks into Mexico.

That load of 30 million bullets was soon followed by fleets of Black Hawk helicopters and thousands of Humvees: in all more than $1 billion of American military equipment sold to Mexico within the past two years.

In late 2013, Mexico asked the United States if it could fill a large order of 5.56 mm ammunition, and the embassy helped deliver the trainloads of $6 million worth of bullets within 100 days, the official said.

“That case really kind of broke the ice,” he said. “They saw the responsiveness of what we could do as a partner in foreign military sales. And they liked it.”

That sale paved the way for even larger purchases: orders for more than two dozen UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters for the Air Force and Navy, and more than 2,200 Humvees. Since Peña Nieto came to office in late 2012, Mexico has purchased about $1.5 billion in equipment through the government’s military sales program, plus $2 billion more through U.S. companies, said Inigo Guevara Moyano, a Mexican defense consultant based in Washington.

“All of these buys have been to replace existing systems that averaged 30 to 40 years old and drained budgets through high maintenance costs and poor availability,” he said. He noted that defense spending also rose sharply under Peña Nieto’s predecessor, Felipe Calderon, and that it reflects the “maturing military-to-military relationship at the institutional level, regardless of who is in power.”


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  1. With this Jade Helm taking place in the southwest and this TAA and TPP about to take of in the US , I would guess that the Mexicans are getting ready for a large influx of the ten million illegal people over here to head south when the crap hits the fan . Just a wild guess

  2. The border with the U.S. Is a safety valve for the corrupt Mexican government. 90% of their military is within 100 miles of the Northern border, chaos will ensue if the border is ever sealed.

  3. The border should be sealed. I personally would give to pay per view to watch that show. Criminals are pouring into our nation to change the voter landscape. We are being transformed one illegal at a time.

  4. Using US statistics, only one criminal comes over of every 100 illegals, barring illegal entry. How often do our criminals flee to Mexico per 100 Americans going there to establish residency? We are looking to big government to manage the details of immigration when we want less government FTEs; something is wrong with this picture. We are seeking to reduce our Aircraft carrier inventory to 10 when half the world wants the USA to disappear? With one in each of the seven seas, and three to cover the east, west, and Gulf coasts, leaves none for AK and HI. Carrier reduction may dig away at the national debt but it feels like getting caught with my pants down on an aunt hill. Do we want a fancy wall at the expense of a Navy with only two hand fulls of carrier groups? President Teddy Roosavelt had it right — “walk softly and carry a big stick!” I think campaign reform should benefit the poor and displaced citizens of the USA, all potential voters. Give about half the PAC monies to non-profit charities that directly benefit our poor, destitute, disabled, homeless and mentally ill; it might be enough money to solve these problems. Our national think tank, the Congress, seems to be thinking only with the sitting parts, not their discerning parts, they seem to think they are thinking globally when they cannot even manage our ills locally. Can our voices fix this? Our ballot?

  5. Maybe obummer is gonna declare Marshall law sometime in 2016 and the mex’s are gonna back his play.

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