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Stewart Rhodes To Speak At Gettysburg July 04 2015



PA OK 2015





The Eternal Light Peace Memorial on the Gettysburg Battlefield at 11 am.

To pray and bring attention to the struggles of our great nation and the attempts to divide the races.


Dr. James David Manning-ATLAH World Missionary

Dr. James David Manning

Mr. Stewart Rhodes- Founder and President of Oath Keepers


Stewart Replacement Photo

Plus an extensive list of speakers to follow at Recreation Park.



Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Praise God for this man! Marxists are doing all they can to further divide America, and I am pleased to see what you all are doing. Thank you for all your dedication to the free country we are losing day by day under this Administration. May the wings of God protect you always, and may He shine light on truth for our nation! Amen!!

  2. I will be there in spirit. Hoping the weather is conducive to a happy, productive event. Spread the reality about Oath Keepers that the elite-owned media attempts to sully at every opportunity. Have fun!!!

    1. Thanks for standing up for the Stars & Bars Vicky, you are a true Patriot sister !! Gods Bless You & Family ! Virginia Patriot !

  3. I would really like to join the Oath keepers how do I do this

    [Editor’s note: Bill, look in the right-hand column of this page and click on the “Join Oath Keepers” ad. Welcome aboard!
    Elias Alias, editor]

  4. A good friend and I rode the battlefields of Gettysburg on Arabians. It was a cool July 10th in 1993. The golden fields of high grass waved ‘welcome’ in the wind as we rode through them. It was a very special ride. The spirits of my ancestors and others who fought and died there were everywhere. A sense of peace touched both of us in a profound way.

  5. My prayer for the 4th of July is; God help these united states. God bless those that are loyal to their oath to defend the Constitution, the law of the Land. Let us always Lord look to the Word of God for your guiding light, In Jesus name

    Mark Robinson Lacona NY

  6. What is absolutely ironic is that all eyes will be on Washington D.C.’s July 4th celebration….a government of the insane and not that of the people, celebrating independence from England. And of course the Queen will not be in attendance….to at least celebrate Obama’s new dictatorial powers of the Rothchild’s New World Order paradigm.

    Washington D.C.’s celebration will be a slap in the face of our ancestors that died under the British Union Jack flag that represents beheadings and burning churches.

    The American flag is ready to be flown upside down….we no longer have a “Republic,” let alone a “Democracy.” The ‘Fast Track TPP’ is a testament to that fact. It’s ALL down hill from here….

  7. As an Air Force veteran I took that oath to defend the constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies. Do you know which one has been the worst? Of course you do… the domestic ones. Like George W. Bush who shredded the constitution with so many violations. Like Christian dominionists who want to use the power of government to force all Americans to live by Biblical rules. Like young earth creationists who want to take science out of public schools and replace it with religious teachings. It’s a hard job defending the constitution against these theocrats who would violate it but I shall persist.
    Eat well, stay fit, Die Anyway.

  8. my fellow americans, i write to you today in hopes that you will search your hearts and find truth. I just watched a youtube video by Pastor Manning advocating and declaring racial war. this is definetly unconstitutional and wrong. 2nd issue, and i undersand this is a charged topic. Inalienable rights granted by god, not government. It is the right of 2 consenting adults who love eachother to marry if they wish, and the government lacks the constitutional authority to say who is or isnt allowed to marry in the given context. this means the government has no authority to say it is or isnt ok for homosexual people to marry. if you disagree, then just know that youre agreeing with the premise they can declare heterosexual marriage illegal. all people have these inalienable rights, not the cherry picked few you approve of. I cant tell you how to love, only you can feel that for yourself, and it would be wrong for me to do so. lets not stoop to ignorantly persecuting eachother. americans stand together, dont agree to stand divided.

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