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WAR GAMES: Colorado Braces For Largest Since World War 2

War games

Gary Franchi, at the Next News Network, has a very interesting video, concerning a War Game that will occur in Colorado, preceding Jade Helm 15. The question becomes, for what is the military training?

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. We would convoy across civilian areas but never trained in them. We trained in an environment we actually would fight in and I’m hoping the U.S. military isn’t planning on fighting in our cities. Besides, how wise is it to publicly train and let people study your abilities or lack thereof ? This open intimidation may backfire on the administration. The general public is becoming suspicious.

  2. I looked at the videos and it appears that Raider Focus is overt, while Jade Helm is more covert than overt. Jade Helm might be a diversion (for all of us) while the ‘get down serious’ stuff will be underway nationwide. One aspect of Raider Focus is to acclimate the troops to all the backroads via the federal and state road system. And that training you can’t take overseas… relevance, but only for AmeriKa. The economic disaster being reported is suppose to happen by September or October. That alone can cause absolute chaos and second to that an EMP. Both might be on the horizon…

  3. Well obviously the “government” wants this information on these operations made public, since this and other videos I have seen appear to be coming from someone up close and personal in each situation. But it’s funny how most of this stuff isn’t being covered by MSM–who have the eyes, ears and minds of most of this country! Anyway, who is the “enemy” this soldier referred to? And, why didn’t the reporter get an explanation of all the military acronyms he used, so that we understand what drills they were doing. Whatever these “military personnel” are preparing for . . . “We the People . . .” are obviously their target (enemy!), and the “powers behind them” want to make sure we know about it before it happens.

  4. 8/12/2015 10am East bound on Hwy 46 between Paso Robles and Bakersfield Calif. 40 to 50 vehicle convoy headed east.a lot of bobtail trucks some armored troop carriers.

  5. This footage is of 3rd Infantry Division in Fort Stewart Georgia. You can clearly see the 3rd ID Patches and can clearly tell that terrain is not in CO. This footage was taken from DVIDS in 2011 and oath keeps have intentionally mislabeled it. The ACTUAL operation in colorado is being conducted at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, 60 miles away from Fort Carson as Fort Carson in too small to hold a brigade level exercise. I came to this sight intrigued and uncovered your lies in 10 minutes of research.

    1. Guy,
      First off, the video footage was not ours. It was presented by the Next News Network.
      Secondly, the exercise they were initially discussing had not occurred yet. The footage was of past exercises, as was clearly indicated.
      Third, why would you make a ridiculous claim that “oath keeps” has “intentionally mislabeled it”? It wasn’t our video. Neither did Next News Network intentionally mislabel it. It seems to me you are either a troll or are purposely trying to sabotage Oath Keepers. Either way, your comment is childish.

      Shorty Dawkins

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