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Will Not Comply Rally At Oregon Capitol


On Saturday, May 30, Stewart Rhodes spoke at a “Will Not Comply” Rally on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol. The rally was a response to the passage of Senate Bill 941, which Democratic Gov. Kate Brown signed May 11.

The Rally started at midday, and was attended by several hundred people, including Oath Keepers, Heirs to Patrick Henry, and others.

Ian Houston of Eugene, OR
Ian Houston of Eugene, OR


In attendance was Tom Tharp, a 61-year-old retired pastor from northeast Portland who was passionate about his position.

“This is a gathering of like-minded gun owners who are more than upset about Senate Bill 941,” Tharp said. “We will not comply.”

Jeff Ford, of Oath Keepers, said, “It’s completely unconstitutional,” Ford said of the expanded background checks. “I’m against gun control completely. Our Second Amendment rights shall not be infringed upon.”




Shorty Dawkins



  1. History shows the path. The wolves are circling, licking their chops…the last nation on earth with a constitutional guarantee to bear arms is about to fall victim to passive submission. I see some true constitutional patriots….but where is the NRA? … No longer will I give them a nickle or even a penny.


  2. a government of lawyers and their big insurance companie’s buddies who pay for their bought and paid for votes.

  3. I thank the Father in Heaven for the Oath Keepers . You are the only ones I trust any more and I am a sixty one yr old female . There is evil and greed that clouds the eyes and minds of to many these days .

  4. I have been and will always be U.S. Cavalry!
    I’m in Monmouth, I always like to be informed!
    My latest website will be about international law.
    I’m not to sure who is passing what legislation these days.
    I do get plenty of request for money from those who are passing legislation!
    “Allons” Iron Curtain Duty 1979 to 1981 in the 11th ACR G-Trp 2nd Plt G-24

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