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Oath Keeper Testimonials

USS Trenton

George Jacobs:

Testimonial: I took my Oath in July 1972, when I joined the USN. Then again, when I joined the Louisiana Army National Guard in 1976, and again, when I became a Deputy sheriff for East Baton Rouge Parish in 1975. I will never obey any order that is given that is not lawful.




Sec.A2. A INHERENT POLITICAL POWER; REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT. ALL political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit.  The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, THEY HAVE AT ALL TIMES THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO ALTER, REFORM OR ABOLISH THEIR GOVERNMENT IN SUCH MANNER AS THEY MAY THINK EXPEDIENT.



Dr. George I. Petrotta:

Testimonial: I submit my testimonial for my love of country and my love of God all these years. I gave my oath back in August, 1962 and still swear by it, that I will protect my country from all invaders foreign or domestic.

I was 17 years of age when I gave that promise and am 69 years of age now and reiterate the oath to protect my country.


Oath Keeper flag

Joe Corrao:

Testimonial: I took my oath for the US Army in 1962. I took an oath for the NYPD in 1965. I left the NYPD in 1965 due to cops who didnt abide there oath. Corruption was big then; ask Serpico. I took an oath for a peace officer in Buffalo, NY in 1965. I lived by my oaths. Joe Corrao, Texarkana, Texas. I am 69 years old and retired. I’m glad I found you on coast to coast am.



James (Jim) Haney:

Testimonial: I enlisted into the US Army in 1984, did my basic and AIT at Fort Jackson. From there I went to Ft. Bliss to HHB 2/3 ADA, a PATRIOT Battalion – newly formed with orders for the battalion to head to West Germany. I was a 71L10 aka  battalion clerk at the age of 17.

At the time of my enlistment, I know I swore to take an oath to defend our Constitution, but I really at that age didn’t truly understand the whole context. I ended time of service in 1987 and came back to the good ole US of A and went about my life.

It wasn’t until the elections of 2008 that I started to look around and realize that something was not quite right with this country. Oh sure, I could over look the silly lawsuits or elected officials doling out favours, etc., etc. But something happened, I couldn’t tell you exactly what, perhaps just a lot of small things that finally boiled up – I realized this is NOT the country I gave three years of my life to. I didn’t know this country.

I eventually, through the Tea Party, found Oath Keepers. Men and Women  who were of like mind and somewhat same background. After serious thoughts, talks with my wife, and prayer; I knew I had to join.

On March 4th, 2013, I joined. Even though no one was around, I read out loud the oath and re-swore myself to the US Constitution. Also, as mentioned in other places; just because my service time ended, DID NOT mean my OATH to my country did.

I live in Missouri and through the Grace of God the Almighty, I am reaching out to my other Missouri Oath Keeper brothers and sisters so that we may make/take our state in a new and glorious direction. I speak proudly to my family, friends, and people on the street about the importance of ~ The Oath Keeper.




Testimonial:  I took the Oath of the Enlisted Man for the first time in the fall of 1978. It is very interesting that on several occasions long long before this group was formed I had stated to more than one person that I had taken an Oath to uphold the Constitution. And that I would honor that oath to the day I die. My feelings have not changed and if a man can not keep his word he better not give it!!!!!!!!!!! The Cold War has not ended only the names of the enemy.


Shorty Dawkins