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Oath Keeper Testimonials


Tim Lawson :

Testimonial: I’m a retired Army vet, 8 years Navy, 4 Army, 9 years National Guard.  I love my country and my right to bear arms and I will honor my oath until the day I die.



Rodney R Stubbs:

Testimonial: The name Stubbs is synonymous with the fight for Freedom. My family descended from Richard Stubbs, born 1676 in Virginia, Colonial America, 100 years before the Declaration of Independence. The family migrated from the Cheshire region of Great Britain. Other Stubbs’ gained notoriety for Freedom of religion and speech. We may not be related to one another other than in spirit but we share our love for freedom and liberty.

John Stubbs received his moment of immortality when Queen Elizabeth ordered his right hand to be struck off on November 3, 1579, as punishment for his “lewd and seditious” pamphlet, The Discovery of a Gaping Gulf. A few months before, a thousand copies of the book had been printed to oppose Queen Elizabeth a protestant and her intended marriage with Francis, Duke of Alencon a papist.

Another John Stubbs, a Quaker who faithfully worked with George Fox to teach the Protestant Bible, traveled from England to America in 1761.

The book penned by John Stubbs mixed hieroglyphs (sketches of apples, trees and bumble bees) with the English language characters. The book or the Battledore was used to teach the English language and reading of the Bible.

William Stubbs, wrote The Constitutional History of England. William went on and became the Bishop of Oxford. The book is the history of Constitutions from Caesar to then modern day England in the late 1800s.

My name too is Stubbs, and I am privileged to compile this work for Trevor Loudon. This is an important reference for future historians.

My dedication is driven by God and a personal prayer as I stood one morning, overlooking the runway in Plieku in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Before me were more than two-hundred fallen American men, taken from Landing Zones XRay and Albany located in the Ia Drang valley. Their mangled bodies were being off loaded from helicopters and laid side by side as a crew was trying to match arms and legs and arrange them in body bags for transport to the morgue in the coastal city of Qui Nohn. They lay as they stood, side by side. My effort in compiling this book is dedicated to the memory of all the men and women who reluctantly sacrificed their lives to help their fellow man survive. I swore then, that their loss would not be taken in vein.

Barack Obama and the Enemies Within is a snapshot of how the American Republic was subdued by a corrupt media, lazy citizens, bumbling politicians who also took an oath and then claimed they support a moderate social and progressive agenda and clearly take credit for leading a secular movement to destroy our great Nation. The result if not stopped, will lead mankind into slavery and erase any memory of God and His gift of Freedom. My work is dedicated to Dina, my wife and our children and grandchildren who I pray see the American Dream and live in Freedom.

Rodney R. Stubbs, US Army, Capt.



Ron Blanchard:

Testimonial: The oath of enlistment (for me) is a sacred one. Every time I took it I meant it with every fiber of my body and soul. It meant I was ready to lay down my life for my country any where and any time in defense of our constitution. I was in harms way many times and never failed to keep my oath. Over 58,000 of my brothers died defending it. I am bound to that oath now as much as ever. I spent over 22 years of active duty as an oath keeper and will as long as I breath.

Now more than ever in my life time we need more oath keeper’s. Our constitution is in jeopardy. It’s time for every one to step up to the plate. I am counting on every member of the U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement organizations to do that now.  If we fail, we will no longer be able to be proud of ourselves or organizations and our great nation will fall into decline and ruin. It is our sacred trust to defend our constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic One  extremely important way is to get up, get out and vote. Encourage everyone you know to vote. Take people to the polling place. Do everything you can to protect our constitution and great country from domestic enemy’s bent on dismembering both.




Testimonial: As a Sailor on the USS Abraham Lincoln during the opening stages of operation Iraqi freedom. I want to pledge an oath to all the vets out there thathave been a pawn in the war machine like myself. Enough is enough. I knew back then that G. W. Bush was lying to us during his Mission Accomplished speech. and now 10 years later and with 4 more countries bombed I feel like I have blood on my hands.

I have been working for NGC for the past 7 years, and now that I have realized that my company has totally gone all in on this war effort. Seeing my co-workers getting laid off left and right, because of the managements total neglect for any other Enterprise. I have had enough. I just want to thank you for this website. It is really good to finally see that I’m not alone out there with the way I have felt for the last 10 years. In closing I want to give a shout out to Alex Jones and info wars who introduced me to this website.



James MacCarthy:

Testimonial:  To my Brothers and Sisters serving this great Nation, I salute you all. I can trace my families history back to the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution. My family has always and will always devote our lives to the preservation of our Nation, our Freedom and Our way of life. Currently today we as a Nation are faced with our greatest enemy our fellow citizens. These people are true Americans, one and all,  but by some chance they have been mislead and lied to so that what the powers of Darkness want to bring about becomes their platform. I feel as Defenders of our Nation we need to take up the shield of Justice and the Flag of Freedom and lead these lost souls back out of the darkness. We need to open their eyes to the truth as it is recorded in our History books.

Since the year 1929 those countries that imposed Gun Control either melted into a Socialist state with little hope of climbing out or they became homes to the unthinkable Mass Murderers. Russia, China, Cambodia, Germany and others destroyed over 56 million persons and all because they were unable to fight back. Yet in Switzerland ever home has a weapon, every adult is given training and issue a weapon and today they have the least gun involved crime rates on the planet. This is something that we need to strive for our citizens ready willing and able to defend our Nation and the people within. During WWII the Japanese refused to invade our shores because of the simple knowledge that there was a rifle behind every blade of grass and it would be suicide to try. We as the defenders of the Nation both Active and Retired like myself need to take a stand, Are you with me?



I volunteered to be that which others shunned.
I gave my all to be the best at my profession.
I proved myself worthy to wear a crown no king has ever donned.
I took an oath to give my life for others freedom.
I learned to ignore the rejection.
I grew to mistrust my government.
I fell deeper in love with my country.
I have faded into obscurity.


American Flag

Sybille :

Testimonial: America has always been “my country,” even as I grew up in Germany. America is now, as it was then, where I needed to be. For three years, I worked as a civilian secretary at 615th AC&W Sq in Birkenfeld, Germany. It was a great time, and – of course – I met and married a GI who brought me to Maine, his home state. I became a naturalized American citizen. Which meant, then, that I had to have lived here for 5 years without any problems, no charges brought against me, and had to take an oath to uphold the Constitution. I went before a judge to prove that I was able to speak and write in the English language. Had two witnesses with me who attested to my character. – I believed then, and still do, that becoming an American citizen is a precious right. Not something to be handed out for wrong reasons. I better stop here… But one more thing: I will do whatever it takes to defend my rights, and I am very grateful for Oath Keepers. I want our country to be preserved the way it was intended at the onset. We have too much to lose if we don’t fight to preserve it.

We’re still a very young country in any historical context. I give an example: the village I grew up in had a fairly recent discovery of a Roman village dating to the age of CHRIST, under the emperor Augustus, and we even have the names of the eye doctor and the owner of the tavern. See, this is 2,000 plus some years ago. The United States are only 235 years old. We are a good country, a good nation, and we need to stay on track. I believe in this. We are a good country, and in God we trust.


Shorty Dawkins