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D-Day Remembered


by Shorty Dawkins

June 6, 1944 – Operation Overlord commences. More commonly referred to as D-Day, the day over 156,000 troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. Some parachuted behind the lines, while countless numbers of planes flew mission after mission. Operation Overlord was the biggest amphibious invasion force ever launched.


Many died that day, and it is their sacrifice that we pause to remember on this day. Young men, taken in landing craft, to face the withering fire of the German defenders. We have all seen the movies about that day, but a movie is not real. D-Day was real.  May we all honor, and thank, those who paid the ultimate price. May we also say a prayer that it will never happen again, that a world is at war, and young men, women, even the elderly and children, that died in any conflict, may be remembered.

The time will come when more men and women die in future conflicts, just as they are dying in present day conflicts. Let us never forget what they died for.


Shorty Dawkins