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Cops Protect Town From Hardened Criminal, Issue Arrest Warrant To 75-yo Woman For Tall Grass

75 year old woman with long grass

The lawn-Nazis are at it again. Heaven forbid that the grass (a natural occurrence) should be too long! Oh my! We can’t have that. Let’s harass a 75 year old woman over it.  Obviously the world would be a better place, if only old ladies are forced, under threat of arrest, to mow their lawn. In Utopia, of course, all lawns would be carefully groomed. Such is the ridiculousness of some Town and City ordinances, and the control freaks who gain positions of power. They have nothing better to do than force people to do their bidding. It is nice to see some young brothers and neighbors, who have a touch of kindness and common sense, unlike the city officials.

To put it bluntly, those City officials need to resign, or be replaced. It is absurd that they would scare this poor woman half to death with their arrest warrant. They should be ashamed of themselves. After all, there is such a thing as compassion, though maybe they lack it. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes from the Free Thought Project.

by Jay Syrmopoulos

Riesel, Texas – Seventy-five-year-old Gerry Suttle was stunned when she received a call from the local police chief, informing her that she had a warrant issued for her arrest.

“I’ll be 76 in July,” Suttle said. “I’m 75 now, and I’ve never had a speeding ticket, never had a parking ticket and now here I am got a warrant for my arrest from the big city of Riesel.”

Suttle’s arrest warrant was for failure to appear before a judge on a matter regarding the height of the grass on a property she owns across the street from her home.

Referencing the grass, Riesel police chief Danny Krumnow stated, “It has grown up, and the court had issued her letter and then court issued a warrant for failure to appear.”

Suttle says she never received a letter informing her of the court date and that she now fears driving.

“My name is on the list. If I get stopped, I’ll get picked up,” a clearly distressed Suttle said.

Does law enforcement truly have nothing more pressing to focus on than a 75-year-old woman whose grass is too long??

Why aren’t people able to have a natural lawn without the expectation of some cookie cutter yard standard by which all properties must be judged?

Suttle’s son said that he would come mow the grass, as his mother isn’t physically able to do so, but that the city may not drop the arrest warrant.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I have been saying this for years, we now live in nazi germany, and the killing is ongoing, but the media makes it all seem ‘fine’. It will get worse though, so bad that even average weakling cowards would take up arms, that’s why they want our guns too.

    If that woman gets stopped by the police and so much as doesn’t obey their unconstitutional and cocky unprofessional ‘orders’ they will get scared and unload ten clips of hollow points at point plank range into her.

    Land of the free was gone a long time ago, is it coming back? How much is it worth to you?

  2. More appalling is that the police did not have enough sense to tell whomever requested the warrant to go F___ themselves. At least make it more than clear it was not being done willingly.

    Just more proof that this country is being lead by total and complete pricks.

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